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New Lego Set! Red Hulk and Green Hulk!


Just saw this set announced for the 2017 season – it includes the Green and Red versions of the Hulk and She-Hulk!  The best part of the whole set is the figures – but the vehicles are pretty great too – look for it on the shelves of your local shop!

Just the two so far…


They have decided to do something a little different now – and not something I like – but the medium green Hulk is hidden in the package.  It may take me a while to find someone to part with their little pudgy Hulk because I am sure not going to buy a whole bunch of these packages just to get him!  No worries – I’m on the hunt!

Deadpool Minimates (2016)


These have been out for a while hanging on the TRU pegs – a slew of Deadpool inspired minimates including the infamous Hulkpool!  I think anyone who has been reading this blog for a while would recall I have a special little nickname for this incarnation of Deadpool that expresses my feelings for that character.  10 no points to anyone who can comment below with the name!

A Savage Hulk comes along with Hulkpool – a very decent new head paint – and it’s always good to have a new Hulk.  I think it maybe time to post a list of all the Hulk minimates available – because there are A LOT!

Also available is another set with a first appearance Wolverine.  He comes with a debut Deadpool – another way of saying “first appearance”.  As everyone will remember Wolvie first shows up in the pages of the Hulk and I felt compelled to pick this 2-pack up as well.


Hedstrom Hulk Ball (2016)

meme 90th 051

It’s amazing what you can find strolling around your local toy shop.  Usually I don’t get lucky these days with new Hulk merchandise being so scarce.  The focus right now is on Civil War and they didn’t seem to find a place for the Hulk to join in that slug-fest (not that I’m complaining – GREAT movie!) so we aren’t handed as much green treasures as we’d like.  This ball was a welcome find then seeing as most of the merchandise you see are Avengers themed rather than solely featuring the Hulk.  As an added bonus it seems they went the extra mile and featured either side with a different illustration.

meme 90th 052

RC Hulk ATV (2015)

antone 2 038

Walgreen’s certainly has a great deal going on with exclusive Marvel products on their shelves – but they can’t all be home runs.  Take in point this radio controlled vehicle with the Hulk aboard.  Never mind the fact that any “Hulk riding a motorized transport” toy makes little sense as the Hulk can pretty much tackle thousands of miles in a single leap.  I picked up the TRU Radio Controlled Hulk Smash car a bit ago that is absolutely astounding – this is a different story.  Originally priced at $14.99 I was pleased to see it marked down to only $4.90.  I picked it up, not because I had to have it, mind you, but because I felt bad no one else wanted it!  But – behold!  Another addition to the Hulk room!

Hulk and Cap Squirter Toys (2016)


Forgive the pics if they aren’t up to snuff but I’m doing most of this from my iPad.  I found these today at Walgreens – they had the option of Cap and Hulk or Spiderman and Venom – and while they are simple “Squirter toys” I got a real kick out of how the Hulk looks.  Everything from his high cheek bones to the absolute pleasure on his face to being chosen for the honor of being turned into a squeeze toy is hilarious!


I even marvel at the fact that the producers of this toy seemed to have put in the effort at making the top half of this toy detailed (down to his tiny abs) and left the lower half pretty indiscernible.  His purple booty shorts, reverse stigmata hands and halve slices for toes only add to the levity of this piece.  He even has two simple back boobs for that extra touch of realism!


Those looking down at this toy – I get it – it’s easy to overlook!  For me, though, this guy will hold a place along side the Play Town Hulk for its uniqueness alone!  We will always get another action figure or another poster or comic – but how many toy squirters as awesome as this one do you think will grace our existence?  Two, if we’re lucky!


A New Look for the Pop-Tater!


Seeing a new box at the store of a toy you already own is a bit of a bitter pill.  Yes, you already have it – but hey!  This packaging looks cooler!  Do you pick it up and have another redundancy in your collection or do you just simply leave it on the shelf?  Well, in the case of the Mr Potato Head Hulk – you go ahead and pick it up!  At least, that’s what I did… mainly because the black box looked sleeker and cooler.  Plus, if you look close you will see that they have appealed to the collectors in all of us instead of the older packaging that had the audacity to promote the toy toward children!  CHILDREN!

startchy hulk 001 - Copy