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This is 40


I know that She Hulk has been through a lot in the past 40 years – but I think the worst was the stint as the grey She-Hulk.  Writers used to give characters great reasons to have a life altering changes.  For She Hulk she was going through a trauma from the horrendous Secret Wars but nothing was made of her change.  Hopefully that means it will not return – anyways, Happy Birthday Jen Walters!

Dollar Bin Finds VI

CCI08312019 (2)

I usually don’t find any new Hulk appearances – it’s really hard for me to locate something that I don’t already own.  I was able to get a few books this time around!  Above is Thunderstrike #16 where She Hulk gets a re-match with Titania!

CCI08312019_0001 (2)

I also found an older Free Comic Book Day book that stars the heavy hitters of Marvel!

CCI08312019_0002 (2)

The Hulk even has a moment where he abandons his usual rhetoric and slams hi foes by calling them idiots!

CCI08312019_0003 (2)

Laslty, I found the Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’97 Annual that boasted this claim on the cover:

CCI08312019_0003 (3)

So I checked the issue and sure enough:

CCI08312019_0004 (2)

One panel featuring the Hulk jumping through the desert landscape!  Love it!

Better Shots of the Upcoming She-Hulk Figure!


I can’t begin to explain how excited I am that they are releasing a She-Hulk figure that looks this good!  I can’t explain even further how disappointed I am that the She Hulk is in the innocuous color change she had for that one short lived series.



But the sculpt is downright brilliant!  If the paint apps are anywhere near as good as they are on the display here then I am all in!  Hopefully they are planning on releasing a green version – complete with cuts and scowl!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


Jen Starting to get the Love She Deserves!


Thanks to the announcement about Disney+ plans for streaming a She Hulk show suddenly all eyes are on the emerald goddess!  Yes, Jen will be starring in her own show and this, of course, have sent the speculators into a tizzy trying to get her first appearance!  If you never picked up The Savage She Hulk #1 before – don’t try to now as the book will be inflated to ungodly prices! Then again, if you do decide to pick it up now it’s at least a fantastic story!

Click the image to be brought to the article about the new show!

That Terrible Hulk Series gets a Immortalized in Plastic…


Love it or not the She Hulk series titles Hulk, where the She Hulk goes grey, for no apparent reason, is getting a new action figure due out in the coming months.  While the series was a bit of a waste of time this figure looks pretty bad ass.



Funko Exclusive She Hulk POP! (2018)

IMG_1091 (2)

There are so many exclusives these days it’s truly hard to keep up!  Last month I was called about a new shipment at Toys R Us of the Exclusive She Hulk.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I did make my way down there and was pleasantly surprised!  This She Hulk is completely different than the original She Hulk we were offered.  This She Hulk looks like she’s ready to head right into court and defend a man from being wrongfully accused of murder.

IMG_1091 (3)

She would stand up and stare at the jury and say “How could my client commit this murder when he is allergic to cheese!” and the jury would gasp!  Because, you see, this murder takes place in a supermarket… near the cheese aisle!

IMG_1092 (2)

Hot Wheels She Hulk Van (2017)

IMG_0659 (2)

Always happy to see Retro images being used on today’s merchandise!  The image on the package comes from the cover to Savage She-Hulk #1! The image on the van is different of course and, as a total guess, I’d have to say it’s from an interior page – but where exactly will have to stay a mystery for now because I’m not scouring my books for one image!  Maybe someone out there knows – let me know in the comments!