Mego Hulk Van (1979)

I think it’s funny that the head honchos at Mego thought it would be a good idea to put the Hulk behind the wheel of his very own Hulk Van – so not only is he a menace to other drivers – he’s also really vain about it!  I mean, sure, if the Hulk wants to drive – by all means – but really?  Does the Hulk have a desire to tear up the roads in a mini-van?  If anything why not give him a Ferrari? 

Hulk Van!

What is he going to do – give the other superheroes a lift?  Look, I had a mini-van when I was in high school – I inherited it from my parents.  I loved it – but I was also the one who always did all the driving, mainly because all of my friends could just pile right into the back and party while I had to try to concentrate on the driving with screaming maniacs behind me.  That’s all good and fine – but I’m telling you – that van became a curse!

The Back Side

Maybe I would have liked the van better if I had my name scrolled across the top… something to think about in the future…  I kind of wish they made a vehicle for the 12″ figures they put out – but hey, Hulk doesn’t really need a van since most of the time he jumps from place to place.  Mine is in beautiful – but incomplete – condition.  It’s missing the accessories, like the sliding door and the back bumper – but maybe I will find those pieces in the future.  Now, I know of a Hulk Helicopter that is out there – and while I don’t have one yet… I am always on the hunt for one.

A Grail for any Hulk Fan!

13 responses to “Mego Hulk Van (1979)

  1. Who knew Hulk was such a hippy!

  2. King Hulk Marco

    Hulk loves Mini Van!!!!!

  3. Another reason why I LOVE this site so much! I think that the Hulk Van is very cool in a retro sense. You are darn lucky to have all these hard to find gems like this van. And speaking of hard to find, do you have Energized Hulk? That item is sure hard to find these days.

  4. What kinda tunes does Hulk listen to in his dash-mounted 8-track deck? I’m betting BOC.

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  6. i have a hulk van with the parts you need !

  7. I have an empire van and a hulk hideway both for sale on Ebay.

  8. Hey it is a cool van. It is made by Empire Toys.

  9. I had this van & helicopter when I was a kid and lost it due to a house fire. I would love to have these again. If anyone has these for sale please let me know

  10. I have the van but I’m from Mexico tijuana carolina enterprice tarboro. inc marvel 1979 1978 marvel comics grup

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  12. This wasn’t actually made by Mego, it was by Empire Toys

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