Daily Archives: May 9, 2008

Superhero Squad – Abomination vs. Hulk (2008)


They used two movie characters in the superhero squad releases.  This is one.  The best, that I will post later, has the Silver Surfer from Planet Hulk in it.  Instead I chose to show you a ridiculously happy Abomination and Hulk that are supposed to fight each other.  Can you really fight someone when you’re this happy?  I don’t even think it’s possible!  The Abomination is an abomination – but that’s pretty normal now…

Don’t Wake Hulk (2008)

don\'t wake hulk

Haven’t played this one yet – so, no pics of that.  Maybe soon.  I think this might be fun, but no way will it be more fun than Operation Hulk!  It’s based on the children’s game Don’t Wake Daddy.  You have to sneek around and hope Daddy – or in this case Hulk – don’t wake up.  This seems like a strange game.  Do you think the game’s creator was a child of an alchoholic?  Like, he had to sneak around and hope his father didn’t wake up – otherwise, he lost, AT LIFE!  Man, what a sad game to play!