Grab Zags Hulk (2012)

I was so upset to see that these little blind packages of Marvel figures came in… I HATE the blind package method!  But HA!  I had it beat – I stayed in TRU for at least 30 minutes feeling each package!  I figured out which ones contained the stupid light projectors – which ones hadContinue reading “Grab Zags Hulk (2012)”

Green and Grey Hulk Puzzle Erasers (2012)

I was NOT going to go through package after package of these puzzle erasers to get the Hulks.  I just wasn’t.  I mean, if they were just a dollar or if I wanted to collect a bunch of them – that’s one thing – but I just wanted the Hulks.  And not even all ofContinue reading “Green and Grey Hulk Puzzle Erasers (2012)”

French Comics *(Ohh LA-LA)

I picked these off the ‘bay mainly because… oh – comeon – you KNOW why!  It’s #165… in FRENCH!  Actually, here’s an odd thing, the story to #165 isn’t even IN this issue!  I mean, the issue BEFORE Aquon was in it – but not the issue with Aquon!  What the heck fire is going on?  IContinue reading “French Comics *(Ohh LA-LA)”

Custom Painted Red Hulk Bust (2012)

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, this is a Red Hulk bust in my collection!  First off – it was super cheap – and secondly, I love this sculpt.  The fact that someone took the Grey Hulk version and painted it red was too cool to pass on.  Although – the green would haveContinue reading “Custom Painted Red Hulk Bust (2012)”

Marvel Announces NEW Red Hulk Storyline Coming Up…

Click the link – I’ll be honest – I have yet to read about it – kind of busy right now.  But just the pics alone look interesting.  Parker has been writing the hell out of this series so I am pretty sure whatever is being cooked up will be fun… anyways – like IContinue reading “Marvel Announces NEW Red Hulk Storyline Coming Up…”

The Incredible Hulk #6 (2012) – The Review

I am not sure if I can really do a review of this issue… I mean, we get more crappy art – more terrible story… the cover not only has NOTHING to do with the content inside and the Hulk isn’t even the same Hulk we get in the comics – but we are left withContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #6 (2012) – The Review”

Mini-Mates Marvel vs Capcom – Hulk vs Mike Haggar (2011)

If this is a video game I am unsure of it – I stopped playing video games a long time ago.  Trust me, that’s not a knock or anything – I just don’t think I could find time to fit in video games.  I still have a Gamecube, if that means anything.  The last gameContinue reading “Mini-Mates Marvel vs Capcom – Hulk vs Mike Haggar (2011)”

Hulk is 50! And Marvel has ignored it…

It’s amazing to see the comic stands – at least a half a dozen comics have Red in them.  Marvel seems intent on replacing the Hulk – who has been the Hulk for the past 50 years and gained millions of fans – with the new Red clone.  I have no idea why – butContinue reading “Hulk is 50! And Marvel has ignored it…”