Stuffed Hulk (2003)

Stuffed Hulk

This also came in the lot of Hulk figures I picked up – along with the stretch and the Kostas – now I know I told you that the 2003 Hulk stuff wasn’t my favorite – but I gots to say… I just gots to admit – I am really warming up to it – the more I find!  I remember when the first movie came out and Hulk was everywhere – it was both a blessing and a curse… a curse because everywhere I looked there was new Hulk items to be picked up and it became almost too overwhelming – I think my brain just shut down!

Hulk grits his teeth when he's constipated...

Little plush Hulk fist...

The one thing I did love – and was so upset about missing this time around – was the Hershey’s Chocolate syrup, that made the milk green!  Man, oh man was that stuff great!  But then again there was so much stuff out there that just didn’t last the test of time – and I’m not upset about missing out on that stuff… Back to this guy – He’s freakin huge!  He easily towers over any of the other plush Hulks I have – that’s another thing the 2003 movie merchandise got right – just how BIG everything should be.

Hulk is littler than other Hulk! Hulk doesn't seem to like that...

2 responses to “Stuffed Hulk (2003)

  1. How much do you think this 2003 stuffed doll is worth today? Thanks

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