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Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian BAF (2018)

hulkyhulk 012 (2)

The second series of Marvel Legends from the Avengers: Infinity War showed us some impressive figures, silly figures and yes, even some unexpected characters.  The two biggest surprises and welcomed figures were Thor – missing an eye – and the Black Knight figure.  I liked the blonde Black Widow figure but I didn’t need another one so I was going to pass.  I didn’t want the Malekith figure and the Wasp looked good – but I wasn’t a fan of that character.  Let’s be honest – that Ant-Man figure was way too goofy!  I love Paul Rudd and think he’s pretty great as Scott Lang but I can’t take the goofy look on the figure’s face.

hulkyhulk 013 (2)

This is where having a network of collecting friends comes in handy.  Wheeling and dealing and getting the other pieces I needed to complete this figure wasn’t as much of a pain as getting the Lizard was – but it wasn’t all that easy either.  I don’t think anyone bought the Paul Rudd Ant-Man figure!  I finally finished the BAF and I have to tell you I am not all that impressed with it.  The size and weight of this figure is pretty great – but the paint apps really make it less impressive.

hulkyhulk 014 (2)

The muddled green and brown paints make it look sloppy and harder to see the different features.  The face especially looks muddled to the point where it’s hard to make out the mouth from the rest of the face.  The oddly splotchy chest doesn’t look right either as most of the rest of the body is a solid dark brown.  The flat grey paints they used for the hammer and limited clothing makes it look cheap and plastic.  Overall, this impressively sized figure is sort of ruined by the paint apps.  This reminds me of the Man-Thing figure released with the Netflix series.

hulkyhulk 015 (2)

Hulk vs Loki Pop (2018)

walgreens hulk 011 (2)

In another instance when asking gave me a piece that wasn’t on the shelf, the following day after I found the Spider-Hulk I went back in and asked about he Hulk vs Loki.  The gentleman working the floor very happily told me that he had them in the back.  I couldn’t believe my ears as I literally JUST found the Spider-Hulk there!  When he came out of the back I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I didn’t squeal this time like I did when the woman brought out the Spider-Hulk Pop but I was just as excited!  They also had the Spider-Man in buggy Pop but I didn’t want to pick that one up.

walgreens hulk 014 (2)

walgreens hulk 015 (2)

This piece, of course, depicts the moment in the Avengers when the Hulk slammed Loki repeatedly into the ground at the top of Stark Tower.  It was one of the best Hulk moments in the entire MCU and I’m really glad they commemmorated it in plastic!  It was a little more expensive than I thought it would be but since it’s a whole diorama I think the $25 is worth it.

walgreens hulk 012 (2)

Marvel Legends MCU 10th Anniversary Hulk vs Hulkbuster (2018)

IMG_1385 (2)

The day I heard this set was going to be released I knew I was going to set out to get one!  Unfortunately, the price point on, not just this set, but the entire line has been severely overvalued!  I will get into that in a minute – but first, let’s get into this sets positives!  First, we have to recognize the fact that the original Hulkbuster BAF, as great and bulky as it is, didn’t boast the most impressive paints.  Has the new set improved on that?  Well, sort of…

IMG_1392 (2)

Truth is, the biggest gripe came from the flat “golden” color they used ion the original.  The new, repainted Hulkbuster does provide a shinier, more golden color.  That and a deeper, less cherry, color red.  Overall, the new repaint looks much better!

IMG_1388 (2)

The Hulk has a new head sculpt and repainted a paler, more olive green.  The possessed, red eyes and screaming mouth are a nice touch and they at least give us repainted pants!  The Hulk is easily the biggest reason on why I bothered getting this set.  I have every ML Hulk ever made – I just couldn’t see letting this one get away!

IMG_1387 (2)

IMG_1389 (2)

As I mentioned above, the price point on this set is the biggest issue.  Someone, somewhere has seriously misestimated just how much people were willing to shell out for these figures.  Most are repaints, let’s just start with that fact, and the fact that they are $5-$15 more than the originals makes it look like a greedy cash grab both by Hasbro and Target.  This set is a whopping $70.  That’s $35 a figure!  With all the single figures in this line fetching a $25 price tag let’s say the Hulk should be about that – well that’s $45 for the Hulkbuster!  Either way, it’s not worth the price tag.  Sure, I paid it – but I’m a known idiot when it comes to the Hulk!

IMG_1386 (2)

Avengers: Infinity War Mystery Minis Box (2018)

IMG_1303 (2)

No lie – whenever I can snag a box like this I make sure to.  It’s pretty fantastic when you’re able to get something as an added bonus – most of the time stores won’t be bothered at all if you take the box since they would usually just throw it out anyways.  I wouldn’t have picked it up if the Hulk wasn’t on the box – but he was I a snagged it.

IMG_1302 (2)

I do love the Hulk and Hulkbuster being side by side on the side of the box – and the fact that they even included the Hulk was a bonus since he was in a total of less than 5 minutes in the whole movie.  I have check but I know there are a few missing minis from the entire collection.  A glow in the dark chase and metallic versions exist that I don’t have.  Maybe someday.

IMG_1304 (2)

Hulk Movie Cup Topper (2018)

IMG_1316 (2)

There are a few Avengers: Infinity War opening day collectibles.  Did I tell you the story how I went to the opening day event at my local theater and received the Infinity Gauntlet coin and collectible cup went awry? You see, I am so accustomed to throwing away my trash after the movies that I tossed the cup right into the waste barrel.  I didn’t even realize until I was halfway home!  It was the red and black cup that kicked all sorts of ass – but hey, life happens.

IMG_1318 (2)

A few weeks later my friend told me that he had a collectible cup that had a giant Hulk head on the top.  When he went to the concession stand to collect the cup he found out the Hulk was already sold out.  But then – yes, there is more to this story…

IMG_1317 (2)

On the movie manager retreat he saw the company who created the cups with a stand in the lobby of the hotel.  He immediately went over and requested the Hulk head – alas, those were not the pieces he brought – but instead had the full figure big headed Hulk instead!  I was psyched to finally get an exclusive movie cup from the latest Avengers movie.

IMG_1319 (2)

Avengers: Infinity War Mystery Mini Hulk Figure (2018)

IMG_1253 (2)

This was one of those times I actually had fun trying to collect all the characters while trying to get the Hulk.  I’m actually happy I didn’t get the Hulk on the first try!  In fact, my first figure was one of the cooler figures – Thanos himself!  While I am not a fan of the blind boxes there really were no bad characters to receive in this set.  Actually, sadly, the most disappointing figure might be the Hulk!

IMG_1252 (2)

The Hulk is a lot smaller and lighter than the Hulk we were previously given for Thor Ragnarok.  So much so that it’s impossible to “feel” him out when trying to buy the right box.  Also, the Hulk is pretty bare bones only having a pair of too tight shorts and a scowl on his face.

IMG_1255 (2)

IMG_1254 (2)

In my search I was able to find a few of the hard to find characters including the 1/36 Outrider, the 1/72 Dr. Strange and the 1/72 Cull Obsidian.  Cull was one of the easier figures to find – he’s the larger figure in this set so the box is heavier and the little guy doesn’t move around so much when you shake it.  I didn’t look to get them all – just enough to get the Hulk.  This is the set I compiled trying to myself good ole’ Jade Jaws.

IMG_1257 (2)

In Case You Missed It – Round 6

CCI03182018 (2)

After weeks of build up we finally get to see Hulk back in action!  There is sort of an excitement paired with real hesitation after reading the issue.  For one, the history of the many Hulk “deaths” were both a fun nostalgic look at the past but also an eye rolling look at the last few “resurrections”.  It’s true – in the last two years or so this is actually the third time the green goliath has graced the MU with his reappearance.  Now, of course, is different due to his alleged “immortality”.

CCI03182018_0001 (2)

I do look forward to the new title I’m just a little skeptical about what’s going to be delivered.  In fact, if you want to read something a little more in depth just take a look here.  The real issue I have is seeing the Hulk come back with the strength and power he left with.  He plowed through the Avengers with relative ease – and while that is great to see the Hulk take on opponents without even straining this is also, what I believe, to be the issue with why writers can’t write great Hulk stories!

CCI03182018_0002 (2)

Yes, the Hulk is the strongest there is – but at least there should be some build up to it!  The madder he gets the stronger he gets – why is that even an issue if he destroys everything in his path while just mildly annoyed?  The Hulk should be a powerhouse, I agree – but there needs to be a balance where the Hulk isn’t just tearing through an entire team of supers without so much as a stubbed toe.  The issue ends with the Red Hulk playing dress up and giving himself a stupid name.  While I am certainly not going to miss this issue I am also not rushing to the store to snatch it up.

CCI03182018_0003 (2)