Not to Toot My Own Horn… But…

Thank you Mr. Thomas!

Yeah – a few weeks ago we discussed who the Original Defenders are – and here is a statement from Roy Thomas – you know – the guy who FIRST WROTE THE DEFENDERS IN MARVEL FEATURE #1!  Yeah – he proves that my initial declaration is correct… the original Defenders are Strange, Namor and the Hulk 🙂


14 responses to “Not to Toot My Own Horn… But…

  1. Who came up with the NAME Defenders? Not Roy Thomas but StanLee (read MM#100). What happen was Thomas wrote Subby#34,35 and called them Titans Three. When the sales for those issues when up the roof, Stan Lee said “hey let’s take that team you made Roy and make them the Defenders in a series”. Stan Lee LOVED Silver Surfer much and did’nt like other writers touching SS. So Lee change the line up and replaced SS with Doc Strange. So as far as I’m concerned SS WAS an original founding member Defender. It’s funny that MM#100 has the very first Defender story as Subby#34-35…….nuff said- toot, toot ha beep, beep.

    • I’ve read MM #100 – and you can try to defend your position all you want gammabro – but it’s right there in black and white – no question about it – the original Defenders are Hulk, Subby and Strange. Case closed!

      • Well….. In Defenders#1 vol.2 the Defenders Dialogue it says that the Defenders story really began in the Titans Three story For the continuity geeks SS was featured in Marvel Feature#1 and was “chosen” as a member before Hulk, HA! Even though we disagree you know I love u gammabro. On another note, don’t forget to review Hulk vs Avengers#1-5. This looks to be the best Hulk/Avenger battle yet.


  3. Dave (JadeGiant)

    So … my Bowen Defenders display has Hulk, Subby, Doc, and SS … do I keep SS in the display or take him out? Discuss amongst yourselves lol

    • I vote he’s out! 😀

      Put him with the new Thanos MB. If you don’t have it – get it! It’s awesome!

      • @ Dave- I say KEEP him! He was on the team before Doc Strange.

        Bah, Thanos is just a clone of Darkseid, forget him and save $$$$$. lol.

      • A clone of Darkseid! Now you’re hitting below the belt! Listen 465 – Thanos is a better character than every DC character there is – and of course Hulk beats them all!

        Can you at least admit that having Strange in the team was a better fit – since, well, to put it bluntly – it manned up the team a little. You have Hulk – a muscle bound goliath that never wears a shirt – Namor, who walks around in a speedo – and then, if you say SS blongs there, it’s another naked guy! Just silver… So Strange was a welcome substitution since he has the common decency to wear clothes!

      • Actually I LOVE Doc Strange (I have his first issue) and I don’t really like the idea of 3 members only. Now with 4 superpower houses they truly are the invicible team that can beat X-men, Avengers or JLA no doubt. Just for the record I like Thanos way better that Darkseid.

  4. id love to be able to toot my own horn…….

  5. Dave (JadeGiant)

    He stays … sorry ry … for the record, I am leaving him but not taking sides … if for no other reason than he looks so darn cool, he stays!

  6. @Hulk #465 Actually never considered how powerful a team the Defenders were. Hulk, Strange and Surfer is a powerful combo (although not really sure what Namor adds). Im no expert on super teams but I have difficulty seeing those 3 (plus SeaSpock) getting beaten by anyone. Anybody more knowledgeable than me have an opinion?

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