McFarlane Goodness!

O Novo Incrivel Hulk!

There is no denying what this guy has done for comics – and the power he held for a long time.  Now?  Well, now it’s rare for his comics to sell a 10th of what they used to but for a long while he outsold pretty much everyone!  His (too brief) Hulk run was one of the more memorable; and not just for the stories PD told but because of the style in which McFarlane decided to draw the grey behemoth!  Above I have a spanish version, mini-comic of The Incedible Hulk #341 – Hulk vs the Man Beast.

Amazing Spiderman Omnibus!

I also did pick up the McFarlane Spiderman Omnibus – which I am very excited about and contains Amazing Spiderman #328 in which the Hulk gets his ass handed to him by a very powerful Spiderman!

The Issues Included

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5 thoughts on “McFarlane Goodness!

  1. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for some months now. Just a little correction… that’s a brazilian comic, not a spanish one. I know it because I’m a brazilian myself. I have that issue and every other Hulk issues published by Abril on the 80’s/90’s.

    On the 80’s and 90’s, all regular titles in Brazil had that format (smaller when compared to standard american comics), and always featured 3 or 4 american comics per issue (the Hulk comic usually featured, besides the title character, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Ghost Rider and others). The Hulk series was very successful and went up to 164 issues, then it was cancelled and Hulk stories were moved to an anthology series named “Marvel 2000”, along with other characters who had their comics cancelled by the time (Captain America, for example).

    In the 2000’s, another publisher (Panini) won Marvel’s publication rights. Hulk started to be featured in an anthology series (“Paladinos Marvel”, portuguese for “Marvel Knights”) and after that, for a brief period (20 issues, I think), Hulk had his own series again, now on “american” format. After it was canceled, Hulk was moved to another anthology series (“Universo Marvel”, portuguese for “Marvel Universe”), along with Daredevil, Thunderbolts and Fantastic Four, where it currently remains.

  2. hey Ryan-Think you meant to say “Man-Bull”(ish # 341) I could be wrong,just wanted to know if you saw the new AVENGERS movie trailer?Ruffalo/Banner/HULK are in it for the last like 5 seconds-check it out-Mike

    1. I saw it too Mike – looks pretty good – I am excited for it!

      And crap – you’re right! This post is FULL of mistakes! Goodness gracious! Thanks for keeping on top of me guys!

  3. The PAD/McFarlane run was one of my personal favourites – they were both on top of their game. Ive always wished they could put their spat behind them and join up again on the hulk, even for a one shot! Hope the new series can recapture some of this magic thats been missing (IMO) the last few years.

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