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Who Wants to Talk About THE AVENGERS?

Alright folks – I have just returned from my second showing of The Avengers.  I am ready to review it for you fine folks – but be ready for a few rants, for a lot of gushing AND some spoilers.  If you don’t want to read spoilers – don’t read beyond…. here!

So, I am going to give a quick list of some of my favorite things in the movie:

  • Everything Robert Downey Jr said was brilliant – but especially when he called Thor “Point Break” and Hawkeye “Legolas”
  • “Puny God” will go down as one of the best moments ever
  • Hulk and Thor taking down the huge flying alien monster – and then Hulk’s reaction to Thor standing side by side with him.
  • Iron Man getting the Hellicarrier’s engine going again… and then getting caught in the re-start.
  • Phil’s death
  • The Hulk vs Thor fight.
  • The shot of the upcoming villain at the end
  • The last shot of the heroes eating fast food.

Now, I will say I did not read any reviews or watch many trailers before as I like to walk in fresh – but I did hear someone say that they finally got the Hulk right – they learned less in more.  What they miss – and probably countless others – why the Hulk “stole the show” (as so many people have said) is because the Hulk was finally allowed to cut loose and fight an enemy worthy of really smashing!  In his earlier attempts the Hulk had to fight the Army – and there is one essential flaw in that – he’s fighting us.  His enemy are humans.  The Hulk can’t go nuts and take on humans, smashing and killing hundreds of them, not only would audiences not cheer on – they would mistakenly make Hulk… the villain.  Even if they made the Hulk out to be an innocent and unfairly pursued (as they did in the 2008 film) the bottom line is… he’s still fighting human beings.  This is one of the issues with every film maker taking their inspiration from the 70s TV show – and not the comics.  Even Marvel realized that the Hulk needed to face off against monsters and not just the Army.

Whedon didn’t just get the Hulk right – but every other character too.  It was so much fun watching the personalities clashing against each other and then to learn to work together.  It was even more fun to watch as someone finally let the Hulk’s real power be shown.

I appreciated the Hulk vs Thor fight the most – because, while Thor held his own, Hulk was really owning the fight.  It was great to watch.  A perfect popcorn, summer flick.  The most fun I have had at the movies in a LONG time.  Every positive review is well earned – and amazingly, every negative review I have read are full of moronic statements that you can’t take them seriously (one reviewer asked where Supes, Spidey and Batman were – obviously not realizing that two of those characters aren’t even in the same universe) so – I am all for the Avengers making the half a billion it’s projected to make by Sunday.  If you’re waiting to see it – don’t – and if you’ve seen it – let me hear what you’ve thought!  My grade: A-