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Hulk Thumb Topper (2012)

Hulk Thumb Topper

After a few posts of what seems like negative downer-ness (that’s a word, right?) it’s time for something a little more fun.  This little magnificent bastard was found at the Zapp Comics in Wayne, NJ – and yes, I have had David over to actually thumb wrestle – and I won.  He’ll try to convince you that I moved my elbow or pulled away a few times – but he’s a filthy liar with no morals.

No comments about my hairy thumb!

Just kidding – I think I did pull away as he was about to pin me – but I Stalloned it from Over the Top and pulled off the impossible win.  He actually whined a little and said something like “Oboes taste like phlegm!” or maybe it was “Okay you win!” Either way – Hulk destroyed the Juggernaut.  As it should be.

Awwwww yeah! Match of the century!

Hilariousness… who is ready for Friday?

Who doesn’t know how to spell doesn’t?