Hulk #24 (2010) – The Review

Alright, where the heck is David’s reviews?  That guy is going to get it!  Anyways, I am back to review Hulk #24 – although, after I read it I didn’t really feel like reviewing it.  It’s still full of holes and crappy plotting by the master of disaster – the one and only – Mr.Continue reading “Hulk #24 (2010) – The Review”

The Incredible Hulk #611 (2010) – The Review

Seriously?  How could I not come back to post this review at least?  OMG This was like a Hulkgasm in my fingers!  I freakin’ loved it!  See, here’s the thing – they have been building this match up ever since we learned the Hulk’s son survived – and it’s finally here!  AND… get this –Continue reading “The Incredible Hulk #611 (2010) – The Review”

The Incredible Hulk #395 & 396 (1992) – The Review

One of the things I loved about the 90’s comics, well, early 90’s anyways, was how beautiful the illustrations were!  When McFarlane and company ruled the pages you could not stop staring at the art!  I know I am not the only one,but I am guilty of buying issues strictly for the art and not evenContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #395 & 396 (1992) – The Review”