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Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Green (2019)

IMG_1789 (2)

I can see this color chrome being the one most Hulk collectors wanting.  For OBVIOUS reasons.  I do like the look of this particular one though and with the green stone representing time it’s just that much cooler!

Current Pop Price Guide Value: $16

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Blue (2019)

IMG_1793 (2)

All December long I will be featuring the Walmart exclusive chrome Hulks.  Two each week! They made for every color of the Infinity Stones.  Blue represented Space.  I guess that means you’re in charge of all space?  Does this means hoarders have one over on the power of this stone since every conceivable space in their dwellings is filled with something?  Either way, blue is my favorite so I as definitely always going to pick up this color!

Current Pop Price Guide Value: $15

WalMart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos (2018)

IMG_1151 (2)

I have stated how much I love the Marvel Legends figures, especially when they are comic accurate, and the latest WalMart exclusive does just that.  I know that the figure is a repaint of the BAF from the Avengers line.  While I have mixed feelings on the idea of Hasbro re-packaging BAF to buy them singularly I do have to say seeing THIS particular figure I am so glad they did it!

IMG_1153 (2)

IMG_1154 (2)

Giving us a complete – and better – repaint with a brighter blue and deeper purple the figure strikes a much better resemblance to the Thanos we know from the pages of the Infinity Gauntlet and beyond.  The packaging is even eye-catching with some great comic art on the sides and a Gauntlet featured on the top.  The other amazing gift we’ve been given in this new package is an extra head to swap and of course the most important piece – an Infinty Gauntlet.

IMG_1157 (2)

IMG_1150 (2)

This is the sort of exclusive to get excited about.  When the new figure not only dwarfs, in comparison, to the original but offers a something extra I don’t hesitate for a second to shell out the extra money for it.  I don’t have an extra to open so I can’t really speak of the paint application – although it looks to be fantastic!

IMG_1152 (2)

IMG_1158 (2)

While the new BAF Thanos is certainly the most movie accurate I would take the new exclusive version every time!  This is already going for some major money on eBay – I can’t tell the future but I think this will be highly sought after for years to come.  I have to thank my friend Ted who was able to snag me an extra one on one so I didn’t have to shell out the extra dough to the scalpers.  WalMart is notorious for having spotty exclusive releases where not every store receives them so finding this guy will prove to be a bit of a challenge for some.  Who out there was able to track one of these great figures down?

WalMart Exclusive Avengers Comic Collection 4-Pack (2012)

Avengers Comic Collection

As far as I’ve been told – all the figures in this boxed set are re-issues… all except the Hulk.  Actually, that’s not 100% accurate either.  This Hulk, though I am glad to have it, is going to be released on a single card and also in the First Wolverine 2-pack.  Maybe he will have a different paint job – maybe not.  We will have to see – other than that fact, I am psyched to get this!


This Hulk (a slight re-do of the MU WWH released) is one of the best yet!  The sculpt really is superb!  While I don’t have a figure to take out of the package I can say this – the articulation seems to be about the same as previous figures.

NEW Hulk!

Like I said – I think the rest of the figures are re-releases – but I am pretty happy with the figure choices we are offered in this boxed set – Loki, the main villain is always fun to have in the set you get, Iron Man, arguably the best character in the movie, and Hawkeye, just cool as hell!


The ONLY complaint I have is the price – although it’s a small one.  The price on these sets are $29.99 – and that’s fine because we get 4 figures.  4 single figures would normally cost us $40 – so we are getting a better deal here – but with the 3 packs they released being only $20 I thought these would be a more reasonable $24.99.  Overall – you should not hesitate to pick up this set for $30.  Totally worth it!

Iron Man

WalMart Exclusive – Avengers 6″ Hulk (2012)

NEW WalMart exclusive Avengers 6″ Hulk

I know I just put up a post complaining that I had no idea these existed – and my the reaction from the gammas on here I was not alone in this anomaly – but amazingly, I already found them at my local WalMart.  It was an interesting day to say the least.  When I found out about these figures I immediately went to the WalMart closest to me – luckily I live very close and it is 24 hours – well, I had no luck that night, or the next night, but yesterday I was traveling for work and visited a few WalMarts.  As my luck would have it, the third WalMart I ventured into there was a woman pulling all of the Avengers items off of the pegs.  I asked what she was doing and she said that she was clearing space for the Amazing Spiderman figures that were coming out.  I asked her if they had the new WalMart exclusive figures by chance – she told me she did not work for WalMart – but instead she was the Rep for Hasbro!

side of package

Without going into a huge amount of detail – let’s just say she contacted the Rep that covered my local WalMart – who was putting out the figures AS THEY SPOKE!  I took the 40 minute drive back to my area and into the WalMart where I turned the corner and saw the Hulk – he was off the pegs and sitting on the shelf – which means someone looked at him and then decided not to get him and walked away!  I was so lucky!  I could not believe my luck!

New Sculpt – pretty damn cool

Yes, I also snagged the new WalMart exclusive Avengers 4-pack – I will post that tomorrow – but this figure here is outstanding!  Not a repaint or a re-release – this is a brand new sculpt and looks pretty impressive!  If you can wait and find them in the store they are priced at $15.99 – which is less than a Marvel Legends these days.  They have short-packed the Hulk, he is only one per box, and that’s going to make him that much more difficult to find – but WalMart exclusives have the track record of not being the easiest to find.  Most WalMarts will tell you that they are not on the layout – or they are not busy enough to get the exclusives – so if you’ve been able to snag one, congrats!  The prices on ebay are outrageous right now but hopefully will cool off soon.  Either way – I am happy to report that this figure is not a let down – it comes with a base that connects to the other figures so you can display them together and perfectly represents the Hulk we see in the movie – I love this Hulk, and the entire line is pretty impressive – so pick it up if you can!  Grade: B+

Back of Package

Incredible Hulk 10″ (2008)

Hulk 10 Inch

Hulk 10 Inch

Thanksgiving is coming up Thursday.  I have decided to stuff you guys full of great Hulk stuff the first half of the week since I will probably not be posting ANYTHING Thursday or Friday… sorry but I am going to be gambling Friday and either I will lose my wad or be swimming in money.  Either way I don’t think I will have time to post. 

Close up of that pretty little mug...

Close up of that pretty little mug...

Anyways, here is the larger Hulk figure from the movie line.  It’s a WalMart exclusive – although, if you can believe it, my WalMart is still bare of these.  A good friend of mine had the generosity to send me one when he learned of my trouble locating one.  While it’s definitely the best movie figure it still doesn’t come close to the 2003 13″ figures.  I don’t think many Hulk figures will.  The other thing about this figure is that it has strange articulation points.  It has no articulation in the wrists or feet or waist (?)  – but in the abs, neck, knees, elbows and strangely enough – the upper thighs.  Which makes for some really strange poses.  Kind of strange. 

Back of Package

Back of Package

One thing there is no complaints with is the sculpt.  What a great job was done with this!  Even the paint application was done really well with these- which, as most of you know, has been the weak point for this line.  The information I’ve been given is that you should keep an eye out for scratches.  See, the packaging for these items are not in a plastic covering or anything – and they are shipped on top of each other (kind of in a “69” position) and in transit must scrape against each other.  So just have a keen eye when picking one out!  I have no real complaints about the packaging but I would have rather a full window box reminiscent of the classic Mego toys.

How he sizes up to the competition

How he sizes up to the competition

WalMart Exclusive Digital Comic Book (2008)

Digital Comic

Digital Comic

I reported to you before about getting this exclusive but I hadn’t actually been able to view it.  Now I have.  The disc features a slideshow of movie images.  It also features 3 audio clips of music from the film (my favorite being Hulk Smash) and the digital comic, of course.  The comic bridges the gap between the opening sequence and when Bruce began working in the bottling factory in Brazil.  A quick, entertaining story that also features Blonsky’s actual first witness to the Hulk’s destruction.