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Review Friday! Fantastic Four #13 (2019)

CCI08202019_0004 (2)

Writer: Dann Slott
Artist: Pencils Sean Izaakse
Artist: Ink Sean Izaakse
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.59 – $19.95

Variants: 1
  • 80th Frame Variant
  • Bring on the Bad Guys Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Historically we all know the Thing cannot beat the Hulk. It’s been documented quite a few times over with everyone aware that the Thing lacks the muscle to take the Hulk down.  Knowing this, I was acutely aware we may actually see something a bit different this time around.  I immediately was a bit let down with the issue seeing the Hulk-less cover.

CCI08202019_0005 (2)

Inside the issue there is a classic knock-down drag-out fight between the two heroes.  This time there is a time limit as the drug that Reed gave Grimm will turn him human in less than an hour.  Thing might be able to take a punch from the Hulk – but it would be the end of Grimm.  As they trade blows Grimm mentions Alicia being trapped underground an The Puppet Master lets a concerned, shocked reaction slip, hinting to Grimm he’s not actually fighting his old friend!

Brutal blows between the two continue to be exchanged as Alicia leads the buried out of the avalanche of rubble.  Time is ticking away for Grimm as he is about to revert to his human form.  He must find a way to beat the Hulk or be killed!  Alicia comes out of nowhere to give Grimm the pep talk he needs to give it the old college try!


The Hulk charges – Grimm cocks his fist back – and lands the blow of his life!  Not only knocking the Hulk down but also destroying the puppet the Puppet Master is using!  Grimm becomes his fleshy self and drops to the ground as well.

Waking in the hospital a week later he is upset at missing his chance at having a human honeymoon with his wife but is reminded that he finally knocks the Hulk out and to be proud of that accomplishment!

Epilogue: Hulk doesn’t take too kindly to being used for someone else’s games and lets the Puppet Master know in no uncertain terms!

CCI08202019_0007 (2)

While I always enjoy a good Hulk v Thing fight – and don’t even mind the Thing coming out on top once in a while, this fight seems lackluster at best.  I feel like the Hulk could’ve tried to fight his way through the mind control or at least had a spell or two of clarity excusing his behavior.  I’m still not sure how I feel about the Hulk enjoying breaking every bone in the Puppet Masters body – that seemed out of character, even for the Devil Hulk.

  • Puppet Master
Grade: Bag and Board It

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Last Call – Jumping From Keown’s Mind


This is what is so great about social media – super star artists like Dale Keown give us a sneak peek into their creative process.  Like these mock ups of Last Call tacked up in his office!

Jen Starting to get the Love She Deserves!


Thanks to the announcement about Disney+ plans for streaming a She Hulk show suddenly all eyes are on the emerald goddess!  Yes, Jen will be starring in her own show and this, of course, have sent the speculators into a tizzy trying to get her first appearance!  If you never picked up The Savage She Hulk #1 before – don’t try to now as the book will be inflated to ungodly prices! Then again, if you do decide to pick it up now it’s at least a fantastic story!

Click the image to be brought to the article about the new show!

Ummm… Part 72


This should qualify as animal abuse!  Poor little Gamma Puppy!

Avengers: Endgame Hulk Keychain and Pen (2019)

hulk time! 018 (2)

You can rely on certain companies to release pieces that tie to a movie.  So, yes, Hasbro will release a set of Marvel Legends that will please some and displease others and Funko will most likely make some cool Pops, key chains and pen toppers as well as Pez dispensers and Mystery Mini blind boxes.  Well, sure enough here he have the key chain.

hulk time! 019 (2)

hulk time! 022 (2)

I really wish the figures didn’t have to be bobble heads but if you never take them out of the package I guess you never have to worry about it! The pens are something simple and easy enough to display but not really a collectible if you want to skip it!

hulk time! 023 (2)

Pantheon: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 34

One of the secret organizations that recruited the merged Hulk – and then promoted him to lead it early in the 400s.  Having the Hulk trying to lead a group of superpowered individuals with wildly different personalities sounded like a recipe for disaster from the beginning. I think the Hulk did the best he could but it was destined to fail.  As an added bonus: their first appearance coincides with my favorite comic artist’s only Hulk issue!

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #368





In Case You Missed It… Round 23

CCI08202019_0004 (2)

I know it was on the stands a while ago but there is a shot of the Hulk in Amazing Spider-Man #25:

CCI08202019_0005 (2)

CCI08222019 (2)

He was also in the latest issue of Guardians of the Galaxy #8 for 1 panel:

CCI08222019_0001 (2)

And don’t forget to snatch up a copy of Immortal Hulk #21 (2nd Print) – this is an enormously gorgeous cover!

CCI08222019_0002 (2)