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Hulk Vinyl Figure (1991)

1991 vinyl

This huge figure stands 15 inches tall and seems to be modeled after the Kirby Hulk.  This is such a great piece – too bad they wasted it on a vinyl figure.  I think this would’ve made a great statue. 

Trying to find this figure nowadays is like trying to find the prize in the cereal box before your mother comes down the stairs and gives it to your crying brother.  They seem to have all disappeared.  So, even though mine is slightly distorted (you might notice that the waist does not fit snuggly together) I am still very happy to have it.

It all depends on how you look at it…


I found this blog and thought it was interesting enough to post here and show you.  And just for the record – I totally agree.  It’s funny because I just posted Incredible Hulk #182 and have been looking to make a major comic purchase – either Incredible Hulk #3, #6 or #180.  That’s all I can get with my budget right now – but let me know what you think – about the article and which comic I should purchase.

Update! – I thought I would let you know that I aquired copies of both Incredible Hulk #3 and #6.  Both are pretty mucked up copies – but that means I am that much closer having a complete run of the Hulk comics!  I will post them when the arrive.

– Ratchet