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Marvel Heroics – the Green Hulk

Hulk Heroics

So, quite a few of you Hulk fanatics sent me messages letting me know that these hit stores.  I always appreciate when people send me a heads up about Hulk stuff – so thank you!  Thing is – I am really getting burnt out on all of these blind box things.  I could see getting real aggravated with these in general due to the addictive quality and the fact that they cost $1 each.

From what I have seen there is also a Red Hulk and a rare Compound Hulk – but all I wanted was the Green Hulk.  I wasn’t even going to bother with getting it in the store – but me and a few friends were going to the movies this weekend and David pointed these out in TRU.  I told him I wasn’t going to bother with it – probably just ebay it – and he said “Hell no!”  And then he came up with a brilliant idea.  He said everyone in our group has to pick out two and the first one to get the Hulk doesn’t have to pay for their ticket.  It was a hilarious as each one of us took turns buying two and opening them up – and everyone had a different approach – and it was down to two – I was up next.  I picked up two white balls and, after paying for them, opened the first… and got a Thor.  But the next was the Green Hulk!  I was psyched!  I picked up another White ball to see if I could get another Hulk… and I did.

These are the figures I opened that day