The stuff I post here are all of the items in my collection made BEFORE 1980.  If you want to see the blog click on one.

Mego Hulk 12″ Hulk Kazoo Mego Hulk 1974 Hulk Pins Hulk Pencils Hulk Place Mat Hulk Ring Loose Figures Hulk Skates Hulk Halloween Bucket Hulk Coloring Book Hulk Books Hulk Wallet Thermoses foldres Record 1  Record 22 Mego 8 inch OC HW Hulk Crosswords Hulk Book Marvel Card Game Sliding Puzzle rubber figure pocket mego scene machine hulk snow shoes 8mmhulk hubeltbuck app366 htvtry toy chest part 2 hulkactionbox jointactionhulkhead hulk pose poster hulk money clip rollstonehulkmag hulk record 3 2 Hulk Winders little hang glider hulk diecastmetalface utilitybelt   hulk-stuff-035 halloween-kingston-015  hulk-items-0501

5 thoughts on “Vintage

  1. well, im a big fan of marvel, and hulk is my second best. i really think its cool that you collected all of these. spiderman was the first word i could spell and hulk was the third…( i think )
    well CONGRATS!!

  2. then again

    the hulk wallet i had stacks afew years back “lose” and sold them on ebay one at a time
    and kept the unopened one in the packet with afew others.

  3. Any ideas on the values of incredible hulk art, produced on wood? I have 2 framed pieces that are images on wood of The Incredible Hulk #1. (comic) They have also been hand signed by Stan Lee with COA’s. Thanks

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