Sean Anderson – Planet Hulk!

With a lot of Planet Hulk merchandise finding it’s way to Hulk fans everywhere Sean, as always, took it upon himself to create a masterpiece.  This custom looks better than any figure created… ever!  I think real cloth goes a long way.  That’s why Mego’s are still so sought out – they look like theyContinue reading “Sean Anderson – Planet Hulk!”

Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 2 (2009)

Here’s the second set of commissions.  Yes, I’m sure you’ve guessed – that’s fixit above there.  If you click on Fixit above you will be taken to Rob’s web site.  He’s always interested in commissions – so if you like what you see – the guy seems to be able to do any character.  Now IContinue reading “Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 2 (2009)”

Hulk #11 (2009) – The Review

I am convinced – anyone who is still in favor of this series thinking that the story is “fun” or “tongue in cheek” is just simply retarded.  I’m sorry – but after reading this I am SURE that Loeb has completely lost it.  What the hell happened to my favorite comic?  Loeb can’t even keepContinue reading “Hulk #11 (2009) – The Review”

Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 1 (2009)

When I went to the Boston Comic Con I checked out a lot of artists there.  One of the more fun commissions I picked up was from a nice guy named Rob Reilly.  His cartoony style captures the eye and fits really well with the Hulk.  When I asked for a Hulk piece he saidContinue reading “Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 1 (2009)”

The Incredible Hulk #103 (1968)

So, listen, some of the earliest issues are almost a chore to get through because of the wordy explanations and the fantastically outrageous names – but really, the characters and stories are SO worth it!  With these issues I like to give an overview rather than actually give a moment to moment account of whatContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #103 (1968)”

Amazing Spiderman #119 & #120 (1973)

What classic covers!  When I decided it was time to get the Hulk guest appearances I looked up all of the issues – especially the early issues, the silver age comics – and found early issues of The Amazing Spiderman that weren’t too crazy.  Thus my quest began… I searched every comic shop I knewContinue reading “Amazing Spiderman #119 & #120 (1973)”

Chris Stevens WWH Commission (2009)

I am really into getting art lately – really into getting art from artists that I admire – but I get even more excited about getting art from amazing undiscovered artists.  I don’t know if “undiscovered” covers this artist here though.  His name is Chris Stevens and he goes by Snappahead on the Statue Forum. Continue reading “Chris Stevens WWH Commission (2009)”

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #4 (2009) – The Review

  I know people have an issue with how they released this series – how the first 2 issues came out and then the next issue wasn’t released for another half a decade – but let me be the first to say – I am so glad they decided to finish this run.  I amContinue reading “Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #4 (2009) – The Review”