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30 Days with Classic Abomination – Day 14


I never thought Bommy was one to have to gang up on an opponent.  Then again, he is a villain… why would I be shocked?

DAMN YOU Spawn! Tuesday!


I can tell you that the last time I bought a Spawn book was 2003 – and I wasn’t even reading the comic anymore – just buying it out of habit.  I sold my lot of Spawn books for a nifty amount of money which I purchased something Hulk with.  But I just had to pick up this book – an homage to McFarlane’s amazing Incredible Hulk #340.  If only he waited until 340 of Spawn… if it makes it that far.  I can tell you I tried to read the issue – but I have no idea what the hell is happening and where the hell was the Spawn?  Is Al no longer the Spawn?  Why? Do I really care?  Sadly… no.

Acquisition Tuesday!

christmas '13 020

Bear with me on this one… this needs a but of explaining.  What you are feasting your beady, little eyes on (and I am only guessing that your eyes are little and beady – they may be as big as saucers… I have no idea) is an Avenger’s 8 Collectible Figure (2012 – Including Black Widow, Loki, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and… and another Iron Man?  WTF? Retail: $14.99)pack from Target.  I am not sure if they are exclusive to that retail giant – but they might be.

christmas '13 021

But here’s the issue – TRU was also selling a pack of these – except they had 4 “prototype” figures included but at a whopping $29.99.  That’s right, double the price but only 4 unpainted figures they were trying to pass off as prototypes.  As any real collector knows – prototypes are uncompleted or unpainted figures that the companies make up as a mock up of what a final product will look like.  They have no dates or copyright information on them – they are just blank and some of the time… one of a kind.  What’s inside the TRU pack is not a prototype figure but instead – regular unpainted figures.  Luckily, ebay has come to save the day – so while I have the 8 pack from my wife from Christmas, I got the Hulk and his drab buddy for a cool buck on ebay.

Success is mine!

Success is mine!

30 Days with Classic Abomination – Day 13


There’s no crying in baseball!  Or when you’re a super-powerful villain!