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Incredible Hulk #6 (1963)


Just look at that cover!  I know, the comic is in terrible shape, but it’s freakin’ Incredible Hulk #6!  At a time when artists and writers didn’t even put their names on the cover!  Little did they know then that they would become legends.  Kirby’s style created the look and excitement to almost every flagship character for Marvel.  Stan Lee wrote stories that could grip the minds of young children all over the country.  And let’s not forget Steve Ditko (who penciled this issue) who was essential in bringing Kirby’s pencil’s to the forefront.  Is the language a little hokey now?  Sure, but who cares!  The Incredible Hulk character was already 14 when I was born and had already lived through cancellation, re-coloring, and reclaiming his own title again! 

 Every issue of the original first 6 had a new exciting change to the Hulk persona.  In this issue, you meet the Metal Master and  you also see the Teen Brigade which teen Rick Jones founded, and Bruce Banner and Betty Ross’ tumultuous relationship has it’s first big hurdle – Thunderbolt Ross finding out! 

Any Hulk fan should try to get any of the first 6 issues.  They are as important as they are works of art and amazing to see in person.  My copies aren’t the best – but it is all I can afford right now and I’m just excited to get any of them at all!  And the older they get the more expensive they will be.  These are rare, and I don’t mean “rare” like retailers mean it today, saying something’s rare just to try to sell a book, I mean, these books didn’t have a big initial printing in the first place so getting any copy now is hard – unless you have the cash.

Hulk Maquette (2007)

hulk maquette 

This is the largest Maquette that Diamond Select has released – and even though that is true – it’s one of the smaller Hulk statues released this year standing a quaint 9 inches tall.  Scuplted by Gabriel Marquez, the face looks a whole lot better in person, although why does it seem like he’s auditioning for a Crest commercial? 


This piece is limited to 3,000 and mine is 628.  The Marvel Select Hulk coming out in March is designed after this Hulk – and I know some people are bummed that yet another Hulk figure is coming out on the Marvel Select line – but I say – the more Hulks the better.  


Figure Factory (Grey Version) (2005)


I finally got around to getting this figure – and although it was accompanied my one of the very rare BAD experiences I’ve had on ebay – I’m really glad I got it.  It’s the same as the green version – except for the new head sculpt (which I love when they do that).  The new head looks a lot more characteristically correct for the big grey lummox.  Just plain perfect.  I like the green highlights in his hair and his big green lip too.

Wait – what is that displayed behind him?  I bet some of you know… will post it soon.

Hulk Pog (2006)


I’m sorry, but, does anyone even collect pogs anymore?  No?  I didn’t think so.  That’s why I was so shocked when my wife came home Friday, before Christmas and presented me with an early present – this Hulk pog!  And, although very cool, I was taken back by the fact that pogs still exist and that this one is made of really heavy metal.