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30 Days with Classic Abomination – Day 29


Some artists have a knack for making the Abomination to look downright gross…

Acquisition Wednesday!

christmas '13 040

There is some small sense of victory I get when friends of mine pick up Hulk items for me.  Victory, meaning, people know my love for the Hulk so much that when they see something Hulk – they must pick it up just for me!  It’s a pleasure only the most dedicated collectors out there will know!

christmas '13 041

For me, that moment came when I walked in my local TRU and one of the manager’s there (who I have become friendly with) not only put aside this Hulk Bubble Bath (2012, $3.99) but with it was a receipt – she had actually purchased it for me!  As a gift.  It was such a nice gesture – and made me even happier when I realized I could finally make my Red Hulk figure look better!

christmas '13 043

Hulk Workout Wednesday!

Man!  Hulk is ripped!  How does he stay so fit?  Oh wait – here’s the answer:

hulk sit up