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In Case You Missed It – Round 11

CCI07152018_0001 (2)

Multiple Man #1, which graced the new release rack a few weeks ago, has a great appearance of a Hulk – technically not our Hulk, but a Hulk-ish version of Multiple Man.  If you didn’t pick it up or haven’t picked it up or don’t plan on picking it up but still want to see exactly what I’m talking about – well, you’re in luck that I’m feeling so generous because, here you go:

CCI07152018_0002 (2)

CCI07152018_0003 (2)



In Case You Missed It – Round 10

CCI04112018_0007 (2)

Welcome to the week of Hulk on the cover – yet no Hulk to speak of IN the actual books!  Above is a funny but odd choice of a cover for Spider-Man vs Deadpool #31 – no Hulk in the pages of the book – but I appreciate the cover!

CCI04112018_0002 (2)

Next, after some awesome Hulk violence in the pages of Thanos last issue, we just get a recreation of the Hulk vs Venom variant cover for issue #18!  Again – no Hulk in the book – but a great cover none the less!

Captain America #699 had a quick appearance with Banner Hulk but landmark issue #700 has the Hulk on the cover but lacking any sight of the Hulk IN the actual book!  But, finally, we get to a book where the Hulk appears, albeit it briefly, IN the book!  Avengers #688 where the Hulk takes on the Challenger.  Things fare as well as you’d expect – but it’s still pretty great.

CCI04112018_0004 (2)

In Case You Missed It… Round 9


The new Avengers issue boasts a great convo between Jarvis and Bruce Banner.  Banner laments about the knowledge of the newly discovered immortality and his new place in the world because of it.


It sort of hypes me up for the new series rolling out in June.  Glad to see Banner in the book too – one can only hope the Immortal Hulk will go well!  It’s been too long since we had a Hulk book on the racks to look forward to!


In Case You Missed It – Round 8

CCI03282018_0004 (2)

The Hulk continued to rip through the Avengers – but we did learn a few interesting details.  While this Hulk is angry he certainly isn’t the “Hulk Smash” stupid Hulk of the past.

CCI03282018_0005 (2)

He takes a bit of enjoyment out of beating his old friends and even displays his knowledge of the word “irony”.  It’s more of the “Gravage” Hulk that we last saw in Planet Hulk.

CCI03282018_0006 (2)

We even get a sneak peek at Banner solemnly trapped inside Hulk’s head givning an ominous warning about dealing with Jade Jaws.  The best part, of course, was watching the Hulk double cross The Challenger and destroy his little toy.

CCI03282018_0007 (2)

As an added bonus – we got a great second printing cover to #682:

CCI03282018_0003 (2)

In Case You Missed It – Round 7

CCI03222018 (2)

CCI03222018_0001 (2)

Of course, Avengers: No Surrender is weekly right now so we didn’t have to wait long to see the Hulk take on the Red Hulk in some sort of Iron Man vest and gloves.  Sort of like an Iron Man stripper outfit.

CCI03222018_0002 (2)

The Hulk makes quick work of Red Hulk in iron vest and even has a “Wha…wha…whaaaaat?” moment as he absorbs the Red Hulk’s gamma power and drains him enough to trigger a transformation.  Hulk also gives Vision a facial.  I might not be using that term correctly… either way Hulk smashes the crap out of Vision’s head and power source.

CCI03222018_0003 (2)

CCI03222018_0004 (2)

As an added bonus, over in Thanos the Hulk has a quick cameo taking on the Fallen One – instead of attacking back the Surfer tries to help out his old friend.  As great as that moment was and as gruesome and graphic as issue #17 was it’s still hard to watch one of the greatest and most powerful characters in the MU being taken out by a cheap shot.

CCI03222018_0005 (2)

CCI03222018_0006 (2)

Pulls from the Short Box 3.21.18

short box

What is the point of comics if you don’t read them? Don’t be one of those CGC slabbing comic book “collectors”! Make sure to read them over and over again! Here is a list of what I’ve been reading from my collection:

The Green Goblin (1996)
W: DeFalco / A: Kobasic, Ramos
Issue I’m Reading – #7-13
Total Issues in the Series: 13Green_Goblin12
I was pumped with this series.  It was hilarious and sad and exciting!  I did not want it to end!  Unfortunately, it did.  It ended on a real down note.  Even if this series ended with issue #12 I would be excited – except it didn’t.  Instead they devoted an entire issue to the Phillip Ulrich not being able to get the technology to work on his busted mask and deciding to just be a normal young kid again.  It’s totally worth reading this series – even if the last issue was a waste.

Issue #13: D-  Series: A

The Incredible Hulk # (1962)
W: David / A: Purves, Gustovich
Issue I’m Reading – #347 (1988)
Total Issues in the Series: 474347
The issue that introduces us to Mr Fixit is an absolute blast!  I can’t tell you just how many times I read this issue – it’s paced out so well with a great reveal of Fixit crashing through the roof  and dealing with a group ready to dispatch his new boss.  Marlo makes her first appearance as well where we learn how the Hulk deals with the opposite sex.  It’s so good it’s worth reading again and again – if you haven’t picked up this issue in a while you get it out now!

Series: A+

W: Duffy/Dixon / A: Balent
Issues I’m Reading – #7-9
Total Issues in the Series: 94Catwoman9
The terrible tragedy that ends issue #9 was both sad and touching.  A Catwoman bitter win that leaves a child dead and her new enemy Zephyr gone without a trace.  I may have an issue (no pun intended) getting through the next few issues until I can track down all of Knight’s End but I may get lucky.

So far: B+

Spider-Man/ Punisher: Family Plot (2017)
W: Lyle / A: Too many to list!
Issue I’m Reading- #1 & 2
Total Issues in the Series: 2Spider-Man_Punisher_Family_Plot2
I thought this looked real interesting – and it wasn’t terrible – more like sort of forgettable.  Punisher, fresh off of his new series that started with his apparent death by electric chair.  He didn’t die of course, and instead became the head of a Mafia family that wants Castle to kill Spider-Man.  This is not the Parker Spidey – it’s Ben Reilly – not that it really matters in the story.  Tombstone is the real threat which Castle and Spidey take care of – even though they believe in taking different approaches.  Ultimately, Castle doesn’t kill Spidey and his new benefactors let him off the hook.

Mini Series: C-

Anyways, what are you guys reading from your collection?

In Case You Missed It – Round 6

CCI03182018 (2)

After weeks of build up we finally get to see Hulk back in action!  There is sort of an excitement paired with real hesitation after reading the issue.  For one, the history of the many Hulk “deaths” were both a fun nostalgic look at the past but also an eye rolling look at the last few “resurrections”.  It’s true – in the last two years or so this is actually the third time the green goliath has graced the MU with his reappearance.  Now, of course, is different due to his alleged “immortality”.

CCI03182018_0001 (2)

I do look forward to the new title I’m just a little skeptical about what’s going to be delivered.  In fact, if you want to read something a little more in depth just take a look here.  The real issue I have is seeing the Hulk come back with the strength and power he left with.  He plowed through the Avengers with relative ease – and while that is great to see the Hulk take on opponents without even straining this is also, what I believe, to be the issue with why writers can’t write great Hulk stories!

CCI03182018_0002 (2)

Yes, the Hulk is the strongest there is – but at least there should be some build up to it!  The madder he gets the stronger he gets – why is that even an issue if he destroys everything in his path while just mildly annoyed?  The Hulk should be a powerhouse, I agree – but there needs to be a balance where the Hulk isn’t just tearing through an entire team of supers without so much as a stubbed toe.  The issue ends with the Red Hulk playing dress up and giving himself a stupid name.  While I am certainly not going to miss this issue I am also not rushing to the store to snatch it up.

CCI03182018_0003 (2)