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Half Life: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 37

Nothing creepier than a dead (or half dead) person who cap sap the life from you.  You have to feel sort of bad for the guy.  He is delusional thinking he can even take on someone as powerful as the Hulk.  Ultimately, when the Hulk leaves him for dead we all know we haven’t seen the last of him… yet – we haven’t seen him since the late 80’s.

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #334




half 3


Jim Wilson: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 36

Rick Jones had been a loyal sidekick to the Hulk for a very long time.  It wasn’t until almost mid-100’s when they introduced another sidekick for the Hulk – this time a street smart kid named Jim Wilson!  Unfortunately, years later, after Peter David was writing the book he decided to kill off old Jim Wilson by giving him AIDS.  Jim asked the Hulk to give him a transfusion of some of his gamma-blood to kill off the disease.  The Hulk refused saying that his blood was not the answer.  I recall a story of a fan asking PD why he killed off Jim and he said that he always felt like Jim was just a “black Risk Jones”.  It’s too bad as I always felt Jim had a much bigger role then just a replacement for Jones.

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #131





Firebird: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 35

Sal Buscema created a group called the Rangers in a late 200 issue that Firebird was a part of.  Firebird reminds me much of Firestar from the old Spider-Man and Friends cartoon from the 80s.  She later became a member of the Avengers – but that shouldn’t be a shock since pretty much everyone in the MU has been an Avenger!

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #265




Pantheon: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 34

One of the secret organizations that recruited the merged Hulk – and then promoted him to lead it early in the 400s.  Having the Hulk trying to lead a group of superpowered individuals with wildly different personalities sounded like a recipe for disaster from the beginning. I think the Hulk did the best he could but it was destined to fail.  As an added bonus: their first appearance coincides with my favorite comic artist’s only Hulk issue!

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #368





Quintronic Man: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 33

What’s better than one villain?  That’s right – 5 villains in one!  Hulk has fought the Quintronic Man as recently as the Mark Waid run.  This A.I.M. controlled villain doesn’t appear much in the Marvel Universe and that’s a shame as it was certainly a worthy villain to the Hulk!

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #213




Korvac: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 32

A different kind of Hulk 1st appearance as this didn’t occur in a Hulk comic rather Marvel’s Non-Team The Defenders!  It still starred the Hulk and has a character that made a pretty big stamp on the Marvel Universe.


1st Appearance: Giant Size Defenders #3






Caiera: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 31

There have been only a few real loves of Hulk’s life.  Caiera The Old Strong being one of them  Their brief love affair was still one of the most memorable in Hulk history.  In the annals of Jarella and Betty Ross Caiera is among the best Hulk love interests.  Also, she is unique as the only significant other to give the Hulk a child.

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #92