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New Hulk Figure coming out soon!

Marvel Selec t

You may soon have this toy in your collection!  Marvel has released some cool figures under the Select line – but this is one of the coolest!  Based on the Maquette that Diamond Select put out earlier – check it out here – as well as the sculpters blog here.  So if you didn’t have the $90 to spend on this now you can still own the figure for $20.  You can bet I will post mine as soon as I get it.  Click on the image to see the article about it.

Tales To Astonish (1963-1965)


These are the few Tales to Astonish I have.  I have #91 against the Abomination (#90 is when the Abomination first appeared)  #69 with the Leader.  Tales to Astonish was a shared Hulk book.  See, when Hulk was cancelled after issue 6 in ’62 Marvel gave him this book that he shared with Giant-Man and Sub-Mariner.  My favorite cover here is #77 where Rick Jones is telling Ross the Bruce Banner is the Hulk.  After issue #101 (which is up there) they gave the entire book to the Hulk and renamed it “The Incredible Hulk”.  Kinf of like what they are doing with Vol. 3 issue #112, giving it to Incredible Hercules.  It’s Karma – that’s what it is!

Director of the New Hulk Movie Speaks!

The director of the new Hulk movie speaks out on why he chose the villian for the film – check it out here!

Christmas Ornament 3 (2003)

ornament 2

This shot is right off my Christmas Tree.  There are 3 ornaments on the tree that I will be posting – this is the first – and the ugliest.  Hulk is bringing presents to some one.  Very unlike Hulk – unless in each present is a box of whup-ass!

Hulk Kite (1996)

Hulk Kite

I’ve never flown this kite, mainly because I’ve never had enough spare time to stand in one spot holding string and look stupid.  But maybe someday!  (You can’t see this, but I am crossing my fingers and my legs and squeezing my eyes shut REAL tight!)

I Knew It!

Red Hulkw

Well, well – it seems I have unlocked the mystery to this whole Red Hulk thing!

Rubber Figure (1978)

rubber figure 

This little guy doesn’t have much “Action” to him – but what he lacks in action he makes up in character.  Look at that face!  What is he thinking?  What was the maker of this toy thinking?  It’s made of pure rubber and was made in Hong Kong.  It reminds me of Gumby on steroids.  “Hulk smash Pokey!”

Stupid horse.