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Hot Wheels Hulk vs Iron Man (2016)

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Take my word for it, the mini-comic that comes with this Hot Wheels set is worth the price alone.  If you look at the prices of mini-comics on eBay it’s just easier to get it in this set rather than pay an arm and a leg later to a re-seller.  The Hulk Hot Wheels is available on it’s own but,  like I’ve mentioned, it’s worth getting this piece instead.  The mini-comic, which I didn’t look inside of, has the cover reprint from The Invincible Iron Man #132.  Like I said, I didn’t get to read it so I don’t know if it reprints the entire issue – but the cover is great!

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R.E.M. Simpson Figures (2014)

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One of the greatest bands in the world – R.E.M. – a band no longer (and trust me, I’m still upset about it) had the honor of being made into Simpson-ized figures from their 2001 guest shot.  I love every album so I had to make sure to get the figures.  Funny story, I couldn’t find them anywhere and finally was able to snag them at Zapp Comics.  On the way home I actually met Mike Mills at a rest-stop in Connecticut.  I told this story on my other blog here: feel free to check it out.  I haven’t updated that site in a while.  Maybe I’ll have to get back to that.  This site takes up enough free time – but the other site was fun too!

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Nothing Can Smash… Smash.


Let’s keep in mind – I have never been a fan of Rob Liefeld.  Even at his height of popularity I found his artwork trite and his storytelling pretty much non-existent.  The fact that he has become a punch line, basically, the Nickleback of the comic world, is well earned in my opinion and it really has everything to do with his lack of talent and massive ego.  The fact that he doesn’t think he has done anything to merit such a reputation should indicate to everyone out there just how much of an ego-maniac he is.  Take for example when he was kicked out of Image and fired from Marvel – what did he do? Basically he threw the biggest FU to Marvel by “acquiring” the rights to an early Kirby creation called “The Fighting American”.  From inception, he was a rip-off of Captain America and everyone knew it.


The fact that courts ruled in Liefeld’s favor did not help distinguish the differences between the two characters.  What it did do was inflate Liefeld’s ego to push the originality out the door and toe the line of decency by adding another rip-off to the fray.  A purple, angry, “hulking” powerhouse called Smash.  It’s as bad as it sounds.  The page above is exactly how issue #1 ends – the page below is how the second issue begins.



That’s right.  Basically, there is no rhyme or reason given on how this Hulk clone just showed up to the fight.  It’s all explained with a simple, and ridiculous line from the female Bucky:

CCF03222016_0003 - Copy

The purple thing “just appeared”?  It just appeared?  That’s some classic Liefeld storytelling right there – and you know who the writer is?  Your friend and mine, of course, Jeph “Is he the worst writer of all time, or what?” Loeb.  Things continue getting worse as the comic continues but don’t take my word for it – take a look yourself:




Every one got that?  Smash gets bigger the madder he gets and nothing can smash Smash.  In a New York accent.  Liefeld was obviously looking to piss Marvel off for firing him – he also was trying to run it in their faces how he can take simple ideas and with a small change make it his own.  But his ideas and characters, much like the man himself, I theorize, are soulless.  Cheap copies with nothing to back it up.

I will be addressing his run on the “Reborn” Avengers and Captain America later on – but in my preparation for those reviews I came across these gems in a $1 box (where they are still over-priced) and couldn’t help but share.

Hulk and Cap Squirter Toys (2016)


Forgive the pics if they aren’t up to snuff but I’m doing most of this from my iPad.  I found these today at Walgreens – they had the option of Cap and Hulk or Spiderman and Venom – and while they are simple “Squirter toys” I got a real kick out of how the Hulk looks.  Everything from his high cheek bones to the absolute pleasure on his face to being chosen for the honor of being turned into a squeeze toy is hilarious!


I even marvel at the fact that the producers of this toy seemed to have put in the effort at making the top half of this toy detailed (down to his tiny abs) and left the lower half pretty indiscernible.  His purple booty shorts, reverse stigmata hands and halve slices for toes only add to the levity of this piece.  He even has two simple back boobs for that extra touch of realism!


Those looking down at this toy – I get it – it’s easy to overlook!  For me, though, this guy will hold a place along side the Play Town Hulk for its uniqueness alone!  We will always get another action figure or another poster or comic – but how many toy squirters as awesome as this one do you think will grace our existence?  Two, if we’re lucky!


Mrs. Bates Has a Date: A Week Worth of Cringe-Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 17

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!


Joe Fixit will remain one of my favorite personas of the Hulk to ever be created.  Of course, it’s not always memorable when he does make an appearance.  After the Hulk’s 2000 reboot the personas of the Hulk were all taking turns being in control.  When the Grey Hulk’s moment comes he decides to take a trip to Chicago to collect on a debt from a mobster named Joe Sr.

No one in Joe Sr.’s crew seems happy to see Fixit – but that doesn’t deter the Hulk from going to see the old man to collect his money.  Of course, when he gets there he comes face to face with the man behind the curtain… and it isn’t pretty.


I’ve Seen Odder Things…


It’s not so much about the item itself as it is about how to value said item.  A cut up, slathered in molding clay head to a 6″ Mego Hulk head is now valued at more than nothing… which is what I would pay for this.

Click the image to be brought to the auction.

Busy, busy, busy…

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A few things are happening that is holding up my many updates due to this site.  First and foremost is the fact that I have a new computer since my laptop died.  That combined with this being an extremely busy time and it adds up to not being a conducive time for Hulk postings.  I do apologize as I have been keeping up generally well this year!  But I have a few hours and I’m taking the time to deliver and catch up with everyone out there!

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I found these Hulk magnets a few months ago while in New Hampshire.  The very top magnet is favorite of the bunch.  The few other items I found are a light switch plate, a zipper pull, which I am guessing is used to… pull zippers?  Also, a small Hulk head tin filled with mints  – which also include little Hulk head shaped mints.  A Hulk head filled with mini Hulk heads?  Mind. Blown!

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Last but not least I am showing off the Remote Control Hulk Smash vehicle.  When initially released it was a hard pill to swallow when it came with a $70 price tag.  I waited forever for the price to go down and it took a while before TRU decided to put it up for $60… but still I didn’t bite.  It was hard to pull the trigger even for $10 off.  Then it went to $49.99 online – and with a coupon and my discount it came to an earth shattering $35.00.  It was well worth it at that price as this car runs on a wireless remote and those huge Hulk fists smash to the ground, flipping the car over and over!

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So, there you have it – a little catch up with a hope to have everything up and running again in the next week.  I have a new computer – I just need to set it up – and I will have more free time in the coming week.  Alright, Hulklings!  Keep it green!