Daily Archives: September 4, 2008

Frankenstein vs. Hulk – This October!

Looks like it will be a really fun read!  Check it out by clicking on the cover above!

Best Cover Ever #4

This is a classic illustration that you will see many, many times.  Classic Buscema – Hulk is running, smashing and still looks good with that Fantastic Sam’s haircut!

Hulk Movie Sticker Book (2008)

Hulk Sticker Book

Hulk Sticker Book

Yeah, that’s right!  It’s a sticker book!  What?  Look, this has… stickers!  Of the Hulk!  Man, I can’t even claim someone else bought this for me!  I bought this myself at Mid-Town Comics in New York the same time I bought TTA #59.  I also bought a magnet that I have to post sometime.  I used to have all sorts of stickers and a few different sticker books when I was in Elementary school – maybe that’s why I bought this – I’ll never really know I guess but, if anything, I will never have a boring moment with my kids.  We’ll have plenty of Hulk goodness to play with!