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Ummm… Part 76


How many eyeballs can one eat?

Alright, That’s Pretty Cool!

Zombie Hulk

Zombie Hulk

A shot from the SDCC of a Zombie Hulk costume.  It’s the perfect combination of gore and muscle!  I can only imagine how heavy this thing is to wear around.  It doesn’t look very mobile either – but I’m still darn impressed!

Watch This Right Now!


Probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.  And nice choices of Heroes to use!  The Hulk is always a go to guy! Click on the image or right here

Zombie Hulk (2007)

Zombie Hulk

I was ecstatic to walk into Newbury Comics yesterday and see a few of these just came in.  I asked about them Tuesday, went back Wednesday and BLAMMO!  Like magic there it was!  It’s pretty funky – and the Surfer’s face is on the bottom piece – because at the end the zombies ate the Surfer, and then Galactus.  Great story.  The sequel just came out and it’s starting off pretty good.  Go get it and take a look.

Marvel Zombies Mini Mates (2007)

Zombie Mini Mates

The Mini Mates released this little set just a bit ago and they did a nice job with the details.  Each little figure is represented perfectly from the comics that these toys were inspired by.  Pick this up if you have the chance.

Marvel Zombies #3 & #1 (Variant)(2006)

 Zombie Hulk 1

These are 2 covers from the mini-series, Marvel Zombies.  I like the cover to #3 especially – the take on Incredible Hulk #340.  The best part, I think, are the eye balls that are stuffed into Hulk’s mouth.  How great, that these two enemies – even as decomposing, flesh eating zombies – still have time to fight each other.

Also – underneath is the take on Incredible Hulk #1. 

Zombie Hulk 2