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New York Comic-Con Exclusive Gladiator Hulk Pop (2017)

IMG_0821 (2)

This acquisition did not prove to be as difficult to pick up as I thought it would.  Turns out, thanks to Amazon, you didn’t have to take a trip to NY or even reduce yourself to eBay.  Not that Amazon is much better – but for some reason it is.  I don’t make the rules you guys!  Anyways, I received this guy quite a while ago – if your on my Facebook page then you know just when it arrived because I posted it right then.  In fact, you should totally like my FB page because it gets updated more frequently with my Hulk findings then my blog does!  Sad but true.  It’s only because it’s easier to post on there than here.  I will never abandon this page though.  I think we’re tethered till I’m dead.

IMG_0823 (2)

As I’ve already made my thoughts known about Thor: Ragnarok, I do have to say, this is a great Pop figure!  I mean, look at this!  Hulk!  In gladiator lounge wear!  It all works too!  The pooka shells – or Sakaar pottery, whichever works, necklaces, the loin cloth, everything!  I actually may like this better than the Gladiator Hulk himself!  I’m not sure – it’s pretty close.



Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Softs (2017)

IMG_0797 (2)

I am really trying to post all the Thor: Ragnarok stuff I’ve added to the collection – something I was trying to accomplish last week but I ended up getting really busy.  Anyways, the plushes released for the movie are pretty fun.  One, released by Funko (above) is everything you’ve come to expect from the company.  The other (below) is a slam and make noise kind of soft.  Both are equally cute – and obviously both agree that the Hulk is nose-less.  That’s not the facts I come away with after seeing the movie twice – but maybe the executives were shown an early cut?

IMG_0782 (2)

IMG_0783 (2)

Either way it’s still an amazing thing that we get Planet Hulk softs!  Never did I think we’d see the day when we would see a mass produced Hulk plush in his gladiator garb!  Now we have two!  Both are worth picking up too – but if you’re just going to just choose one then I would say pick the noisy one.  It may not be as accurate as the Funko one but it looks better made.  Funko softs look as though they would fall apart if given some love from a child.

IMG_0784 (2)

Funko made their helmet with actual fuzzy “feathers” which is vastly superior to the other soft that doesn’t even color the headdress correctly!  Still, the eyes and patched on shoulder pad and overall look of the Marvel one takes the cake for me.  What do you guys think?  Did anyone out there pick either or both of these up?

IMG_0803 (2)

Gladiator Hulk Mini-Mates (2017)

IMG_0756 (2)

I find Mini-Mates fascinating.  This is a toy line that by all means should not really exist.  I’ll explain: Most of the time when a toy or figure line comes out they will run their course and leave plenty on the table for rabid fans complaining they never got to their favorites.  Mini-Mates has been around for a while – at least 7 years and counting.  They have released a staggering amount of figures – even beyond the Marvel franchise.  So many Hulks in fact, take a look at this tally.  I don’t think I even have the complete line up!  There maybe 1 or 2 I am still missing.

IMG_0757 (2)

One that hasn’t hit that website yet is the new figures for the Thor: Ragnarok line which, of course, features the Gladiator Hulk!  The figure is certainly worth the pick up as Mini-Mates continue to impress with the amount of detail and articulation in such a small package.  Hulk is teamed up with the Valkyrie this time around – which makes sense and I love!  I don’t have a extra to open yet – but hopefully soon!

Hulk Ooshies (2017)

IMG_0642 (2)

This is yet another one of those little Hulk figures that you have to buy a whole package of characters you don’t want just to get a Hulk figure that you do want.  These little guys don’t even try to pretend to be detailed or even painted well.  In fact, look at it from the side it sort of looks like one of those old wrinkly dogs where you debate if it’s cute or not.

IMG_0643 (2)

Thor: Ragnarok Pop Figures (2017)

IMG_0751 (2)

It seems as though even retailers know that the best part of the new Thor movie will be Hulk’s presence.  Almost every retailer has looked to the Gladiator Hulk as a variant to have in their stores.  The original Pop is cool enough with his massive helmet and large hammer type weapon – and easily available, although I hardly ever see it on the shelves!  It does not sit like the other figures from this series do.  But some of the variants available are from WalMart and Toys R Us.

IMG_0752 (2)

IMG_0753 (2)

IMG_0772 (2)

While it was a pretty easy variant I’m still glad they chose to do a Gladiator Hulk without helmet.  As an extra bonus they also have switched out his Hammer for an axe.  WalMart exclusives are pretty touch and go.  They are either abundant and in every store or the shelves are barren and you can’t find them anywhere.  The only real lucky turn was that the superstore also made this exclusive available on their website.  Go and order 1 or 2.

IMG_0771 (2)

IMG_0769 (2)

A Variant I was super surprised about was getting a Bruce Banner Pop – but thanks to Toys R Us we now have one!  Sure, it’s not perfect – it is a movie version rather than a comic version – but sometimes we take what we can get!  This exclusive was also available on the website but should not be too hard to find in stores as well.

IMG_0770 (2)

The only one I am missing – and easily the hardest Pop to obtain – will be the NYCC Exclusive Hulk Pop. Instead of the Gladiator get-up the Hulk is in the Ultimate Hulk rags – necklaces and all.  It’s super cool looking but good luck in snagging one before all the scalpers do.  Look for it to go for a pretty penny on the bay!


Hulk Smash Tsum Tsum (2017)

IMG_0698 (2)

Just when you thought you had all the different colored and shaped Tsum Tsums they go ahead and release a special Hulk inside a display case.  This Hulk is a little worse for the wear though as it seems he has been through a rough night.  Who knows what this roly-poly, little, oblong character has been up to.

IMG_0699 (2)

IMG_0700 (2)

The original offered a cleaner version whereas this Hulk still has tatters of a shirt left but his classic purple pants are ripped and he shows a few scars on his face.  Is it worth the price to pick up this exclusive little guy?  Well, I thought so – but I’m an absolute nut, so… Maybe check out eBay to see if you can snag him for just a few bucks.

IMG_0701 (2)

IMG_0703 (2)

Gladiator Hulk Hands (2017)

IMG_0716 (2)

I have to be honest, as much as I wanted to look forward to a new set of Hulk hands all I could think about is how they would screw them up this time.  2003 gave us the first (historic) set of Hulk hands.  For a very reasonable $20 you could get a huge set of green, roaring Hulk hands that were also soft enough you could slam them into your best friends face and they wouldn’t even lose a tooth.

IMG_0718 (2)

Over the years the Hulk hands have gotten smaller, lost the sound aspect and even changed to cloth for a small while.  Of course, they’ve also gotten more expensive.  What can be said about the newest Hulk fists?  Well, the good news is that they are fists!  The last version was open handed Hulk hands – which was a refreshing change – but I am glad the fists are back.

IMG_0717 (2)

The sound effects are back as well.  You can create the sounds by motion or by pressing a button to create the Hulk growling sounds.  Honestly, these are a step up from the Hulk hands – but only slightly.  The gladiator motif makes them different enough that they are not a simple retread (like the Avengers 1 & 2 hands were) but the $30 price tag should certainly makes you pause before purchase.  Overall, I have a complete set of Hulk (and Hulk villain) hands so I’m glad to get these but I can’t go as far as to say I recommend buying a pair.

IMG_0716 (3)