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Venomized Hulk MiniMates (2018)

IMG_1817 (2)

A few years ago a variant from the third volume of Incredible Hulk #4.  This variant was the fist time we saw a venomized Hulk!  This variant is now insanely expensive but the character itself never really appeared in the Marvel Universe… that is until Absolute Carnage.  The event finally gave us a Hulk bonded with the symbiote although the moment was short lived and a bit dull.  That being said, MiniMates still produced the venomized character.  It is pretty awesome and looks real good.  Every time they give us a Venomized Hulk they have it with the symbiote still wrapping around the huge hero but the addition of the purple, lashing tongue, as odd as that is, is a nice touch!

IMG_1818 (2)

Did you Pick Up your Set?


I was so close to bringing this display home but it ultimately didn’t work out.  Still, I did like all of the Pops and was able to snag them all – as I showed – did you get your set?


A Shot of ALL the Chromes!

IMG_1787 (2)

Here is a great shot of all the chromes together that I have featured this entire month!  Looking forward to a new year!  Hope everyone stays really Hulky!

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Red (2019)

IMG_1794 (2)

Yes, I saved the Red chrome Hulk until the last one on purpose.  I’m not sure if anyone is aware but there really IS a Red Hulk!  Well, maybe.  Is there?  Is there still a Red Hulk in the Marvel U?  Who knows and who cares.  The red stone is the Reality Stone.  And, if it means anything – this and the blue chrome, to me are the best looking chromes.

Current Pop Price Guide Value: $14

IMG_1795 (2)

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Orange (2019)

IMG_1791 (2)

Oh boy – here we go!  Soul Stone color!  This is the stone that was ultimately the reason that they were able to beat Thanos.  Well, Nebula.  They really beat Nebula – but let’s not even get into that.  Either way – Orange Hulk!

Current Pop Price Guide Value: $17

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Yellow (2019)

IMG_1790 (2)

The yellow color reminds me a little too much of the already chromed Hulk – the only thing that saves this little guy is that it’s a completely different sculpt.  Either way, sure enough, I picked up the yellow Hulk too with this color representing the Mind Stone.

Current Pop Price Guide Value: $17

Funko Pop! Walmart Exclusive Hulk Chrome – Purple (2019)

IMG_1792 (2)

This is the other color I know some of my Hulking friends were after.  Because of course! You can’t flash some green and purple without a comment or two about looking like you’ve dressed like the Hulk!  With purple also being the Power Stone it only makes sense.

Current Pop Price Guide Value: $15