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A Week of Huge, Evil Hands

And last but not least – one of the most famous Hulk covers with a huge hand!

Bubble Head Hulk (2010)

Hulk in the wrapper

Little Hulk all put together!

Picked this little guy up on Wednesday. Basically it comes as just the head – and you open it up and there is a little body in there. With the head being hollow it makes the figure really light – and easy to stand. But it alos makes the figure feel pretty cheap… which it is so, then it fits I guess. I picked up a few others of these – and I have no idea why because they are pretty ugly. They are deformed, cheap, ugly and that’s the good points!  The worst of these little figures is the Thor figure – but I do have to say that the little bodies are kind of cool.

Wolverine vs the Hulk

Thor vs Hulk

A Week of Huge Evil Hands

These hands are so big all you see are the fingers!  Holy crap!

Hope you picked these up too~!

The Incredible Hulk #606 2nd print

TIH #606 2nd print came out – which is sort of a big deal since it’s the first issue that went into 2nd print for a while – also the HC collecting TIH #601 – 606 + the List came out called: Son of Banner.

Son of Banner HC

Red Hulk #2 (2010) – The Review

Red Hulk #2

We are now being filled in on a lot of the back story of the muddled mess Loeb handed us.  I for one am so happy that Parker and Pak are here to “fill in the blanks” – and Parker’s issues are really, really good.  Issue #2 deal with Thundra’s part in all of this.  First, Banner if informed of who his daughter is – and how she came to be – all told to him by the Red Hulk.

Red Hulk in a superhero orgy...

Next, we learn that the Red Hulk had always known that his then allies were going to turn on him – and he recruited Thundra to be on his team when the other shoe dropped.  He tells her that they will promise to send her back to her time – but they aren’t the most trustworthy – and if she sticks with the Red Hulk instead of turning on them – that he will help her in any way he can to find a time machine.

Ladies! It's raining men!

Red Hulk to the Rescue!

So, time comes – and Thundra sticks with the Red Hulk.  When the Wizard comes a knockin’ for her to join his Frightful Four and she says no – which angers the villains – the Red Hulk comes to her rescue.  Afterward, the two head to Doom’s castle to get his time machine – since he’s now been captured and isn’t using it – and Red Hulk and Thundra are attacked by Nosferatu – who drink the Red Hulk’s blood and get very strong – but Thundra comes to Red Hulk’s rescue this time.

Red Hulk takes on Count Orlock... times 12

They hide the time machine and talk about how Lyra, her daughter, has been recruited – mainly because she doesn’t know any better.  Thundra watches on as Red Hulk admires how proud she is of her daughter – and then he says something very telling – he says he can relate.  He can relate!  This, to me, pretty much shuts the door to Talbot seeing as he didn’t have a daughter – and Ross, of course, does!  The next issue is supposed to deal with the creation of A-Bomb – so it should be interesting.  The best shot is the end of this issue where we see that A-Bomb has been using his chameleon ability to spy on everything the Red Hulk has been doing – Grade: B

A-Bomb keeps an eye on the Red Hulk

A Week of Huge Evil Hands!

I almost forgot to post a cover!  Here is The Order #2 – and the cover reminds me of the N*Sync album.  I’m ashamed to admit that…

Hulk Vehicle and Hummer (2003)

Hulk Vehicle

I’m telling you – EVERYTIME I hit Bedrock Comics I find new Hulk items I missed when they first came out.  The top is a interesting looking 4 “legged” vehicle that doesn’t look very comfortable to ride.  It’s part of the Ultimate Marvel Line and comes with a mini- comic – looks like the cover to Ultimate Marvel Team Up #2… which reminds me – I have to update the Comics 4 page… a ton more entries.  Ugh.  This is now a full on mission – it’s moved from a quest to a mission!  I was in a shop for a few minutes today and walked out with a dozen back issues all guest staring the Hulk.  Anyways, look!  A Hulk Hummer!

Hulk Hummer