Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 1

Marvel's Handful of Heroes
Marvel's Handful of Heroes

I was supposed to post some of these Friday – but I didn’t have time – and I’m kind of glad I didn’t because I was able to score some more of these Saturday.  They have been popping up in select K-Marts and Wal-Marts – it’s strange how very few seem to have them in – but if you’re lucky enough to see these the great thing is you can make out most of the figures inside.  That makes it possible to try and avoid doubles as much as possible.  It’s not totally avoidable – but good enough.

Clear and Cosmic Classic Hulk
Clear and Cosmic Classic Hulk

So, there are forty separate figures – each one has three colors – a solid or matte finish, a clear or translucent and lastly a translucent infused with glitter or cosmic (or “sparkly”).  Most of the more popular characters have at least 3 separate variants.  For Hulk figures there is the classic, Gladiator (or Planet Hulk) and King Hulk (or WWH).  There is also a Red Hulk.

Solid and Clear Planet Hulk
Solid and Clear Planet Hulk
Cosmic and Solid WWH
Cosmic and Solid WWH

In a strange twist of fate I seem to have gotten all 3 of the Red Hulks but am still seeking out a few of the regular Hulks.  I think these little guys are pretty well done – and each package comes with 8 figures.  If you’re able to track these down certainly pick some up – tomorrow I will be featuring the Hulk villains available.

All 3 Red Hulks... How did this happen?
All 3 Red Hulks... How did this happen?

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11 thoughts on “Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 1

  1. God works in mysterious ways…. this is a sign that greg pak will write Rulk Wonderfully and you’lll love the character like Aquon.

      1. Hulk space being gone has done something to me!!!! and I’ve been home, at church, wal-mart, Grandma’s and a few other places!! 😀

  2. I love a good chase! These are cool, but not the best Hulk toys to hit the shelves … but man it is fun hunting these down! 9 down, 3 to go

  3. I know this is a long shot, but would you have any idea where I could procure one of the Red Hulks? Specifically, like the one at the front of your collection. I work at a high school in Texas, and one of our special needs kids has absolutely fixated on what he calls “Orange Hulk” (he pointed specifically to the image Google pulled up from your blog), and I’ve had ZERO luck tracking it down anywhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Hi Jason,
    I did try to search myself but you seem to be correct – they are hard to track down! Give me a few days to see what I can do about finding one – keep your fingers crossed – but no promises!

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