Daily Archives: May 13, 2008

Hulk Movie Action Figure (2008)

Hulk Movie Figure 1

This is the Hulk figure out for the movie that doesn’t have a “special” move.  While the articulation is really great and the sculpt is pretty darn impressive the scale of these figures are a little bit of a let down.  They should be HUGE!  The paint is also pretty flat and no shading makes it pretty standard.  But I do genuinely recommend that everyone picks these figures up because they are so much better than the 2003 Hulk movie figures.

Hulk Pillow Pal (2008)


Found this at Target and THIS is a better stuffed Hulk than the specimen I showed in Ummm… Part 14.  I love the face because he looks mad – and awesome!  He’s very soft and I think he’s a great toy for kids.  Or for 32 year olds whose only dream is to cuddle with a green muscular man midget.


Ummm… Part 14


This is actually kind of cool looking.  There is a hulk on the site (click the image for link) that is really bad – very Muppet like and un-Hulk like.  This one with his huge feet and little arms is actually a unique – but cool – rendition of the Hulk.