Want Something Sweet for Your Ears?


Zapp Comics – the best comic shop that New Jersey has to offer – also does a regular podcast.  If you’ve never listened to it then do yourself a favor and download an episode tonight!  Like, literally after you read this sentence, download an episode!  Why not start with the episode I was asked to appear on to discuss the brilliant Planet Hulk series!  So much fun – hopefully we’ll do it again real soon!

Mention in the comments a subject you’d like to hear me and Corry discuss in the future.

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One response to “Want Something Sweet for Your Ears?

  1. Really enjoyed it Ratchet. Hope you get to do another one in the future. Loved the 90’s chat – my era (unfortunately).
    Im still looking for a good comics podcast, so anyone recommendations would be welcome.
    I really recommend this podcast by a couple of British guys – its hilarious. http://panelologists.libsyn.com/
    Unfortunately finished in 2012 but its still really worth a listen as its more about collecting comics in general rather than new review etc. I took me a few episodes to get into them but once I got to know their personalities I was hooked. Plus if I remember rightly, one of the guys is a huge Hulk fan, and they too both have “fond” memories of the 90’s.

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