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Hulk Cards! The Theme for September!

I went through some of the Hulk trading cards earlier – but rather quickly and sloppy, I might add, so I am going to do it right this time. This summer I had the time to go through the sets I had – most were given to me by my friend Bill – and I spent some time finding and plugging holes. There are still some holes – and maybe in doing this in September people can help people out here. By that I mean, I will be posting some of the sets and I will also be posting any holes left in the set – if anyone out there can help me out – GREAT! And the other way around of course – let me know what you are missing and we can all do each other a solid!

See you in a couple of weeks!

Hulk #24 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #24

Alright, where the heck is David’s reviews?  That guy is going to get it!  Anyways, I am back to review Hulk #24 – although, after I read it I didn’t really feel like reviewing it.  It’s still full of holes and crappy plotting by the master of disaster – the one and only – Mr. Jeph Loeb.  I want to take a minute before starting this review by saying, as terrible as the story has been with Loeb at the helm, Jeff Parker is taking over with issue #25.  As much as I would have loved to see the character just die I think this is the second best alternative – someone else writing the series.  Loeb just needed to be off the book.  He should never be allowed to write the Hulk again.  Seriously.  If he walked into the Marvel offices tomorrow and said “I have this idea for the Hulk…” Joey Q should body slam him Jimmy Superfly Snuka style.

Some more Wrap around action!

Well, this issue begins where the Red Hulk is ready to take control of the country – but the real Hulk, now back, has something to say about it.  Ummm… when does this take place?  Because The Hulk re-gammified and them immediately fought Skaar!  And this was no minute and a half fight – but the Red Hulk went straight to the White House… and the Hulk is there too.  This is giving me a bad memory of when I saw Mickey at the Magic Kingdom AND in Epcot – in the same hour!  In different outfits!  I knew it couldn’t be possible!  And that was last year…

Red - getting his ass handed to him - as his daughter gets her ass handed to her!

Anyways, Let the battle begin!  The Red Hulk is shocked that the Hulk is standing in front of him.  He was so sure he had finally defeated and gotten rid of the Hulk.  Reading this comic, I was really wishing it was like the Gong Show – where I could hit the gong and another writer would come in.  Really, Red?  You thought you got rid of him for good?  Not to mention that Bruce is one of the smartest men alive – but if you’re that angry – just do it again.  It was easy enough the first time!  Oh – that’s right – that would make sense.  Loeb wouldn’t want common sense and accuracy to interfere with his plots.  That would just be silly – and upset the 6th graders – and those with a 6th grade mentality – that adore his writing.  So, the Red Hulk is now facing a Hulk he hasn’t in the past – the WWH Hulk – the strongest personality yet.  And this Hulk can  not only give devastating blows – but dish them out as well.

Remember when Red overheated in issue #6 - yeah, this is worse than that

McGuinness once again is the only real reason to check this book out as he gives page after page of beautiful knuckle punches and head butts.  The Guy is a master at drawing head butts!  Betty is there and tries to stop Bruce from killing her Father – I am a bit confused on the Red She Hulk’s personality – they were making her out to be a cold killer – but now she seems like… well, Betty instead.  What happened exactly?  Once they found out who she was she suddenly started caring?  That makes no sense… oh Wait – of course it doesn’t.  We don’t have to worry about her for very long though – Jen Walters Ks her ass O.  And what is this?  Well – the Green Hulk is beating the Red Hulk so bad it looks as though he has damaged his eye!  That’s the one weak spot the Red Hulk really has – as you remember from his fight with Wolverine.  It took practically 3 issues for his eyes to heal!  Good job Hulk taking out hi… oh wait, never mind – a page later and it’s healed.  WTF?

In other words... "Who's your Daddy?"

Well, the Hulk doesn’t let Red get away – even though he tries to – but when Hulk catches up to him Red delivers a brutal blow that sets off an atomic bomb!  The Red Hulk basks in his win – until the Hulk comes away from the blast without a scratch… and basically asking for more.  Then the Hulk – doesn’t hit Red, oh no, he claps – you read right – he claps.  He sends Red flying into the Lincoln monument and tells him he’s beaten.  He says not to bother turning back into Ross – for if he does he will be tried for treason.  And in a really pathetic twist in the end – Hulk and Cap – well, former Cap – go into the base where Red is being kept in a cell – just like Banner in the first issue.  Oddly, Banner says he designed it himself – so that even the Hulk couldn’t escape if need be.  Haven’t we heard that before?  And is this the same cell where Bruce was kept before?  Cause that really worked well in keeping the Hulk contained. (Sarcasm Detector!)  Red is in his cell smiling – saying he knew that they come to him looking for help.  Wow.  Just… horrible.  I wish I was there when he told everybody the ending of his Hulk opus – I can see him saying it with such enthusiasm – and being met with uncomfortable stares.  And then someone saying – “Yeah, that’s fine.  Just finish this thing already.”

Red's taken down... by applause...

Can I ask why Loeb keeps bringing up that Red punched out a Watcher as an accomplishment?  First off – he sucker punched him – secondly, the guy wasn’t going to fight back – and even worse, he was just watching at the time!  He wasn’t even wanting a fight!  It’s like a boxer punching out a spectator!  It wasn’t brilliant or funny or even worth repeating ever!  Not to mention – the Red Hulk’s powers seem to be what is needed for the story at the time – and them all of a sudden they disappear.  Thank goodness Loeb is leaving… Grade: D+

Keown Variant

The Incredible Hulk #611 (2010) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #611

Seriously?  How could I not come back to post this review at least?  OMG This was like a Hulkgasm in my fingers!  I freakin’ loved it!  See, here’s the thing – they have been building this match up ever since we learned the Hulk’s son survived – and it’s finally here!  AND… get this – IT DELIVERED!  Jeph Loeb must have read this and scratched his head in amazement that all this goodness was wrapped up in one issue.  He’s probably still telling Pak that he should have stretched this out for 6 to 7 issues.

Full Wrap-Around Cover - Hulk vs Skaar

So, before we get into the comic, I just want to thank everyone for their emails and their concern.  I even thank KHM for his email – even though I think it was more self serving than anything else.  So, just to catch everyone up, my family and I are doing real fine.  My daughter is walking.  She also rocked’ a Hulk shirt at Preschool today.  She is so freakin’ cool!  So, I plan on spending the rest of the summer hanging with my wife and daughter.  I will be posting again in September – and yes, there will be a new posting schedule.  Most likely, Tuesday, Thursday and then either Sat or Sun.  Thanks to my partner in crime David – and it is David, not Dave – he hates that – for posting some reviews of his own.  I had to twist his arm to review a freakin’ Hulk issue rather than another Hulk appearance – and his tastes are… questionable at best – but he’s still a riot.  So thanks.

The Hulk is back! Planet Hulk Hulk is Back!

Now, on to the issue!  First off – JRJR does a pretty sweet job on this cover – and a small kudos to Marvel for not completely trying to bleed us dry by making this a wrap-around cover rather than a 50/50 variant.  So, the Hulk is back!  And we are served some smashingly wonderful action for his return!  We also revisit his very troubled childhood.  The issue opens with Bruce talking to his Father – telling him, even in his happiest memories, he is there.  Calling him a monster.  Bruce knows he is a monster – or at least knows the monster inside him will return.  The same monster that everyone fought back in WWH.  The Hulk that took on every hero without breaking a sweat.  Bruce asks that the heroes step aside and let Skaar do what Bruce has been training him to do – take the Hulk down!

Stand Aside Heroes - Skaar will take the big guy down!

Right away we know this will be a huge spectacle!  A blow out of awesome proportions!  Skaar makes the first move and throws his sword at him.  The Hulk charges forward – but Skaar, using the Old Power and shifting the tectonic plates draws enough power to punch the Hulk that send him flying for miles!  Across state lines in fact!  Skaar comes right behind him ready to land a killing blow – but the Hulk, of course, is ready!  He moves out of the way and slams Skaar, telling him that HE is the strongest there is.  And then, as always, the Hulk shows his compassion.  He tells Skaar he could crush him like an egg but instead he tosses him aside and starts to walk away.

...Or maybe not...

But Skaar doesn’t let his Father get away like that.  He says that Caiera told him that the Hulk was good – but he didn’t know that meant “weak”.  The Hulk doesn’t believe that Skaar ever talked to Caiera – because she was dead.  But then Skaar reminds his Father that she survived in the stones of the planet – until he fed it to Galactus.  The Hulk remembers – first Caiera – then his Father again.  “You’re always there, ready to destroy anything, anyone, I was stupid enough to love”.  Skaar laughs and asks if he remembers now.  Hulk answers by sending Skaar into orbit.

Red She Hulk lends a hand! Wasn't she out to kill the Hulk a little while ago?

The fight continues where Skaar lands – under the sea.  Huge swells begin to form and gets the attention of Betty (Red She Hulk).  Skaar punches the Hulk right out of the water – and tells him that, with all the training, what Bruce really wanted to know is if he’d have the will to kill the Hulk – and Skaar says he does.  He attacks the Hulk with the Old Power.  Betty tries to distract him and tells the Hulk to run.  “Hulk doesn’t…” Betty tells him to run again – but Skaar delivers a punch that sends Betty into a parking structure, cracking the foundation.  The people inside scream for help.  Hulk flashes to his Father, hitting him, abusing him, even while Skaar continues his assault.  The Hulk does a sonic clap that has the sand hold up the parking structure.

Dude! Just leave him alone!

Skaar, a bit shocked that he didn’t even see the people, is amazed that the Hulk saved them.  But the Hulk is still enraged, enraged about his Father’s abuse, about everything, and he turns his anger on Skaar.  A bigger and bigger blow after blow – he leaves Skaar bleeding and broken on the ground.  Skaar quips “Fun show.”  He says that Banner sent him to kill a monster – but “he doesn’t really know you, does he?”  Skaar says he’s done.  He’s says for them to work it out.  And then Skaar transforms back into his child persona.

Father and Son...

The Hulk sees himself as his Father was.  A real monster.  He transforms back into Bruce and says he’s sorry.  Betty tells him to hug his son.  Bruce moves in and Skaar runs into him, holding him tight.  “You’re always gonna be there” it says, showing the Hulk and his son together.

1:25 Keown Cover

I won’t lie, this is an emotional issue that really packs in the action – but end up making you want to call your Father and tell him he’s always been your hero.  Pak can write a story that really pays off in the end.  Nicely done.  This issue belongs up there with the Death of Betty Ross.  And Paul Pelletier’s beautiful illustration is outstanding!  Grade: A+

The Incredible Hulk #395 & 396 (1992) – The Review

Incredible Hulk #395

One of the things I loved about the 90’s comics, well, early 90’s anyways, was how beautiful the illustrations were!  When McFarlane and company ruled the pages you could not stop staring at the art!  I know I am not the only one,but I am guilty of buying issues strictly for the art and not even reading the issue!  Keown did that for me with the Hulk.  I could care less about the stories half the time, I was more interested in staring at panel after panel of awesomeness!

Fixit is BACK!

These issues I did read, mainly because the Punisher was guest starring.  I’m a sucker for the Punisher!  Although, he really did nothing for the story here, but it was still pretty great!  Michael Berengetti has died and the Punisher is there knowing it was a guy named Sam Striker.  Striker wanted to be the #1 in Vegas and he knew taking out Berengetti was the way to do it.  When Berengetti’s widow returns to the Coliseum Striker is there asking for the deceased “private files” to his business.  When his widow rejects his request he laughs, that is, until the elevator doors open and the Hulk shows up.

Hulk takes on the army!

The Hulk, now in his “Mr. Fixit” persona, tells Striker to beat it and Striker sics his men on him.  Big mistake!  The Hulk takes them out in record time, all but Frost.  Mr. Frost is Striker’s right hand man and he is a big guy!  So big, in fact, that the Hulk can’t even break his grip!  But Striker leaves and the Hulk tells Mrs. Berengetti that he will take the culprits who killed her husband down.

Meanwhile, Rick is meeting his real mother.  The Hulk goes to talk to the detective who is working on Mike’s case but she is not there.  The Punisher is outside, trailing the Hulk, but his real mark is the house they call Frost!  Paris, one of the Pantheon tells the Hulk that Striker is certainly guilty.  The Hulk asks how he knows this and Paris admits he is an Empath.  He also tell the Hulk that the person following them in the ice cream truck has some major hostility toward them.  The Hulk tells the driver to follow his directions.

The Punisher!

Next thing you know the Limo swings around and heads right at the truck.  The Punisher swerves out of the way and crashes but he is out in a moment armed to the teeth!  He opens fire on the Hulk’s entourage and the bullets bounce off the Hulk like tennis balls.  When bigger and bigger guns don’t work the Punisher pulls out a grenade, but Hector (another Pantheon member) hits it back at him.  The Hulk saves the Punisher’s life by grabbing the grenade and letting it go off in his closed fist.

Meanwhile, Rick Jones has no interest in meeting his real Mother.  Now, Striker is furious about Fixit’s appearance.  He tells Frost to take care of him.  But the Punisher tells the Hulk that he is after Frost and the Hulk says he wants Striker out.  And the Hulk has a plan to do just that…

The Incredible Hulk #396

So, apparently there was a storyline in the Spiderman series, one that I never read, that has Doc Ock beating the Hulk.  Even I know that is ridiculous!  Well, in the opening of the next issue we see Ock trying to rob a casino and the Hulk takes him out by flicking him with one finger!  Such a great shot!  Then, we see the Punisher ready to take the good Doctor out, but the Hulk stops him.  Elsewhere, we see Paris talking to Striker telling him that he’d like to join his organization.  He tells Striker he knows how to get rid of Fixit and that Fixit has his “fat fingers” in some drug business. 

Ock gets his!

Rick Jones is back in his side story where he apparently does want to know his Mother… maybe.  In Vegas, the Hulk and Punisher are putting on a show for Striker.  They are pretending to be in the middle of a drug deal when Striker shows up.  He tells them to give him the drugs, the money and to leave or he will give the photos that Frost is taking to the authorities.  Then he admits that he killed Berengetti and even shows him the gun that did it.  That’s when all hell breaks loose and the cops, working with the Hulk, come out ready to arrest Striker!  

Frost flexes his muscle

Frost opens fire and the cops return it, only Striker seems to be caught in the cross hairs!  Frost takes off with the Punisher not so far behind, but even when Frank puts a few rounds right into his chest, Frost can still throw a car at him!  Frost tries to escape in a Police helicopter but the Hulk has different ideas.  He crashed the helicopter into a casino and takes the fight indoors.  Frost takes a hold of the Hulk and covers him in ice!  Hulk also notices that his foe doesn’t bleed!  As Frost is about to leave, thinking the fight is over, the Hulk breaks free and lances Frost, impales him right through the chest.  He grabs Frost’s neck, but Frost’s head comes right off!  The Hulk asks “What are you?” and Frost responds with “I’m a head of my time!” and with that he explodes, leaving nothing but snow.  In the end, the Police have Striker in custody, but Frost got away, much to the dismay of the Punisher.  Detective Sanchez suddenly identifies the Punisher, but he gets away with the help of the Hulk.

"What the heck are you?"

I love the Punisher, I really do!  I really don’t think he was used effectively here but the story is so fantastic, who cares?!?  I love the Frost character is great, unfortunately, according to Ratchet, he never makes another appearance.  His origin is touched upon later in issue #437, and apparently the Leader is involved (of course!) but he himself never appears in an issue of the Hulk.  That’s too bad.  I love these issues so much and Keown is at his absolute best here!

– Later, David