Daily Archives: May 30, 2008

Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Hulk (2008)


I wasn’t going to show this next – I have a bunch of other things to post that were in line first – but then I went to Target last night and was talking to the manager about getting the promotional material once they were done with it when I spotted this little beauty just put out!

top of pack

backof pack

Even the package is cool!  The Incredible Hulk is on the top of the package and the back of the package has a few stats – including saying that his identity is… Secret!  Wait… the identity of the Hulk’s alter ego that we know from reading the comics that have been coming out since 1962 is now secret?  Well, crap.

well - hello!

stop hitting yourself

But the best thing by far is that this guy TOWERS over the regular action figures.  He’s huge in comparison!  Now, we can only hope that they bring out an Abomination this size – hey, I might not like the design – but we need acuracy in these toys, don’t we?