Totally Awesome Hulk… the Review?


So, last time I discussed this series I was pretty content to not buy it.  Reviews began to surface – each and everyone of them positive – making me question on whether or not I should reconsider.  I decided to make my decision after reading the first issue.  So I guess the question remains, did I buy it?

Well, let me tell you what I read first.  The issue begins with Cho on the beach beating up a monster that surfaces from the ocean.  He pounds the monster and then turns for a fist-bump from a toddler.  Yes, he asks for a fist-bump.  Then a page or two later Cho is naked after another round with the monster – but, no worries, there is a large CENSORED sign over his genitals with concern over the editors losing their jobs if they showed the Hulk’s huge giant man meat.  I instantly thought “Oh, wait… so this isn’t to be a real series – this is sort of tongue in cheek bullshit.” and I started to feel a little better about it.

Reading on, Banner does make a cameo for a tick but then we get back to Cho and his hormones in full force as he fights an alien queen.  There is an obvious set-back to Cho being a powerful green giant that Pak addresses, like we knew he would, being the amazing writer he is.  Here’s one of my issues though – this is not what I wanted from the Hulk.  Never mind that Cho had his chance at comic stardom as a sidekick to The Incredible Hercules.  Granted, he was not the star of the book – but he was still a huge force in the book – one that did not last.  Now he is the star of the Hulk book, taking the mantle and joking his way through the whole thing.  To me, the Hulk’s tortured existence made his a complicated and brilliant character – not quite a hero but in no way a villain.  Cho is certainly a hero, and in that respect, not as fun to read.

This may sit well with some new comic readers but not with the veterans.  Of course, that means the one thing we old fogies don’t want to hear or admit.  Comics are no longer being geared towards us.  Marvel especially wants to attract a younger audience and this may just work.  Pak is an amazing writer and this will not be any different, I’m sure, and Frank Cho makes the book so beautiful it’s hard to deny it’s lure.  Overall, I am sure of one thing – this series may be a fun new start – but not one I am looking to take the ride with.  I chose to put the book back on the shelf and walk out of the LCS without the new Hulk issue for the first time in over 20 years.


4 responses to “Totally Awesome Hulk… the Review?

  1. Hey ratchet I just wanted to ask have you read the new Contest of Champions .It features both Maestro and joe fixit and it’s really good (especially the second issue).

  2. Well ya, this is lame.

    No way! ‘sob’ Cho blows and this just seems like they are trying to adult swim anime the style of this storyline, which i find to be an infantile, base attempt at humor.

    Hating Marvel right now. Still. The writers, editors, film and television creators are just crapping on all of the characters I loved.

    I cannot believe Stan Lee gives these morons a pass. Something weird happened after the 80’s with the quality of all that is Marvel (with the exception of the toys), went on a slow decline until the turn of the century, and then started to really suck with few, and far between, good story lines popping up.

    Future Imperfect featuring Maestro was entertaining and that is the last Hulk I have purchased.

  3. I’d agree, but they go young every decade or so, then price the books out of the range of their alleged consumers. We’ll see if it works. At 4 dollars a book, I think it’ll have the initial surge and then be just like new 52 a wash.

  4. Thanks for that Ratchet. I was sure you’d cave in and buy it! I was only going to try it if you reviewed it and said it was worth a go. Thanks for saving me the trouble. Ill be back reading when Hulk is good again. Hopefully it wont be too many years before that happens.

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