French Comics *(Ohh LA-LA)

I picked these off the ‘bay mainly because… oh – comeon – you KNOW why!  It’s #165… in FRENCH!  Actually, here’s an odd thing, the story to #165 isn’t even IN this issue!  I mean, the issue BEFORE Aquon was in it – but not the issue with Aquon!  What the heck fire is going on?  IContinue reading “French Comics *(Ohh LA-LA)”

Tom’s Collection Day 1

A special week of posts for you- featuring the amazing collection of Tom.  This week you will see some of the most beautiful pieces – mostly Hulk – but other pieces that make me drool just the same!  Let’s start with his best piece ever!  This is how Tom and I came in contact – becauseContinue reading “Tom’s Collection Day 1”

The Incredible Hulk #165 Cover Re-Creation (2010)

I’m pretty confident that IF the owner of this classic cover ever decided to sell it – it would cost more than I can spend in a single decade – so I did the best next thing.  I found an artist that does amazing cover re-creations.  His work is fantastic – and was gracious enoughContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #165 Cover Re-Creation (2010)”