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Immortal Hulk #15 (2019)

CCI03222019 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Pencils Joe Bennet
Artist: Ink Ruy Jose
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.99 – $24.50

Variants: 1
  • Alex Ross Falling Cover
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Hulk is shot in the head with a bit of a brain missing.  the Hulk’s behavior is that more of Savage Hulk as he squares off against Doc Samson.  The good Doctor recounts his history of being brainwashed by the Leader and MODOK the downward spiral he was lead down with the ultimate piece where he sacrifices himself to save his friends.  This is not the end though as Doc Samson finds himself crawling out of his own grave!

CCI03222019_0001 (2)

Apparently that means any Gamma induced character cannot simply die.  I’m still not sure how much I like this angle but the story itself is so entertaining I can let it go!  Moving on, the Hulk tries to “SMASH” Samson all while healing.  When the Hulk has his wits about him the two try to check out Betty’s body – only to fond a pool of blood and Betty gone.  The two “monsters” begin sharing what the Hulk is doing and really wants.  The Hulk lets Samson know that he’s unlike any Hulk personality that he has ever met.

CCI03222019_0002 (2)

Samson recalls Bruce talking about the “Devil Hulk” back in the day and point blank asks him is he this personality.  The Hulk straight up says “yes”.  The Hulk goes on telling him that he is there because Bruce couldn’t handle things anymore.  He’s also there to destroy the human world.

CCI03222019_0003 (2)

We leave this issue as they arrive at their destination.  We think they are heading out to find Betty but instead we are faced with the now dug up grave of Rick Jones!

CCI03222019_0004 (2)


  • Burbank (Sniper)
Grade: Bag and Board It

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In Case You Missed It… Round 18

CCI03262019 (2)

Avengers: No Road Home is still trucking along with issue #6 hitting the stands this past Wednesday.  Immortal Hulk is still showing some questionable morality and an inability to work in a team dynamic.  Kinda loving it all.

CCI03262019_0001 (2)

CCI03262019_0002 (2)

The Grey Hulk also has a quick cameo in the recent Cosmic Ghost Rider series where he sort of re-writes Marvel history.  The Green Hulk also appears on the 1:50 cover:


Hulk #20 to Feature Carnage!


it looks as though the Carnage Symbiote is trying to find a new host!  Hulk continues to be one of the hottest books on the planet and this storyline  will keep that trend going!

Ummm… Part 67


Did he get angry because the ride stopped or was he angry when he got on?  Too many questions…

Marvel Limited Future Imperfect Hardcover (1994)

cci01182019 (2)

I am a huge fan of originals.  Monthly comics – the first print original press issues that hit the stands.  Love them.  But I may have a bigger problem that I should have addressed.  I also love the reprints – especially when they are in gorgeous hardcover glory like this Peter David opus.  This bound classic only houses two single issues but they are still, to this day, some of the most brilliantly written issues of all time.

cci01182019_0001 (2)

This book has a silk bookmark, some extra goodies in the final pages and even dyed green edges.  It’s truly separates this book from just regular collected trades when they give you such a beauty like this.  I have seen this trade being listed for up to $400 on eBay but luckily I had the opportunity to pick this up at a shop that was even offering a half off sale!

other items 029 (2)

Quasar: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 12

This year we will be delving deep into Hulk history to re-discover all the first appearances that the Hulk issues have given us over the years!  With 1st appearances being such a hot trend these days it only makes sense to highlight some of the best Hulk issues to invest in this year!  This week: Quasar!

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #234 (1979)






The Immortal Hulk #14 (2019)

CCI03182019 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Pencils Kyle Hotz
Artist: Ink Kyle Hotz
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$7.99 – $19.99

Variants: 1
  • Spider-Man Villain Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Betty Ross has seen a lot of death in her life.  In fact, she’s losing count of how many times her father has passed.  At the latest memorial it’s a test in awkwardness as Tony Stark tries to sound sincere about Thunderbolts contributions to the greater good.  When offered up to the rest in attendance to say something it’s General Fortean who steps up.  Much to Betty’s dismay.

CCI03182019_0001 (2)

As everyone leaves the funeral Tony tries to suggest to Betty to have Bruce turn himself in.  After he destroyed the Avengers in issue #7 it seems they have taken to trying just asking nicely.  Let’s see how that works out for them.  Tony offers Betty a ride to her destination but she declines.  When she arrives at a cabin in the woods Bruce is waiting.

CCI03182019_0002 (2)

He looks terrible – Betty heard he was dead.  He was dead – he just got better.  Betty greets him with a kiss – and a warning.  They are not alone.  Fortean has a sniper waiting in the woods to take Banner out.  Betty is a smart lady – she’s taken precautions to make sure she and her husband has a moment to talk.  Bruce throws himself a pity party and cries about all the lives he’s ruined.

CCI03182019_0002 (3)

Burbank, the sniper in the woods, is taking his best guess at who he has in his heat vision scope.  Fortean demands that he stand down as the sun has set but Burbank takes his shot anyways.  Betty, mid apology, gets a bullet through the noggin.  Burbank’s mix up unleashes the beast and the Hulk comes tearing out of the cabin!  The sniper does what he can to try and take the Hulk down – but it’s kind of difficult to kill something that just won’t die.

CCI03182019_0003 (2)

Even after a head shot the Hulk advances!  It’s only when one of Hulk’s oldest friends steps in does the Hulk stop.  He sees Samson standing there ready to talk to his old friend.

CCI03182019_0004 (2)

It makes sense after al the blubbering Bruce was doing over all the lives he’s ruined that he would be taken back seeing Doc before him.  Betty doesn’t seem down for the count so it will be interesting to see where they take that part of the story.  Not sure how jazzed the Hulk will be since the last we saw Doc he was trying to make amends for betraying the Hulk after being brainwashed by the Leader and MODOK.

    • General Fortean
    • Burbank (Sniper)
Grade: Bag and Board It

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