Monthly Archives: September 2013

Lex Smash Bedtime!


I will cherish this time forever.  Seriously, these are the best times… ever!

Some eBay Auctions!


Click on the image to be brought to some of the items I have for sale on eBay – buy something if you are so inclined!  I am really looking to do a few home improvements as well as adding some different items to the Hulk collection!  I am selling off some things that I figure I can do without – some really RARE figures – so please – make a bid!  If figures are your thing you should look at what I have to offer!

One of the reasons for this slight purge of stuff is that I have another little one on the way and I would really like to get some home improvements done before he or she gets here!  Hopefully it is a he – I will keep you guys updated! Thanks for looking!