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In Case You Missed It – Round 6

CCI03182018 (2)

After weeks of build up we finally get to see Hulk back in action!  There is sort of an excitement paired with real hesitation after reading the issue.  For one, the history of the many Hulk “deaths” were both a fun nostalgic look at the past but also an eye rolling look at the last few “resurrections”.  It’s true – in the last two years or so this is actually the third time the green goliath has graced the MU with his reappearance.  Now, of course, is different due to his alleged “immortality”.

CCI03182018_0001 (2)

I do look forward to the new title I’m just a little skeptical about what’s going to be delivered.  In fact, if you want to read something a little more in depth just take a look here.  The real issue I have is seeing the Hulk come back with the strength and power he left with.  He plowed through the Avengers with relative ease – and while that is great to see the Hulk take on opponents without even straining this is also, what I believe, to be the issue with why writers can’t write great Hulk stories!

CCI03182018_0002 (2)

Yes, the Hulk is the strongest there is – but at least there should be some build up to it!  The madder he gets the stronger he gets – why is that even an issue if he destroys everything in his path while just mildly annoyed?  The Hulk should be a powerhouse, I agree – but there needs to be a balance where the Hulk isn’t just tearing through an entire team of supers without so much as a stubbed toe.  The issue ends with the Red Hulk playing dress up and giving himself a stupid name.  While I am certainly not going to miss this issue I am also not rushing to the store to snatch it up.

CCI03182018_0003 (2)


Avengers Hulk (2017)


Walking through Target I noticed an Iron Man from a new kids friendly Avengers line and thought “Cool.  I wonder if they made a Hulk?”  The back of the package confirmed that they did, in fact, make a Hulk figure.  It sent me off to every Target and TRU in my area.  On the second Target I entered I was able to snag myself a Hulk.  First thing that I noticed is the mass of this figure compared to the others in the line.


I always feel it’s important to have the Hulk be the biggest figure in the line – something that the Marvel Universe did with the first release but then subsequent releases they made the Hulk closer to the same size as the other characters in the line.  Hulk needs to be bigger!  He needs to be noticeably the largest figure!


This figure accomplishes that and then some!  Not only is the size impressive but the Hulk is obviously based on the early silver age Hulk.  Ripping the figure open I was also pleasantly surprised that they gave him a bit more articulation that I would’ve thought – not only does his head swivel but also his shoulders and elbows!  His legs bend – but not the knees – that’s the only thing that would’ve really made this figure complete!


The other thing to note is that the proportions are somewhat more accurate than they have been on figures in the past.  The sculpt is fantastic, with surprising detail!  The paints – although very simplistic – work well and pop and of course – are classic purple!  This was certainly the way to start off the year with a surprise Hulk figure that totally rocks!


Toys R Us Exclusive Lego Hulk (2015)

startchy hulk 004

It’s always good to have friends in high places.  Of course, I don’t have friends in high places so I have to settle for friends who work in retail.  These little Lego Hulk figures were a free gift to anyone paying $30 or more for a Lego set.  I was able to snag one as a true gift.

The Hulk Legos are pretty fun and the best part of them is there huge mass – compared to the other Avenger figures – but it’s still pretty cool to have a Hulk that is the same size.  I know they released a Hulk figure a while ago as a Lego store exclusive – one that if, I’d like to purchase it, are readily available on eBay.  Of course I’d be dropping more than a 20 spot for it.  Something I’ve been reluctant to do… but, more importantly,  I did snag a new one, which is currently at $10 on eBay.

startchy hulk 010

There is also a Hulk Lego figure that’s actually a Hulk Lego key chain – so, to me, even though I especially enjoy it, it doesn’t really count.

The 4-Wheeler the Hulk comes with snaps apart pretty easily to make it seem like the Hulk can rip apart the ATV – but he can also ride it.  This Hulk sports the Avengers pants and the more olive coloring.  He has two expressions to choose from on his raging face – the first is a clenched teeth angry Hulk while the other is a full on screaming furious Hulk!  Overall, if you didn’t pick this up take a chance to purchase it off the net.

startchy hulk 005

Avengers: AoU Savage Hulk / Ultron Hunter Iron Man (2015)

wow - ton of pics 108

I will say, besides the Marvel Legends offerings, the toy selection from the sequel to Avengers was pretty much a let down.  They seem to focus on the 2″ figures that were crudely painted with no real articulation – not that you could do much with them if they did provide movement.  The other Hulk 2-pack (Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man) gave us a tiny Hulk and a inferior Hulkbuster figure.

quick hulk pics 001

When I was alerted about this other 2-pack (thank you Gammapup!) many, many months ago I set out to find it.  After a few weeks of no luck at all I devled into eBay to acquire it.  Although, I was told that the invitation to pick one up is always open (thanks again, Gammapup!).  It arrived safely – but it had the same effect that the previous 2-pack did.

quick hulk pics 002

Painted sparingly and crudely, with maybe 4 or 5 points of articulation, the presentation of the figures are really not worth mentioning.  It’s a larger Hulk – about 3 & 3/4″ – so almost double what the Iron Man is, which doesn’t really add up to what AoU showcased.  The Hulk is way too big.  I would have to say, I’m not sure I can recommend picking this up.  Maybe for the complete-ists out there it’s worth it – other than that – let it stay on the pegs.

quick hulk pics 003

Avengers Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man (2015)

Antone 1 old 028

Antone 1 old 029

So, I was informed that the store that sold me the Avengers Hulk I showed off last week was not actually supposed to do that.  These had a street date of February 1st – I found this out when I saw this set at Toys R Us last Monday and tried to purchase it – but was stopped at the register saying that they aren’t allowed to sell them just yet.  How odd!  But I did go back and grab these on Sunday.  Of course, I would have liked to post this earlier but we here in MA were blasted with a ton of snow!

Antone 1 old 001

These figures are still the cheaper versions – and this set is part of the 2-packs (most of the figures in this series has a character and a vehicle) but of course, the Hulk/Hulkbuster set is the best!  It is the most common in the assortment and it’s obviously because they expect it to be the most popular.  The figures sculpts are really decent – but don’t expect too much out of them as far as articulation.  The IM has only two points (arms) – even his head is immobile.  The Hulk, on the other hand, boasts the 5 point articulation that the other inexpensive figure did.  The downside is the size.

Antone 1 old 005

This figure is tiny – but is obviously in size with the Hulkbuster – I don’t remember the Hulkbuster suit being that much bigger than the Hulk in the comics – but we’ll see how things transpire in the movies.  The Hulkbuster figure does open up so that you can slip the smaller Iron Man figure inside. It will be good to see the Hulkbuster in action in the movie rather than the little tease we were given back in Iron Man 3.  So, I guess the real question we’re left with is “Is this set worth it?”  Well, with the Marvel Legend figures on the way that will have a BAF Hulkbuster I don’t know if people, other than the real fanatics, need to pick this one up.  Grade: C

Antone 1 old 006

Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Figure (2015)

birds seals and hulk 037

I couldn’t believe my luck as I walked into a local shop where there was the new AoU figures!  They aren’t the “official” release ones – the figures I saw are the cheaper, more kid friendly, versions.  I was still excited to snag a Hulk or two.  They seemed to have really cut down on everything though as the blister card is smaller than any other releases thus far including MU, Marvel Infinite Series, Avengers and Avengers Assemble, even the dollar shop Marvel figures were on larger cards than these figures are on.

birds seals and hulk 038

birds seals and hulk 040

That’s not all that’s smaller – the figure is smaller!  I am putting him against the dollar shop Hulk and he is tiny in comparison!  A better sculpt though, reminiscent of the SS Avengers Hulk PF where you can see the veins and even separately sculpted teeth!  The colors really pop too – the lighter green is a decent choice.

birds seals and hulk 044

birds seals and hulk 045

The paint application is not so great.  I get it – these are the “cheap seats” figures – but the lazy eye look is always a bit off putting.  The figure is too skinny, IMO, and of course, this being a movie figure he is decked out in blue pants rather than purple.  It’s better than the tan pants though!  This being the less expensive Hulk we also get very limited articulation (5 points) so you’re pretty restricted with what poses this figures offer. Overall, I do still like this figure and think it’s certainly worth the $6.  Grade: B-

birds seals and hulk 047

Hot Wheels Hulk Smash Spin Out – And a New Car! (2014)

memories1 103

When it comes to toy Hulk cars you have your pick of what you want – there is quite a few choices.  Do you want a Hulk image printed on your Hulk car?  It’s out there.  You want the car to be formed into the shape of the Hulk?  It’s out there too.  A few different companies have thrown their hat in the ring trying to make a Hulk car.  Hot Wheels has now released a couple of items inspired with the Hulk.  First off, they are combining the might of all the Avengers with specialized tracks (although, I only care about the Hulk) and the Hulk has quite the addition.

memories1 101

I will start by mentioning that the Hulk figure that comes with this set is pretty awesome!  I mean, if it had feet then it would be perfect – but it doesn’t – it’s attached to the cityscape with the Hulk towering over the buildings by an obscene amount.  They also provide a car launcher and an Abomination car.  I can’t really tell why it’s called the Abomination car – not only does it not have the Abomination on it – but it’s not even colored in the vain of the Abomination.

memories1 105

But the best part of the set is the Hulk himself!  Not only does it look bad ass – but it spins with whatever ferocity you can muster – and it rejects the Abomination car as it tries to jump past the Hulk’s angry fists.  It’s a sight to behold and it truly is a really fun toy for kids of all ages.

memories1 102

But that’s not all!  Hot Wheels did release a Hulk car as well – and unlike the Abomination car you can tell the car is actually inspired by the Jade Giant!  It’s a nice Olive green color with a rear wheel well and bumper colored classic purple.  The wheels are also colored green and purple too.  It has a copyright of 2013 – but I haven’t seen it on the pegs until now.

memories1 110

I feel like I am pretty decent at being able to distinguish artist’s style but for the life of me I can’t seem to recognize the who drew that awesome Hulk on the card.  If anyone knows leave a comment below so the mystery can finally be solved!  Over all, thanks to Hot Wheels for releasing a new set of Hulky wheeled fun!

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