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Catching Up With… SPOTLIGHT! Weapon H #1 (2018)

CCI03292018 (2)You know that when I do Catching Up With posts once a month on a Wednesday it’s to go over and grade the recent issues on the rack.  I also try to keep people up to date with the best Hulk moments of the week with In Case You Missed It on Mondays but sometimes, just sometimes I want to feature an issue to talk about it specifically!  This time around we’re spotlighting the new series Weapon H.  This is a series I wanted to really like but the first issue left me a bit underwhelmed.  Truthfully, when this character was announced I jumped on the train with the other haters immediately dissing Marvel for such a silly idea.

CCI03292018_0001 (2)

The worst way to give a self manicure. 


After reading the origin story that Pak rolled out I was really excited for the new series I knew would follow.  Part of my fears, though, were over the fact that they would turn what would potentially be a great villain into another reluctant hero.  Amazingly, this is exactly what Pak delivered to us.  I must have rolled my eyes quite a bit at the fact that I guessed the exact route they were taking this character.

CCI03292018_0002 (2)

The other problem I had with the premiere issue – and it’s a problem that I have with most Marvel books these days – is the pacing is so slow!  What happened in this issue would have taken only 3 pages to tell back in the day – and now they drag it out over 20 pages.

CCI03292018_0003 (2)

I even have to admit to not being a big fan of the way Smith drew the Wendigo.  It reminded me more of the creature from The Crate in Creepshow than it did of Wendigo.  I wouldn’t exactly lower my rating for an issue over some creative takes on a character – because the issue is very well drawn – but this just added to the pile of grievances I already had with this comic.

I will be sticking with this series for a bit to see if the story picks up but I don’t know how long I will stick with it if this is the way the series will unfold.  Grade: C

Did anyone out there pick this up?  What did you think?

Marvel Super Heroes Adventures Hulk Bean Basher (2012)

Hulk Bean Basher!

These little guys are making their way on to the shelves – they are small little bean bag characters – seriously now, way too cute to be left in the store!  They have a Spidey, IM and Hulk – I think I have seen Wolverine too…

Just Chillin'

Yes, I know I said I was going to post the new Hulk hands from the Avengers line – but I forgot to upload the pics and I am in the middle of watching the Oscars so I am not getting up to get the camera.  I will do it tomorrow – this time I swear it will be done!  Alright, let’s go The Descendants!

What up? What IS this again?

The new “event” Marvel is cooking up – because as far as I can tell “Fear Itself” isn’t really doing much to rally the fans – is as mysterious as why Marvel keeps doing events that no one gives a crap about in the first place.  But here it shows that the Hulk will be part of it – whatever it is – anyone have a guess?

By the way – reviews for issues are almost complete.

The Incredible Hulks #618 & #619 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulks #618 - Abomination's back!

There are characters that die in comics – some of the deaths were so meaningful and so perfect that you hope they don’t ruin it by bringing them back… but they always do (Betty comes to mind – so does the Green Goblin).  But then there are deaths that you feel robbed and can’t wait for their inevitable return… and that’s where Abomination’s death falls.

Hulk - making sense

Hulk is on a Roll!

I do wish Marvel would make death mean something again.  At this point a character dies and you just roll your eyes, knowing that said character will return at some point later.  But Pak – as usual – isn’t just bringing Abomination back – he’s tieing it into the big event going on at Marvel!  I admit – I don’t read many other Marvel books… or ANY other Marvel books – other than Red’s series.  And, I only read that because Banner’s part of it… although it is better these days!

Demons on Earth... and that includes Abomination!

Now, Death is banished – making it impossible for people to die.  Not to mention that demons are crawling the Earth!  At least that’s what the Hulk Family finds when they return home.  That and of course the Abomination, ready to strike!  Abomination is looking for Marlo – but no one says a word about her whereabouts.  Abomination takes their silence out in violence – slashing the Hulk’s throat and literally ripping the armor off of A-Bomb’s body! 

A-Bomb is taught a lesson!

I have to admit – that last part made me laugh and cringe!  A feat that not many writers, Pak is in the rare company, can make me do.  Strange has asked the Hulk for help – Hulk says he will help, as he always does, but not for Strange.  Hulk is still bitter for being sent into space – and even worse is when Hulk returned, Strange tried to defeat Hulk by channeling ZOM. And at the end of #618 – as Rick tells Hulk where Marlo is – Strange reveals that he is ZOM!

Hoo - Boy! The Hulks might be in trouble!

Marlo had once channeled Death – and she still has a tinge of Death inside of her – which is why Abomination and ZOM are looking for her.  Now that they know where she is they destroy the stone ship and take off to get her.  Hulk transforms back into Banner and has Korg and Skaar collecting enough of the ship to teleport the Hulk family to where Marlo is – meanwhile Rick calls Marlo to see if she’s alright.  Marlo tells Rick that she is alive – but freaking out because dead people are following her!

Hulk, inspiring confidence!

Rick tells her about the tinge of Death inside of her – and she remembers – but oddly, it doesn’t make her feel any better.  The Hulk family arrives and gets ready for Strange and Abomination’s arrival.  They get busy building a place to protect Marlo – but then Marlo has an idea…

Samson is back - should we tell him about the MU figure mess up?

She brings back some friends from the dead starting with Samson.  Jarella, Talbot and Hiroim The Oldstrong of the Warbound also come back – and when Zom and Abomination come back – they are actually put on the rails by the Hulks and their new once deceased allies!  Just when they think they are winning – Abomination gets an idea – seeing all the dead people around gives him an idea to also resurrect Mama Banner… followed closely by Papa Banner… and oddly NO ONE is happy to see him!

A whole team... back from the grave!

Papa Banner... still a jerk

I think Pak has weaved such a great tale here – I can’t wait for the next issue!  I would like some confirmation on Talbot though… what happened exactly?  First he was thought to be an LMD – then Cho said he wasn’t – then Red Hulk ripped his head off proving he was – WTF?  I know we’re dealing with Loeb’s writing – but a little consistency would have been nice!  Let’s see if they deal with this.  Overall though – the issues have been stellar!  Be sure to pick them up! Grade: A

Incredible Hulks #619

Marvel Glassware Set (2010)

Marvel Glassware Set

I found this set at Newbury Comics a while back.  The set includes 4 glasses and one is the Hulk!  These are very similar to the Toon Tumblers – but the issue with those are that, with each wash, they fade and fade until the image is gone.  And they aren’t cheap!  The newer glasses are a bit better – but still not perfect.  Well, these aren’t Toon Tumblers – they come from Marvel – and they also say to hand wash only.  But this set, selling for $20, even though they are a better deal – you still have to buy ALL 4 to get the one you want.  So, while I usually bought an extra of the Toon Tumblers to use – I only bought one of these sets.

Hulk Glass!

The interesting thing is, the paint application is very different.  They make the images look very old and scratched up, kind of “antiquing” them.  While the Toon Tumblers pint application is very smooth and crystal clear – the Marvel glasses definitely take a different route.  Not worse – just different.  I kind of like it – but prefer the Toon Tumblers crisper style. 

Closer shot of the scratched up image!

The set includes a FF, Cap, Spidey and Hulk glass.  The packaging is pretty sweet itself – littered with a bunch of classic images from A list characters.  The Hulk image… oh boy… it sure does look familiar but I really am not sure from where.  It sort of looks like a Trimpe, more Buscema… but I am not sure – maybe someone else out there knows better?  Anyone?

Marvel Set