Daily Archives: October 4, 2007

Savage Hulk (1996)

Ugly Hulk

I know this Hulk says “Transforming Action” on the bottom, but I don’t know what kind of “Action” it is.  See, the really ugly Hulk is hollow and the little Bruce Banner slips into a slit in ugly Hulks back and TA-DAH!  Transforming Action!  Made for the UPN cartoon – this is the ugliest figure.  It looks like Hulk’s retarded cousin.  Where’s his neck?  Why’s he so fat?  And Bruce?  Put some clothes on for goodness sake. 

Steel Body Trap Playset (1996)

Steel Body Trap

This is one of the play-sets I have – the other – the better – I will post later.  This steel body trap places Hulk into an inescapable… wait, is that a cushion around his head?  How is this God-Awful trap holding anything?  I wouldn’t trust it to hold a raccoon.  Because raccoons are crafty!  Watch those little suckers!  Comes with a figure, so it’s got that going for it.

Hulk Transporter and Buggy (2006)

Hulk Buggy 

I understand the Transporter.  A huge truck is in the spirit of the Hulk – but the buggy?  Goodness, no.  It even looks goofy, sitting there in the package, all goofy looking and all.  I’m almost embarrassed to show you it.


Keown Statue (2004)

Keown Statue

No doubt, Keown was a master at illustrating the Hulk.  Too bad he’s so lazy.  Keown left the amazing run on the Hulk to create Pitt for Image comics – he put out a whole 6 issues in, like, 3 years.  He’s returned to the Hulk a few times over the years – to much acclaim – but never full time.  Still his presence is still felt to this day.  This statue captures his style really well, and being #315 out of 1000 – it’s also a pretty rare piece.  I don’t think there is a grey version – but that’s good.  This sculpt wouldn’t make sense as grey Hulk.

Keown Statue 2