Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Red (2019)

Yes, I saved the Red chrome Hulk until the last one on purpose.  I’m not sure if anyone is aware but there really IS a Red Hulk!  Well, maybe.  Is there?  Is there still a Red Hulk in the Marvel U?  Who knows and who cares.  The red stone is the Reality Stone.  And, ifContinue reading “Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Red (2019)”

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Orange (2019)

Oh boy – here we go!  Soul Stone color!  This is the stone that was ultimately the reason that they were able to beat Thanos.  Well, Nebula.  They really beat Nebula – but let’s not even get into that.  Either way – Orange Hulk! Current Pop Price Guide Value: $17

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Yellow (2019)

The yellow color reminds me a little too much of the already chromed Hulk – the only thing that saves this little guy is that it’s a completely different sculpt.  Either way, sure enough, I picked up the yellow Hulk too with this color representing the Mind Stone. Current Pop Price Guide Value: $17

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Purple (2019)

This is the other color I know some of my Hulking friends were after.  Because of course! You can’t flash some green and purple without a comment or two about looking like you’ve dressed like the Hulk!  With purple also being the Power Stone it only makes sense. Current Pop Price Guide Value: $15

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Green (2019)

I can see this color chrome being the one most Hulk collectors wanting.  For OBVIOUS reasons.  I do like the look of this particular one though and with the green stone representing time it’s just that much cooler! Current Pop Price Guide Value: $16

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Blue (2019)

All December long I will be featuring the Walmart exclusive chrome Hulks.  Two each week! They made for every color of the Infinity Stones.  Blue represented Space.  I guess that means you’re in charge of all space?  Does this means hoarders have one over on the power of this stone since every conceivable space in their dwellings is filledContinue reading “Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Blue (2019)”

WalMart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos (2018)

I have stated how much I love the Marvel Legends figures, especially when they are comic accurate, and the latest WalMart exclusive does just that.  I know that the figure is a repaint of the BAF from the Avengers line.  While I have mixed feelings on the idea of Hasbro re-packaging BAF to buy themContinue reading “WalMart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos (2018)”

WalMart Exclusive Avengers Comic Collection 4-Pack (2012)

As far as I’ve been told – all the figures in this boxed set are re-issues… all except the Hulk.  Actually, that’s not 100% accurate either.  This Hulk, though I am glad to have it, is going to be released on a single card and also in the First Wolverine 2-pack.  Maybe he will haveContinue reading “WalMart Exclusive Avengers Comic Collection 4-Pack (2012)”

WalMart Exclusive – Avengers 6″ Hulk (2012)

I know I just put up a post complaining that I had no idea these existed – and my the reaction from the gammas on here I was not alone in this anomaly – but amazingly, I already found them at my local WalMart.  It was an interesting day to say the least.  When I found outContinue reading “WalMart Exclusive – Avengers 6″ Hulk (2012)”

Incredible Hulk 10″ (2008)

Thanksgiving is coming up Thursday.  I have decided to stuff you guys full of great Hulk stuff the first half of the week since I will probably not be posting ANYTHING Thursday or Friday… sorry but I am going to be gambling Friday and either I will lose my wad or be swimming in money.  Either way I don’tContinue reading “Incredible Hulk 10″ (2008)”

WalMart Exclusive Digital Comic Book (2008)

I reported to you before about getting this exclusive but I hadn’t actually been able to view it.  Now I have.  The disc features a slideshow of movie images.  It also features 3 audio clips of music from the film (my favorite being Hulk Smash) and the digital comic, of course.  The comic bridges theContinue reading “WalMart Exclusive Digital Comic Book (2008)”

Abomination Smash Hands (2008)

I have so much new stuff to show you that I am trying to figure out what to show next.  I want to show things that I got that are still pretty sought after – such as these bad boys.  Wal-Mart exclusives and actually pretty damn cool these are a bit larger than the HulkContinue reading “Abomination Smash Hands (2008)”