Marvel Superheroes – First Issue Covers (1984)

I found a box of this set on the Cape.  It’s a pretty fantastic idea of collecting just covers to the #1 issues.  So, of course we have The Incredible Hulk #1 and Avengers #1 – also both first appearances of the Defenders – Defenders #1 and Marvel Feature Presents #1 (Yes Gary, I knowContinue reading “Marvel Superheroes – First Issue Covers (1984)”

Incredible Hulk Movie Card Set (2008)

This here is just a 6 card set that has all of the actors in their roles and a Hulk and Abomination card.  The set is very limited to only 999 – I found this set at New England Comics in Quincy.  I was bummed that they didn’t make a full set movie cards for this movieContinue reading “Incredible Hulk Movie Card Set (2008)”

Hulk Movie Trading Card Set (2003)

This was a fun set to collect.  I remember this set being one of the first sets that I tried to get every card – remember, these other sets I have were given to me – even the Marvel Masterpieces that I collected – I never really tried to collect the whole series.  I justContinue reading “Hulk Movie Trading Card Set (2003)”

Marvel/Fleer Hulk Gold Card (1998)

This card comes from a set of 4 that included Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine and this guy right here!  While I have only this card – I will give a No-Prize to anyone who can tell me who drew this image AND where it’s from… With 465 back – good luck to anyone who answersContinue reading “Marvel/Fleer Hulk Gold Card (1998)”

Marvel Universe Cards (1993)

They did something REAL interesting for this set.  While each character still had their own card – they made it so that each 9 cards made up a bigger scene together.  Hulk takes the #1 position in this set as well – just like in 1993’s Marvel Masterpieces… kind of odd… but Samson also gets his first spotContinue reading “Marvel Universe Cards (1993)”

Marvel Super Heroes Cards (1992)

I have a bunch of extras of these cards!  This series had some of my favorite artists, Larsen, Kieth, and there were 162 cards in the base set!  Which seems like a lot, but this series showcases the heroes, villians, team ups, storylines, origins… everything!  The Hulk in the set is the merged Hulk – inContinue reading “Marvel Super Heroes Cards (1992)”

Marvel Masterpieces (1994)

Here’s another very popular Marvel Series, although not very Hulk heavy… in fact, there is just one Hulk character – and it’s the Hulk.  The Hildebrandt brothers created the whole series in this set – each of the characters look larger than life and amazing!  The Hulk is pretty well done – although looking atContinue reading “Marvel Masterpieces (1994)”

Marvel Masterpieces Card Set (1992)

One of the most memorable things about this whole set is the amazing artwork on the Hulk card.  In fact, this is the card that lined practically EVERY Marvel book that year – they used it as the promotion for the whole series!  And while there wasn’t a whole lot of Hulk loving going onContinue reading “Marvel Masterpieces Card Set (1992)”

Marvel Super Hero Cards (1991)

The only Hulk villain in the set… Absorbing Man  One thing is for certain – this summer may have been one of the worst to take off of blogging!  I have so many NEW things to show you it’s ridiculous!  But, like I said before, I will be blogging on a new schedule – notContinue reading “Marvel Super Hero Cards (1991)”

Marvel Heroes Figures and Stickers (2008)

When these first appeared on the shelves I was pretty certain I would be able to easily identify which packages contained the Hulk.  Well, I was wrong.  Really, really wrong.  About 30 packs later I had a ton of figures – none of them Hulk and more and more frustration.  I kept picking up DaredevilsContinue reading “Marvel Heroes Figures and Stickers (2008)”