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Random Hulk Cards!

Impel Promotional Hulk Card

I will be posting my review of TIH #614 tomorrow… working on it now – but I have just a few things left to show you as far as the cards are concerned.  The card above is from 1991 from Impel and it is part of a set of 5 or so other cards.  The card below is from the Silver Surfer series from 1992.  It’s shiny!  A prism card as they call them…

Silver Surfer Hulk Card

Same Card - Different angle - not as shiny this way

Silver Age Hulk

The card above here is from the Silver Age series.  It’s one of the chase cards and it’s pretty hard to find.  The Metal cards below came in a few versions – these are the Gold and Rainbow version….

Marvel Hulk Metal Cards

That’s it for about now – I think I will be able to finish this “Cards” theme by next week.  And even better – I am planning on a really special Ultra-Rare month next month showcasing some of the most unique and extremely rare pieces in the collection!

Marvel Superheroes – First Issue Covers (1984)

Marvel Superheroes First Issue Covers

Avengers #1

I found a box of this set on the Cape.  It’s a pretty fantastic idea of collecting just covers to the #1 issues.  So, of course we have The Incredible Hulk #1 and Avengers #1 – also both first appearances of the Defenders – Defenders #1 and Marvel Feature Presents #1 (Yes Gary, I know – that’s not the correct title) but also the Marvel Premiere Featuring #1.

The Incredible Hulk #1

The Defenders First Appearance!

It’s interesting to me when these supergroups form they want the Hulk to be part of it, and why?  It’s obvious really – he is the powerhouse you want on your side when things get hairy!  But the real point is – the Hulk can’t be controlled – can’t be part of a team… yet they won’t stop having him join!  Anyways, this is a great set – everyone should seek one out!

Marvel Premiere #1

Defenders #1

Incredible Hulk Topps Set (2003)

Some of the Byrne cards

This set – released at the same time as the Hulk movie set – is one of my favorite sets!  The images on the cards cover a lot of artists and span the Hulk’s history.  Byrne, Garney, Keown, Kubert and Larsen – and some of the most classic covers are in this set.  A lot of the images from the 70’s Hulk magazine also find their way into this set.  If you don’t have that series – it strarted out as Rampaging Hulk and then turned into the Hulk – you should pick it up, even for the artwork alone!

Some Garney, Kubert and Larsen

This is an impressive base set – but the chase cards are even better!  I really like the 2 chase sets – and one of mine is still incomplete, if you can believe that!  I will talk about that set first.  They are called the Gamma Ray chase cards – and each card has an image of the Hulk behind a shiny green backround.  These are great – the only problem is – they aren’t easy to find!  These is one set on ebay – but all I am missing is #7 – and I can’t find it ANYWHERE!  If anyone has it I would be willing to trade or whatever.

Some of the Gamma Ray Cards

In fact, I have a few extra of the next set right here – the Crystal Clear Hulk set – this has some of the most classic images from the Hulk ever – that encapsulate most of the card – the edges are green brick and other than that it’s see-through.  This was a hard set to complete – I had #1 and #4 – and then found a #2 – I was looking for #3 and #5 for a good price when I was lucky enough to snag an entire set from a international seller for about $5.00!

These are my 2 favorite of the set of 5

The Whole Set

Incredible Hulk Movie Card Set (2008)

2008 Hulk Movie Set

This here is just a 6 card set that has all of the actors in their roles and a Hulk and Abomination card.  The set is very limited to only 999 – I found this set at New England Comics in Quincy.  I was bummed that they didn’t make a full set movie cards for this movie – but this is at least something!  Each card has the actor’s name on the back and who they played in the movie.  I’ve never seen this set anywhere else and I am not really sure where it comes from – but if anyone knows I would be thankful for the info!

Come on back tomorrow!  I will be taking a break from the all the cards and reviewing… oh – that would be cheating – you have to come back tomorrow!

Hulk Movie Trading Card Set (2003)

They combined both comic and movie images

This was a fun set to collect.  I remember this set being one of the first sets that I tried to get every card – remember, these other sets I have were given to me – even the Marvel Masterpieces that I collected – I never really tried to collect the whole series.  I just got what I got.  But this set was one where I actually continued to buy packages to try to get the cards I needed.  Of course, that left me with several incomplete sets – missing just a card or two – also missing a few of the chase cards.

I love this two-some

... and the Big Guy!

I went into Larry’s Comics and saw they had 2 whole boxes – so I haggled for one of the boxes down to a price we both were happy with – and I went to town ripping these packages open trying to find the few missing cards I needed.  I needed base card #35 – got it.  Base card #50 – got it.  I needed chase card, Illustrated Film Scene, #3 -got it – and needed chase card #10 – DIDN’T get it.  I also had every famous cover card – except for #10 – and I didn’t get that either.  I was fuming!

JRJR does the Illustrated Film Scene set

All... bu #10 - which I have, but it's on another page...

I only needed a few cards to complete the set – so to ebay I turned.  I was able to get the Illustrated Film Scene #10 – but the famous covers #10 was impossible to find!  Unless I wanted to pay $30 for the entire set and have another ALMOST complete set of these… so I waited.  I have told the followers of this blog many times about patience… and this is yet ANOTHER story where it worked out.  I continued to browse ebay – and then one day I found an international seller – selling the exact card I needed – but he listed it under the year the comic featured on the card came out!  And there it was!  $2.00 later it was all mine!

The First Two Covers

Famous Covers Chase Cards

Anyways, great set – worth picking up!  I loved how the base set had both movie and comic images.  Again, this set is worth picking up!  And it’s actually pretty easy to snag off ebay for a pretty nice price – not like I did, the old fashion way, which cost me a fortune!

Marvel/Fleer Hulk Gold Card (1998)

Here's a hint - the artist is a legend...

This card comes from a set of 4 that included Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine and this guy right here!  While I have only this card – I will give a No-Prize to anyone who can tell me who drew this image AND where it’s from…

With 465 back – good luck to anyone who answers this before he gets to – because he already knows the answer and I haven’t finished typing it yet…

Marvel Universe Cards (1993)

Hulk Card - #1

Back of Card

They did something REAL interesting for this set.  While each character still had their own card – they made it so that each 9 cards made up a bigger scene together.  Hulk takes the #1 position in this set as well – just like in 1993’s Marvel Masterpieces… kind of odd… but Samson also gets his first spot in a card set as well!

Doc Samson -#7

The Whole Shebang!

There are many Hulk vs. cards, including the Hulk vs Leader, Hulk vs. X-Factor and Hulk vs. Hulk.  The art for this set is pretty nice – although, the chase cards for this set left something to be desired.  Mostly they were Red foil cards of the 2099 characters – none for Hulk 2099 even – but the major card to snag in this series… which I have… was the Spiderman vs Venom hologram card.  There are even variations on those cards… but hey, they aren’t the Hulk so I don’t care…

Hulk vs Leader

Hulk vs X-Factor

 While I do have this whole set and am not looking for any – I do have a couple extra 2099 chase cards – if anyone out there need them.  Email me and we’ll talk!  Maybe you have something I need!  Next up?!?  Ummm… the new Marvel Masterpieces?  I’m not sure – I’ll have to look and see what I have posted and what I have left!

Hulk vs Hulk

FF vs Secret Defenders