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Incredible Hulk #128 & #131


I just got these issues in the mail today.  I am awaiting to get issues that I won or ordered through the mail or ebay – when I get them I will have every issue!  I am wiating for 7 more arrive – but today, these beauties came!  Issue #128 has the Avengers, and I hate to say, I am not a huge fan of the cover.  The Hulk looks about as big as Quick Silver, what is up with that?  Giant Man is punching a hole in the ground and that is cool – but the cover seems a bit out of scale.  A better cover is the Iron Man cover.  Trimpe does a classic Iron Man.  It looks great and makes me want to read the issue!  Nice condition too!  I’m excited that I have all of the comics coming – but I don’t count my chickens before they hatch – I will celebrate when every issue is in my hand!


With #128 it was a lot that came with #127 and #176.  I have a few double issues – if anyone who is reading this and is collecting the Hulk themselves are searching for some Hulk issues – just email me at greyfixit@live.com and ask for a list of the doubles I have.  I will let you know what’s available and will give you a really great price.

“The Hulk” Poster (1966)

hulk pose poster 

So, apparently, Marvel produced 8 of these posters in the 60’s of every major character.  There are ones of Spiderman and Captain America and Iron Man and Thor and Sub-Mariner and Dr. Strange and the Human Torch – but this has to be the best one – just look at it – it’s the Hulk!  Not to mention its also in the classic Kirby leaping Hulk pose!  The pose is from the cover of TTA #67 and is one of my all time favorites!  What a great piece to add to my collection! 

Hulk Pose Poster Closer Look

I must say though… I am shocked that there are still no toys or anything promoting the movie coming out in a few short months!  Someone needs to get on the ball!  And fast here!

Also – P.S. – I did just hear that Bowen is creating a “Museum Pose Hulk” statue in this latest wave.  I can’t wait!