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Friday Review: Avengers of the Wastelands #1 (2020)

CCI03032020_0005 (2)

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist Jonas Scharf
Artist: Colorist Neeraj Menon
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.00 – $4.99

Variants: 1 Gary Brown Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

CCI03032020_0006 (2)

From the timeframe of Old Man Logan we see a new area of the depressed future timeline.  Doom runs rampant, killing heroes and villains alike.  Off at a desolate farm, Bruce Banner Jr and Dani Cage, the wielder of Mjolnir, are tending to their crops.  A quick bout of rain shall do.  Just as the rains pours down the duo is informed about a stranger that has appeared asking for the two of them specifically.

CCI03032020_0007 (2)

The new Ant-Man, Dwight, informs them that Dr. Doom is on a killing spree.  When he tells them that he intends to kill Doom Dani tries to talk reason to him, letting him know that they have a quiet place that no one bothers them.  Dwight doesn’t believe a place like that can exist.  That is when Doom shows up!

The heroes immediately go on the defensive and fight the army back with Dani taking out the Doombot.  Yes, it was a Doombot.  No one should be surprised – Doom would never dirty his hands with all that nonsense!  Too bad the farm is burning in the middle of the battle.  At the last minute a soldier of Doom’s army is ready to take out Ant-Man but his attempt is thwarted by a shield shot to the head and the new Captain America ready to help the new resistance!

CCI03032020_0008 (2)

  • Doom
Grade: Bag and Board It

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Dollar Bin Finds X

CCI03012020_0005 (2)

Very rarely do I actually find a Hulk appearance that I don’t find but here are 3 issues I did not have before.  The first, above, is the homage cover of New Avengers #42 with a Skrull Hulk.  The Hulk does not appear in the actual issue but the image on the cover is pretty bad ass.  Not to mention that the comic seems to be signed.  By who, I’m guessing Cheung.

CCI03012020_0006 (2)

Another  issue is a Marvel/Malibu crossover of Avengers vs Ultraforce.  Inside Loki reminisces about his first tangle with the supergroup, The Avengers, and we get a quick glimpse of the original line-up including the Hulk!

CCI03012020_0007 (2)

Lastly, is the Avengers Assemble: Season 2 #8 where all the Avengers seem to be a bit confused!  It’s a good thing these aren’t school pictures, their parents would be pissed!

CCI03122020_0004 (2)

Incredible Hulk #750!?

CCI03232020_0003 (2)

What makes me more confused than anything else is the way that Marvel handles the numbering of their series.  They want to benefit from the re-numbering, and the sales bump that comes with it, but they also want to keep up with DC’s original numbering when they have a celebratory milestone.

With Wonder Woman reaching the #750 Marvel felt a little left out and tried to think of which series they could inflate the numbers with and celebrate a phony milestone with.  It turns out, 11 years after they celebrated #600, they decided to release a Hulk #750.  This time they didn’t even bother trying to show everyone a collection of covers to try and excuse the celebration.

CCI03232020_0001 (2)

This is because the numbering really makes no sense at all!  If the Hulk reached #600 11 years ago and they released an issue a month that would be 132 issues.  I do know that since the Immortal Hulk became a huge seller they began releasing the series bi-monthly but with the Immortal Hulk hitting issue #33 the numbers just don’t add up!

CCI03232020_0004 (2)

Not to mention, they won’t be continuing the legacy numbering.  The next issue released will be #34.  This proves that this issue is, if nothing else, a weak attempt to celebrate a milestone issue.  Of course, they released 4 cover price variants, a 1:25 variant, a 1:100 variant, a 1:200 variant and even a 1:500 variant.  I chose not to go for the higher priced variants and stuck with just the variants up to 1:100.

CCI03232020_0005 (2)

Anyways, which ones did you pick up?

Friday Review! Avengers*Defenders Tarot #3 (2020)

CCI03032020 (2)

Writer: Alan Davis
Artist: Pencil/Inks Paul Renaud
Artist: Colors Stephane Paitream
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.85 – $12.99

Variants: 2
  • Alan Davis Variant
  • Diablo Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

When we last left this adventure I had reservations as the cover preview showed pretty cartoony characters busting out of the cover  The same image as the cover shown above.  I was trying to remain hopeful but unfortunately my worst fears were realized.

CCI03032020_0001 (2)

We open this issue with Reed Richards being all annoyed that he can’t figure out what Ichor is and where it came from.  Meanwhile Dr. Strange is still floating around the dimension he was sucked into last issue.  He comes across Galactus looking for his herald.  Surfer, along with Scarlet Witch and Vision, arrive at Bleeker St where Wanda is able to conjure up an explosion that goes wrong!  Mephisto appears and takes the heroes captive!

Thor and Valkyrie arrive in Asgard but Heimdall is having none of that crap realizing that Thor just ain’t right.  Iron Man and Hulk have opened up a portal that lets in the generic Wacky Racers.  Daredevil, apparently feeling left out, arrives with an unconscious Spider-Man to where the FF currently are.  Just in time too as the portal that Iron Man opened has made all the worlds collide, bringing the Avengers and Defenders back together!

CCI03032020_0002 (2)

This is when we meet the generic Wacky Racers up close – Mighty Martian, Devil Dawg, Vampire Vixen and more I don’t care to remember.  The heroes and toons begin battling it out until Valkyrie notices Diablo hiding in the corner.  She confronts the man and slices the Ichor cards he’s holding.  The magic cards combine once again but all mixed up!  Making brand new heroes where Strange is a hippy burn-out, Cap has gamma rage issues, Hulk… is an angry robot of sorts?  I don’t know – didn’t we just have this whole Hero mix up crap in that Infinity Wars event that went horribly nowhere?  Either way this issue ends with these new heroes unable to shake the generic Wacky Racers and a new battle on the horizon.

CCI03032020_0003 (2)

This mini-series REALLY went off the rails.  Thank goodness it’s only one more issue because if it was more I don’t think I could, in good conscience, keep supporting crap like this…

  • Diablo
  • Mighty Martian
  • Devil Dawg
Grade: Bag and Board It

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New Immortal Hulk One Shot!

CCI03192020 (2)

It seems writers are all itching to get their pencils in on the mix and pen a tale about the Immortal Hulk!  Look for this one-shot coming soon!

In Case You Missed It 34

CCI02062020_0011 (2)

There have been quite  few Hulk moments either on covers or in issues that you might’ve missed – this is why I do these catch up posts – so Hulk lovers like you reading these posts don’t let these issues sit on the shelves!  Above is the cover to Hawkeye: Freefall #1.  While the Hulk does not appear in the issue – check out Hawkeye’s girl’s shirt:

CCI02062020_0010 (2)

I don’t really count that as a Hulk appearance but it’s cool nonetheless.  Now the recent issues of the Avengers has a couple of variants featuring the Hulk:

I also bought an interesting cover, an homage to the King Size Special #1, but with Edgar Allan Poe in the Hulk position:

CCI02062020_0004 (2)

Sure enough, that is not it!  Captain Marvel #14 had a cover with a Hulk appearance yet… the Hulk was no where to be seen in the actual issue!  Still, a new cover to seek out:

CCI02062020_0005 (2)

Now, I was going to review this next issue but the Wolverine/Hulk story was so bad I didn’t feel like reliving it.  Marvel Voices #1 has an absolute disaster of a story with none of the characters acting as they should.

CCI03012020_0008 (2)

Here’s just a few pics from inside:

Hope that’s enough to keep you guys busy for a while!  Let me know if you picked up any of these issues – or all of them!

The Immortal Hulk #31 (2020)

CCI03012020 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Penciler Joe Bennet
Artist: Inker
  • Ruy Jose
  • Belardino Brabo
  • Cam Smith
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$2.99 – $7.99

Variants: 3
  • Gwen Stacy Variant
  • Shaw Variant
  • Kirkham Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

CCI03012020_0001 (2)

Dr. McGowan has a storied pass.  The more we discover the more we should not be shocked.  Before Shadow Base apparently McGown worked for Kingpin with a patient named Glowboy.  He’s exactly as he sounds.  Working in the seedy underground, it’s only a matter of time before Daredevil shows up.  Now McGowan works with (for) the Hulk at a moment when  monsters have suddenly infiltrated the city!

This is due to Roxxon – but you guys already knew that – now the original Hulk, Xemnu, has come to save the day.  Only, Hulk can see through the facade and attacks the white, hairy beast, all in full view of the television cameras, making the Hulk look like the bad guy!  While Hulk attacks Xemnu starts losing his control ver the creatures and reminds the people watching of what a “good guy” he is!  The Absorbing Man comes to the rescue of Xemnu, who also thinks he remembers the beast from his childhood – obviously under a spell – but luckily Hulk’s team teleports him away before he could rip anymore limbs off of Xemnu.

CCI03012020_0002 (2)

McGowan takes him back to Shadow Base and helps him regain control.  Devil Hulk reamerges astonished that the Savage Hulk could remain in the driver’s seat for so long, even stopping him from taking over.  The Devil Hulk gets spooked watching the scene unfold on television when he gets transfixed by those big, hypnotic eyes of Xemnu.

CCI03012020_0003 (2)


  • Minotaur
  • Roxxon
  • Xemnu (The Original Hulk )
Grade: Bag and Board It

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