Daily Archives: May 12, 2008

Weather Blitz Nerf Football (2008)


My friend Corry was supposed to come down and we were supposed to break this out and play catch or something.  Whatever you call it when you throw a football around.  I told him that I throw like a girl – but that wasn’t the complete truth.  I actually throw like a paraplegic girl.  A blind one.  This is why I never made it into the NFL.  Or was never asked to play in the neighborhood games – that were played in front of my house.  That my Father refereed. 

Man, he was a jerk.

Zoom-N-Go Hulk ATV 4-Wheeler (2008)


This is one of two Hulk vehicles.  I really hope Hulk doesn’t drive a 4-Wheeler in the movie.  God, that would be terrible.  I’m not going to take these out of the packages – I like the packages too much.  If it really intrigues me – I will buy another to open up, but for now I am fine not knowing the intricate working details of this “Motorized Racing Action” toy.  Nice job on the sculpts of these toys though…