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Funko Pocket Heroes (2019)

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When I saw this advent calendar at the store before Christmas I was intrigued as I wanted the Hulk figure inside.  I weighed my options and decided that $30 was just too much!  I decided to pass and left the package.  Well, as luck would have it, it seems as though many people had the same idea to pass on this product.

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The week after Christmas I entered the store and saw this advent calendar on the shelf, scanned it out of curiosity and saw that it was in fact just $10 now!  $10 seemed worth it to me so I brought it home and had my kids help me open this bad boy.  While I would grab the Hulk related figs the kiddos were able to snag the others.

I was left with the Hulk, She Hulk, Rocket and Groot!  Groot may not be immediately linked to the Hulk I just couldn’t break the pair up.  Especially since the Groot figure looked so exceptionally cool!  Overall, I was happy to snag these little guys for the Hulk collection!

Funko Hulk Pez – Gold Version (2019)

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I was pleasantly surprised this past Christmas by my work Secret Santa with the only Hulk Pez I was missing – the Gold Version!  I was really excited since this was the only version that seemed to be climbing in value.  I was trying to avoid the secondary market and paying over retail.

I also have been trying to avoid joining the Marvel Collectors Corps since it moved to Amazon.  So far I don’t regret the decision as this is the only Hulk item they have offered thus far since the move.

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Funko Pop Korg 2 (2019)

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We were given an earlier release of Korg from the Thor Ragnarok movie.  I prefer that one since he came with a small Miek.  This offering replaces Miek with headphones and game controllers and reminds us all what a shame the heroes all became in Endgame.

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Marvel 80th Anniversary First Appearance Wolverine Funko Pop (2019)

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With the comic market being as volatile as it is, and people buying new and classic comics for a premium price, there aren’t very many books that you can guarantee will continue to hold its value.  Throughout the years though, there is one issue that continues to rise in price and stayed desirable with collectors: That would be Incredible Hulk #181.

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The first appearance of one of Marvel’s most popular characters will always be sought after by collectors.  That being said, you are going to have to pay an extreme price with most midgrade copies going for over a grand!

Don’t have a grand to spend?  Seek out this little guy posed perfectly in his original “Hello Kitty” mask.  As soon as I saw this Pop I knew I had to have it!

Grade: A

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Funko Pop Professor Hulk w/ Tacos (2019)

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Since I showed off the Endgame BAF Hulk last week I mine as well keep that gravy train going by highlighting one of the worst Funko Hulk Pops ever created.  The Professor Hulk offering two fresh tacos.  Or maybe he’s just holding the tacos in the worst way anyone could ever hold tacos.  I really struggled with the idea to get this Pop as I do have most Hulk Pops already but this figure really tested the line of whether or not I will cross it.  But I guess we know the answer now… I am a total sucker as this little guy has landed in the Hulk room among the other, “cooler” Hulk Pops.

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Venomized Hulk MiniMates (2018)

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A few years ago a variant from the third volume of Incredible Hulk #4.  This variant was the fist time we saw a venomized Hulk!  This variant is now insanely expensive but the character itself never really appeared in the Marvel Universe… that is until Absolute Carnage.  The event finally gave us a Hulk bonded with the symbiote although the moment was short lived and a bit dull.  That being said, MiniMates still produced the venomized character.  It is pretty awesome and looks real good.  Every time they give us a Venomized Hulk they have it with the symbiote still wrapping around the huge hero but the addition of the purple, lashing tongue, as odd as that is, is a nice touch!

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Did you Pick Up your Set?


I was so close to bringing this display home but it ultimately didn’t work out.  Still, I did like all of the Pops and was able to snag them all – as I showed – did you get your set?