Hulk Key Chains (2017)

I should have started a category a long time ago just for the Hulk key chains – because, wow, are there a lot of them!  Hulk Key Chains come out more often than actual action figures!  This set includes two of the more recent offerings – one from Funko and the other is called theContinue reading “Hulk Key Chains (2017)”

Hot Wheels Gladiator Hulk (2017)

I love these themed cars!  I was not aware of this until I saw another Hulk fan post this on Facebook – by the way, if you are on FB then you should like my page, I post things on there way faster than on here.  The poster who made me aware of this gemContinue reading “Hot Wheels Gladiator Hulk (2017)”

Hot Wheels She Hulk Van (2017)

Always happy to see Retro images being used on today’s merchandise!  The image on the package comes from the cover to Savage She-Hulk #1! The image on the van is different of course and, as a total guess, I’d have to say it’s from an interior page – but where exactly will have to stay aContinue reading “Hot Wheels She Hulk Van (2017)”

Pulls from the Short Box 1.24.17

What is the point of comics if you don’t read them?  Don’t be one of those CGC slabbing comic book “collectors”!  Make sure to read them over and over again!  Here is a list of what I’ve been reading from my collection: The Green Goblin (1996) W: DeFalco / A: Kobasic, Ramos Issue I’m Reading – #5 Total Issues inContinue reading “Pulls from the Short Box 1.24.17”

Gladiator Hulk Exclusive Dorbz (2017)

In the days before the internet you had to hope that any stores hosting exclusive figures (which first occurred to me in the 90’s with, of all things, Star Wars) was an easy car drive away.  Now. of course, with access a computer, everything is just a mouse click away.  Whenever I heard that Books a MillionContinue reading “Gladiator Hulk Exclusive Dorbz (2017)”

Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Key Chains (2017)

I was pretty happy to happen upon two of these three figures in my local TRU.  The two helmet-less Hulks are available retail but the helmeted Hulk?  That little guy comes courtesy of the Marvel Collector Corps.  If you have yet to order this bad boy then you are missing out!  Go and order itContinue reading “Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Key Chains (2017)”

Marvel Legends/Universe Spider-Man 2099

I’m glad that Miguel O’Hara had a second (and third, technically) series – and I’m even more excited that it was Peter David hired to tell his stories once again. Peter David wrote the original 46 issues of the first series and they had him continue his exploits (a mere 18 years later!) in the newContinue reading “Marvel Legends/Universe Spider-Man 2099”

Hulk and Banners – Over the Years

I am still curious what it would have been like if Ed Norton continued on being the Hulk.  The man is an amazing actor and I think he did Banner right.  I’d be more upset of Ruffalo wasn’t killing it himself!  Either way, we get more Hulk coming our way this year in Avengers: InfinityContinue reading “Hulk and Banners – Over the Years”