Hulk Activity Book (2008)

Here’s that damn Activity Book I promised.  I kept on telling you that I was going to post it and then just didn’t – but here it is!  On double-shot Friday!  I also thought that we could make a little game out of it.  The below picture has a phrase.  You have to come upContinue reading “Hulk Activity Book (2008)”

Well, well, well… buy these – or a house

It looks like the biggest collection of Stretches is up for sale.  Not sure why – but I will love to see how much this actually goes for.  The auction keeps stating how RARE each item is and also let’s you know how much he’s been offered for a few of these.  Keep in mind – noneContinue reading “Well, well, well… buy these – or a house”

Attakus Hulk Bust (1997)

I hesitated about getting this Hulk bust.  I stopped myself plenty of times because the pictures just didn’t look pleasing.  Then a great deal came up on ebay so I went for it – and then when I got it in the mail I was pleasantly surprised.  It looks to me to be based onContinue reading “Attakus Hulk Bust (1997)”

Sonic Destruction Hulk vs. Hulkbuster 2-Pack (2008)

I have so much backed up to show you… I just got the Hulk Movie Regener8r’s at Kay-Bee tonight and realized I haven’t finished showing you the movie figures that I have.  This is the last 2-pack – and coincidently the last of the smaller Hulk figures that has been made!  What a great tripContinue reading “Sonic Destruction Hulk vs. Hulkbuster 2-Pack (2008)”

Hulk Metamorphs (2008)

What a ridiculous, disgusting and awesome toy this is!  I have questions of course… Like why does Hulk have a brain and eyes and fists in his mouth?  I loved these kind of toys since they first appeared and now they have merged these toys with the greatest character ever!  This rubbery Hulk has aContinue reading “Hulk Metamorphs (2008)”

Target Exclusive Gamma Glow Hulk with Tear Away Shirt (2008)

Toyjesus, a regular visitor to this site and one of the people who keeps me in the know about what to be looking for, told me about this exclusive.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have found out about it because you can’t find it anywhere on the net.  The figure itself is practically the same as EVERY figureContinue reading “Target Exclusive Gamma Glow Hulk with Tear Away Shirt (2008)”

Hulk #7 (2008) – The Review

Spoilers below!  Look out!  I have to be honest – I don’t even feel like giving my review.  I want to stop bashing the character I love.  It’s gotten to the point where I dread even turning the cover page.  But here’s what you find when you do read the… comic: We begin in Vegas. Continue reading “Hulk #7 (2008) – The Review”

WalMart Exclusive Digital Comic Book (2008)

I reported to you before about getting this exclusive but I hadn’t actually been able to view it.  Now I have.  The disc features a slideshow of movie images.  It also features 3 audio clips of music from the film (my favorite being Hulk Smash) and the digital comic, of course.  The comic bridges theContinue reading “WalMart Exclusive Digital Comic Book (2008)”

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

So, it is here!  Now I promised a few folks I was going to post the new Target exclusive Hulk figure – but I don’t know where my head was – I forgot what day it is!  There is plenty to go through here so let’s begin with the regular one-disc version.  It has theContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk (2008)”

Abomination Smash Hands (2008)

I have so much new stuff to show you that I am trying to figure out what to show next.  I want to show things that I got that are still pretty sought after – such as these bad boys.  Wal-Mart exclusives and actually pretty damn cool these are a bit larger than the HulkContinue reading “Abomination Smash Hands (2008)”