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Avengers: Endgame MiniMates Hulk and War Machine (2019)

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Walgreens released a couple of sets for the Endgame movie.  Even though I am not a huge fan of the way the Hulk was used in the movie I have every MiniMates Hulk release to date so there was no way I was going skip this one!  Hulk is paired with War Machine (Don Cheadle rules!) with this set.  The Hulk is wearing his quantum jammies – even with all of that I still think real dedicated Hulk fans will of course pick this up!

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Funko Gladiator Hulk Pez Chase (2018)

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When they announced that Funko would be releasing Pez dispensers I immediately thought it was a brilliant moment in licensing.  What would fit better than the stylized heads on top of the Pez dispensers.  I have started to notice that they are now offering the Hulk dispensers without the Pez candy inside – that to me is outright insanity!

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The only other one of these I have yet to track down is the Gold version – it is the Lootcrate edition – and also, in my opinion, the weakest of the 3.  I’m not saying I won’t get it – I’m just saying I am in no rush to acquire it.

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Funko Pop Avengers: Endgame Rocket Raccoon #462 (2019)

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How did Rocket get so lucky to be an exclusive this time around?  Not that he did a whole lot in Endgame besides babysit Thor.  Still here is another Rocket Pop – there are now 18 total Pops of Rocket to acquire – including the new Venomized Rocket – which looks amazing!  Overall, this one lies pretty much at the bottom of cool Rocket Pops mainly because his little Avengers suit is too adorable on a bad ass like Rocket!

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Funko Pop Walgreens Exclusive Red She Hulk (2017)

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When Red She Hulk appeared on the scene I had immediately become cynical stating that the character made no sense, it was a lamely written piece of garbage by a hack who has lost his touch, a cash grab of a character who is thrust upon the Hulk mythos for no good reason.  Well, I will say, 11 years later, my opinion has not changed.  I still hate this character – although I did feel compelled to buy the Pop.  It could have something to do with Jeff Parker’s fantastically written Red She Hulk series, or it could just be that I have an un-diagnosed collection addiction problem.  Either way, here we are.

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Avengers: Endgame Funko Pop #451 Hulk Exclusive (2019)

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With Ragnarok serving us with at least 3 different Pop exclusives I thought we were going to get a straight forward Hulk Pop release this time around.  Especially since the Hulk was such a minor part to the story as a whole.  Sure enough – a month or 2 after release and no announcement I thought we were in the clear… and then Hot Topic came along.  At least it’s another glow in the dark Pop which is my favorite kind of exclusive.

IMG_1760 (2)

Of course, this was another Pop/T-shirt set.  In order to get the size I need I would have had to order the set on line but honestly, I don’t care about the shirt at all.  I saved a few bucks and just snagged the Pop off of eBay.  Besides the glow feature there is no real difference between this and the regular offering so it’s really only completists that need to seek this out.

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Avengers: Endgame McDonalds Hulk Figures (2019)

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Right away I was able to snag the light up Hulk – I thought my job was done but learned pretty quickly that there were actually TWO different Hulk figures!  Imagine my disappointment when I realized I had to head BACK to McDonalds to get another figure!  I’m not a fan of that eating establishment as it is but to have to travel there twice in once day?  Ugh!

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Even worse, they not only did not have the “smashing Hulk” this particular McDonalds didn’t even know it existed!  I had to visit to a separate location – with my son, who I introduced to McDonald’s food (BIG mistake!) – but thankfully had the shirtless variant Hulk.  Of course, now my son asks to go McDonalds almost every day.  I have created a monster!

I didn’t open up the Hulk figures – they went right into storage – but honestly, I have enjoyed the earlier Hulk offerings from McDonald’s better.  The light up feature Hulk is added at the expense of any kind of articulation.  Overall, while decent enough, they really aren’t all that impressive.

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Avengers: Endgame Funko Hulk Pop #478 (2019)

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One of the thing that killed me was all the variants that the Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk had – especially when we’re talking the Funko Pops!  Now, Endgame hasn’t been too bad – but there is a Hot Topic Hulk that I haven’t gotten yet.  I was happy to receive this one though – and the story is pretty funny.

I told my wife I’d like this specific Pop for my birthday.  I sent her a photo and everything.  She went to a Gamestop near us and the gentleman there told her that no one in the area has that specific figure. While the dude wasn’t lying to her he also wasn’t telling her the whole truth.

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I went to my local Gamestop and talked to the guy behind the counter.  He told me that he was getting 3 in the next shipment – the guy didn’t even have to look very long!  I asked him if he could look up other stores inventory which he said yes – and that he could tell me who should be receiving these Pops in the next few days.  So, you see what I mean…

True to the dude’s word the guy ended up calling me a day later telling me it was in and then my wife went and grabbed it for me for my birthday.  It was both not a surprise and still a very nice surprise!

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