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Hulk Guest Shots Vol. 19 – Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14

CCI07042017 (2)

In a time when Peter had no idea if Mary Jane was alive or not and was very volatile he ran into the Hulk and the two duked it out.  The Hulk was angry with the world for believing he was guilty of taking a plane out and killing a bunch of people.  As usual, the world was grossly misinformed.

Spider-Man really does his absolute worst to the Hulk, including this extremely odd bit that taken out of context takes on a whole new meaning!:

CCI07042017 (3)

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname YES!
Hero vs. Hero YES!
“Hulk Smash!” YES!

CCI07042017_0002 (2)

Ultimately, Spider-Man breaks his hands in trying to release his pent up aggression and the Hulk sympathizes with the bleeding superhero and the two together save a train from crashing.  It’s a pretty fantastic story with a sweet and sad moment of two heroes trying to understand each other.

CCI07042017_0003 (2)

Chris Stevens Old Man Logan Variant


So, I mentioned about the current Old Man Logan storyline in the last update about what I’m reading comic-wise.  Well, one of the reasons I even bothered picking up the latest issue was because I caught a peek at the Chris Stevens variant (above).  This was not an easy issue to find either – three comic shops later I was able to snag one!  If you had an easier time in finding this issue – good on you – for me it was a bit nerve racking driving from place to place and being told they did not have the variant anymore.  Lucky for me I did eventually find one.

Even luckier, I am FB with Chris Stevens and he posted what the original art looks like.  How amazing is this guy, huh?


Three Ways to Read

IMG_0553 (2)

Whenever I see a DC and Marvel Treasury Edition of Batman Vs Hulk I have to pick it up!  Not only is it pretty scarce but it looks bigger than life and is packs a visual wallop!  Trying to find an affordable copy on eBay is always a crap shoot.  Luckily, I walked into a shop that was going out of business (lucky for me – not the shop owner, obviously) and snagged a copy of this book for $15.  It seems as though this larger formatted comic is one of the harder to obtain as copies on eBay are listed as high as $300 (realistically, they sell between $30-$50) Of course, this is not the only way to enjoy this read as you can also find this story collected in the easier to carry but harder to locate paperback book:


This little gem was found at a community yard sale for a very nice $3.  First printing and everything!  I believe there are at least two printings of this edition.  Just curious of who of you out there also own this and have a second – or later – prints?  Leave a comment below if you know how many printings this book has.

Now, if you’re worried about looking like a nerd carrying a standard old paperback around then never fear!  The most affordable and easiest to find format is the special collector’s edition of this classic comic.  Found for around $10 you can read this once in a lifetime match up just to watch the Joker trying to manipulate the Hulk and Batman boxing the Hulk’s ears – and it actually hurting him?  What?  Anyways, go out and find yourself a copy of this great story and read away – even if it is biased against the Hulk!


Catching Up With… 5.2.17


I am catching up with the titles on what I pick up off the new release rack. What am I reading? Below are the current titles I still purchase with a quick synopsis and rating:

Scarlet Spider-Man – $3.99
W: David / A: Bagley
Current Issue – #1
While I am dismayed that Spider-Man 2099 will be coming to abrupt end I was excited to hear that David will keep up his writing Spider duty with The Scarlet Spider!  The Scarlet Spider is the kind of hero who leaves a bad taste in your mouth as he bills you after saving your life.  Then threatens you if you don’t pay up.  Enjoyable premiere issue with a great set up for what’s to come.

So Far: B-

Venom – $3.99
W: Costa / A: Sandoval
Current Issue – #6
We all knew Brock would be up to no good.  We still didn’t really get to see the original villain take on Spidey – that will have to wait for the next issue – Venom #150 – but we see Brock still can’t be trusted when it comes to the symbiote.  This issue was chock full of great moments including the realization that Brock has broken the symbiote out of containment – I just sort of wish Lee was more of a factor.  He lost the symbiote and was then dropped from the story.  I’m pretty sure he will come back.  Overall, still a fun and entertaining read!

So far: B+

Infamous Iron Man – $3.99
W: Bendis  / A: Maleev
Current Issue – #7
Doom has taken it upon himself to take every supervillain down.  Everyone.  This title delivers month after month.  You want to believe that Doom is on a path to redemption – but this is freakin’ Doom, people!  Also, we get to see Reed back in action – with two out of four FF back hopefully the other two won’t be far behind.  A showdown of the century is in the works and I can’t wait!

So far: A

Thanos – $3.99
W: Lemire / A: Deodato Jr.
Current Issue – #6
Speaking of super villains, Thane finally came up with a weapon to take down Thanos – one of the most powerful weapons in the MU.  It works – so what now for everyone’s favorite Purple baddie?  This series has been so much fun and full of surprises I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

So far: A

Old Man Logan – $3.99
W: Lemire / A: Nguyen
Current Issue – #22
Lemire is also bringing us a great storyline of Logan being thrust through all of his old battles and painful memories from his very violent past – including the original meeting with everyone’s favorite Jade Jaws – the old Greeenskin himself, the Hulk!  I admit, I only picked up this book due to the fact that the variant cover has the Hulk on it – and then looked inside and looked back to pick up issues #20 and #21.  It’s an interesting premise with a fantastic set up.  The realization of not being able to change history was particularly heart-wrenching.

So far: B+

Hulk – $3.99
W: Tamaki / A: Leon
Current Issue – #5
I didn’t think it was possible that this series was going to do another tease issue without a Hulk out but sure enough… here we are.  This is getting embarrassing at this point.  The story is somewhat interesting but we’ve been waiting for something real to happen for 5 entire issues so far!

So far: D

Spider-Man 2099 – $3.99
W: David / A: Sliney
Current Issue – #22
I was psyched for this issue where Miguel’s most trusted ally finally turned on him – something I thought would bring the future Spidey some real trouble – a foe that both knows who he is and how he thinks… but that turned out not to be the case.  It settled into familiar territory as the whole debacle was a ruse.  Too bad.  A rare misstep in this series.

So far: B+

Nova – $3.99
W:Loveness, Perez / A: Perez
Current Issue – #5
Rider’s secret is out and Sam has banished him back to whence he came… except that might not be a good thing!  What was waiting for Rider back in the Cancerverse might be more dangerous than what he was on Earth!

So far: B

It was so good to see the Hulk – the classic Hulk back in the comics!  So excited that it was more than just a panel or two!  Anyways, what are you guys reading? Are you reading any of the same titles? What do you think?

Nasty: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 14

There might be times where we are all a bit confused – and this year we will explore the times that the Hulk has no idea what is going on. Even the times when he isn’t sure what to do or where to go… It’s a year of confusion!


Nothing sounds worse than a super hero power where  you turn into a squishy pile of flesh and slime every time you turn into your alter ego.  Yet – that’s exactly what Malibu Comics’ Prime did.  And when the Hulk came face to face with him he had no idea what to think… and I couldn’t blame him!


Hulk Guest Shots – Volume 16


Technically, this is not a guest shot as it is not actually the Hulk himself – it is Impossible Man posing as the Jade Giant against Mr. Mxyzptlk posing against Doomsday.  A fight I would have LOVED to see a kid.  Heck, I’d buy a copy right now!  But here it is – another cheap appearance – but in my book it counts!


This also reminds me – what a great, brutal storyline Death of Superman was.  It was all sorts of awesome in just 5 or 6 issues and it was so simple.  Doomsday was a creature that no one had seen before but was pretty much just destroying everything in his path!  Loved it!


Hulk Guest Shots – Volume 15

This might be a bit of cheating but there are Hulk appearances that consist of just one panel – or a page.  Here are two such instances – one that I love and one I felt cheated on having to buy just to add to the collection.


First up: Fantastic Four #133 where Thundra has taken to getting the Thing to battle her.  As news spreads of the impending fist-to-cuffs multiple heroes weigh in:



But the Hulk’s thoughts are my favorite!  Don’t be shocked if you notice this moment in the year of confusion!


Thunder Clap No
Mind Control Nope
Funny Nickname Actually, YES!
Hero vs. Hero Not the Hulk – but yes
“Hulk Smash!” No

Seeing as this was just a panel in an entire issue I will also offer up another series that did not really have much to do with the Hulk but still has a quick glimpse of everyone’s favorite jade jaws!  It’s Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet #1.


This shot really adds nothing to the story or offers more insight to why the Hulk appears – but there it is.