“The Hulk” Poster (1966)

  So, apparently, Marvel produced 8 of these posters in the 60’s of every major character.  There are ones of Spiderman and Captain America and Iron Man and Thor and Sub-Mariner and Dr. Strange and the Human Torch – but this has to be the best one – just look at it – it’s the Hulk! Continue reading ““The Hulk” Poster (1966)”

Hulk Magnets 2 (2007)

I really like the magnet that says “SMASH” at the top.  That one and the bottom one are pretty cool.  I found these in New Hampshire at Chris’ Comics the first trip there.  I almost forgot to post them.  Magnets aren’t the most memorable collectibles – but, ironically, they are the ones probably see theContinue reading “Hulk Magnets 2 (2007)”

Hulk Pal Sized Puzzle (2003)

  So, while I was working the other day, I happened to find a Hulk floor puzzle at a library.  They called it a “Pal Sized Puzzle” – I guess a lot of people have 3 foot friends – because that’s how big this puzzle is.  Personally, midgets and dwarfs kind of scare me…  IContinue reading “Hulk Pal Sized Puzzle (2003)”

Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)

This is such a beautiful book – how could I not show it?  It also marks the true first appearence of Wolverine.  The very last panel has Wolvie jumping out to battle Wendigo and Hulk.  I now have the Wolverine Trilogy – which marks the other expensive books off my list to get…  Now theContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)”