Not to Toot My Own Horn… But…

Yeah – a few weeks ago we discussed who the Original Defenders are – and here is a statement from Roy Thomas – you know – the guy who FIRST WROTE THE DEFENDERS IN MARVEL FEATURE #1!  Yeah – he proves that my initial declaration is correct… the original Defenders are Strange, Namor and theContinue reading “Not to Toot My Own Horn… But…”

Marvel Super Heroes Adventures Hulk Bean Basher (2012)

These little guys are making their way on to the shelves – they are small little bean bag characters – seriously now, way too cute to be left in the store!  They have a Spidey, IM and Hulk – I think I have seen Wolverine too… Yes, I know I said I was going to post the newContinue reading “Marvel Super Heroes Adventures Hulk Bean Basher (2012)”

Mighty Battlers Hulk (2012)

So far we have been given a whole lot of “ehh” as Hulk figures keep hitting the shelves.  This will be the year that the Hulk may be known as “soft”.  He has got to start hitting the gym again!  He’s practically doughy!  Listen, somehow it actually does make a bit of sense that theContinue reading “Mighty Battlers Hulk (2012)”

Whedon.. on the Hulk

The pic above has a link to a quick article about Whedon and Ruffalo’s talk about who the Hulk should be in the upcoming Avengers movie.  He said he wanted to style it after Bixby from the 70’s TV show (like Norton did) except that he thinks this is an original idea (but it’s not because Norton already saidContinue reading “Whedon.. on the Hulk”

Worth Sharing… a few hidden treasures!

With all the talk about Gary Friedrich lately I was a little buzzed to find the above little gem!  Yes, it’s something I have been looking for and was refusing to simply pick up off of ebay.  I wanted to find this issue in a long box somewhere – and this week I did!  Not toContinue reading “Worth Sharing… a few hidden treasures!”

Gamma Strike Hulk (2012)

Boy, my TRU is just filling up with Avengers stuff!  While I picked up the figure and Minni Muggs last week, I walked into my TRU today and they had this big guy!  Well, “big” may not be the right word.  He’s certainly bigger than the regular figures but it’s much smaller than the 12″ roto-cast toys we hadContinue reading “Gamma Strike Hulk (2012)”

Hulk/Avengers Mini-Muggs

For some reason – maybe I just wasn’t paying attention – but I thought we were getting full sized Muggs again.  So I was a little disappointed when I saw what we were actually getting.  That being said – I had to change my perspective and review what we have rather than what I thought IContinue reading “Hulk/Avengers Mini-Muggs”