A Week of the Thing – Giant Sized Superstars #1

This is a tough comic to find.  This is also the ONLY Giant Sized Superstars issue to ever come out – the title was changed to Giant Sized Fantastic Four after this… this is a classic Rich Buckler drawn issue.  Pick this issue up when you can – but take a look at this cover! Continue reading “A Week of the Thing – Giant Sized Superstars #1”

A Week of the Thing – Fantastic Four #12

The funny thing about this pair up is – even from conception they knew who was going to be the stronger one!  Yet, this match up is one of the most frequented and revered by Hulk fans!  The only time the Thing actually had an upper hand was in FF #320 – which we’ll maybeContinue reading “A Week of the Thing – Fantastic Four #12”

Fantastic Four: Nightmare in Green – The Review

I was able to catch this episode this morning – I was psyched because I heard about how good this was.  No worries, I did think it was good too – especially with how many cameo appearances there were.  But let’s get into what this episode was about.  First off – Alicia and Thing areContinue reading “Fantastic Four: Nightmare in Green – The Review”

A Week of Iron Man – Iron Man #304 & #305

It’s hard to believe that Hulkbuster Armor wasn’t always a part of Iron Man’s artillery – but here was the debut!  The first time Stark pulled out the stops and created a suit of armor specifically to take on the Hulk!  Not that it worked per say – sure there were a whole new slewContinue reading “A Week of Iron Man – Iron Man #304 & #305”

Universal Hulk Figures (2003)

I can’t tell you much about these figures.  I have been searching all over but haven’t come up with much.  So here’s what I do know… I won a lot of about 30 figures in an ebay auction.  I scored a few gems – but most of the lot was beat up and pretty destroyed. Continue reading “Universal Hulk Figures (2003)”

Giant Size Wolverine: Old Man Logan (2009) – The Review

Old Man Logan was a welcoming surprise – a futuristic vision of the future that has the villains in control of the country.  As cool as that seems – they also made our favorite Jade Giant one of those villains.  On the one hand it makes a lot of sense to have the Hulk asContinue reading “Giant Size Wolverine: Old Man Logan (2009) – The Review”

The Incredible Hulk #602 (2009) – The Review

So on we go with Bruce training Skaar to take on the Hulk… when the Hulk eventually returns.  So, in preparation Bruce has the Juggernaut show up.  Skaar shows no interest in fighting Juggy at first.  Juggy turns his attention to Bruce and starts to pound on him – with only Bruce’s electronic shields toContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #602 (2009) – The Review”

A Week of Iron Man – The Invincible Iron Man #76

Believe it or not – this is the cover to not only IM #76 – but this cover first appeared in IM #9!  Look here: Cover Browser and this isn’t even the Hulk – nope, just an android! Now, I just bought #76 – I don’t have #9 yet – so I’m not sure ifContinue reading “A Week of Iron Man – The Invincible Iron Man #76”

Marvel Universe Red Hulk Figure (2009)

I wasn’t sure if I should post this… the comments I will get… but the truth is that I’m hoping the Red Hulk, in the hands of a better writer, will become a cool Hulk foe.  Of course they will have to explain the color and tone down his powers a bit.  I mean, heContinue reading “Marvel Universe Red Hulk Figure (2009)”