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Funko Hulk Pez Dispenser (2018)

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These new additions to the Funko line of successful products are pretty cool.  It makes sense for Pez and Funko to combine forces and the results speak for themselves!  I love this piece and the fact it comes with candy is a huge bonus!  There are a couple of variations on this – a full gold and a glow in the dark “chase” figures.  Neither are outrageously priced but I have yet to pull the trigger on getting them.  Something makes me think I still have a shot to find the “Chase” figure out in the wild.  The gold piece came in a Lootcrate box.

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Air Powered Hulk Action Cycle (2012)

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These toys are really fun.  The amount of fun really lies within your enthusiasm to slam your foot down on the included air pad.  I need to bust this out and really see just how far me and my kids can make this go!  30 feet?  I think we can beat that!  If all 3 of us slam on it at the same time?  We could make this thing SAIL!

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Hulk Flashlight (2008)

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BAM!  I throw you some amazing pieces and then a curveball with belts and flashlights!  I keep you guessing as to what I will be showing you next!  Granted the Rage Cage Hulk pieces and the 3D Night Lights are way cooler – but these have there place in Hulk history too!  The boast on the package of this flashlight being both fun and easy to use… well, yeah.  Flashlights don’t take rocket science.  Of course how much fun it is is all relative.  It’s not impossible for people to have a blast with flashlights – but let’s leave that up to the user, shall we?  This is how bad reviews happen!  Someone will read that this thing is fun and then sit on their couch flicking it on and off and be bored out of their gourd!

Hulk Rage Cage (2003)

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Man, there are times when I get older Hulk toys that really make me miss Toy Biz.  I know they weren’t perfect and some of their releases didn’t hold up over time – but large, affordable pieces like this is what the market is missing these days.  A great set where you can encase the Hulk into a “steel” cage and have him break out!  I truly wish we saw something this great when Avengers: Infinity War was released.

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Could you imagine having the Hulk busting out of the Hulkbuster Iron Man suit being released through Toy Biz?  It would be huge and massive and coveted by every Hulk collector!  I really wish we still saw these kind of Hulk figures and sets but Hasbro ends up giving us skinny, hard plastic with hardly any articulation.  Anything this big ends up looking cheap and unimpressive.

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But look at that face!  It’s pretty awesome!  The rubbery skin and ripping shirt are just the icing on the cake for this 2003 set.  It’s too bad pieces like this are associated with such a forgotten Hulk movie.  An underwhelming film that actually gave us some amazing toys!

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Hulk Pressure Pump Water Blaster (2017)

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I remember when I was a kid and water guns required you to pump the trigger over and over just to get a small amount of water to shoot out lightly moisten the intended target.  When Super Soakers were first introduced they were ushering in a new age!  Of course, the first generation water guns leaked like crazy – and they’ve only gotten better with every new release.  Now there are too many imitators out there – but don’t be fooled!  The genuine article is the only one really worth it – of course, the real article doesn’t usually  have licensed characters on them… so you sort of lose either way…

Hulk Hero Launcher (2017)

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If I were the Hulk I wouldn’t really trust the Avengers when it comes to rockets.  One of the founding members straight up decided to shoot the Hulk into space and try and get rid of him!  I’m still in shock that Stark and the rest of the illuminati (other than Namor who did not cast a yes vote) really didn’t pay for ultimately kidnapping someone and putting their life in danger by sending them to a foreign planet!  Either way, this little stomping play toy is totally cool.  You really can’t go wrong with anything Hulk and air power!  Just shoot the rocket in the air and see if you can stay out of the way enough not to get nailed by the thing on the way down!

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Korg with Miek POP! (2018)

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You know when it’s time to celebrate when NYCC arrives!  Every year the con hosts some of the best collectibles of the industry – with Funko being pretty front and center!  I know these POP figures will most likely go the way of Beanie Babies one day but I do enjoy collecting some – especially when they relate directly to the Hulk!  I was surprised and happy to find a regular Korg POP a while back – not realizing that they were even planning on releasing tat character – and to follow up with that they released an exclusive Korg with Miek POP!

Of course, I’m not entirely sure why they bother with the whole “Exclusive” thing seeing as a few weeks after the convention the exclusives all seem to make it into retail shops.  These guys were at Gamestop with a bunch of other Fall Convention Exclusives – all pretty available!  The only other exclusive I was interested in was the Carnage Exclusive POPs – but you’ll have to wait and see if they get posted to see if I was able to procure those!

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