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The Incredible Hulk 7.1 (2012) – The Review

7.1 – on a scale out of 10 would be a .01

I was asked not to review this issue… and trust me – I have no desire to… I just can’t even begin or maybe define the amount of suckage that this book has to it.  Aaron is somewhat out of his mind of he thinks this new series is anything but a complete disaster – and the sales should be a clear indication that the majority of people are unhappy with his direction.  Shame on you Marvel for green lighting this – shame on you Aaron for trying to redefine a classic character with such silly nonsense.

Listen, giving a character like the Hulk a new direction isn’t ever easy – but it can be done with some real positive responses – but like all great fantasy… it has to be based in reality.  That’s what makes comics and other fantasy stories so much fun to read – they are all still based on the idea of something fantastic happening in the real world.  Reality still has to exist inside of the outrageous – otherwise the outrageous becomes boring and we stop reading.  It’s like the end of Jaws – as out there as it is (the fire extinguisher blowing up) most of the story is pretty realistic.  Aaron’s trying to get us to believe that multiple personalities can be cured by cutting the other guys out of the brain… yeah…

But for anyone interested – the art in the book is very different – but no better.  The story is getting disgustingly terrible as “find” Banner’s ashes and bury them in concrete… as if they were honoring him or something.  Most people bury people out of respect – but the words spoken about him showed contempt… it’s just ludicrous.  Aaron even brings the monkey back – the one who threw his poop.  It’s like Loeb not being able to give up a bad idea – Aaron has the same disease.  Someone should put him out of his misery.  Anyways, just to let everyone know – Hulk turns into Banner in the end of the issue.  Oh yeah – Spoiler alert… 🙂

I just want this train to stop… I feel like doing something I have not done in a LONG, LONG time… not buying the Hulk book.