Boom – A Comic I Never Thought I’d Find… and I Found Two


A while a ago CBSI (Comic Book Speculation and Investing) laid out a list of some of the rarest comic books you probably haven’t heard of (Click on the image for the link).  Now, this is a great little list and all – even though it’s without statistics, numbers and it’s lacking of any facts – but I see where they were going with it.  Truth is – and any seasoned comic collector can attest to – that it’s not the #1 that is the rarest of a series, it’s the last issue.  The issue right before the series is cancelled.  The items on the list may be slightly tongue in cheek and it seems to pick the oddest titles but it also makes a lot of sense.  Theses series obviously didn’t have large print runs to begin with and they were cancelled with even lower runs.

I couldn’t find much information about actual existing copies but, as a man trying to gather every Hulk appearance, finding these two gems are a huge win!  I’ve never seen copies of this issue in person until today and I was actually lucky enough to find TWO.  I know it sounds odd – but this made me happier than it probably should have!

I will be showcasing this guest-shot in the monthly feature I’ve been doing of Hulk appearances but it’s set to post in the fall.  Anyone else out there have this issue?  I’ve read it (sadly) and it was hilarious and terrible at the same time.


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