Daily Archives: December 2, 2007

Christmas Ornament 4 (1997)

ornament 4

From Hallmark – too bad they didn’t keep making these.  The ornaments, I bet, would’ve gotten a whole lot cooler.  This is fine though, except that it looks like the Hulk is running away from something that he’s afraid of.  Hulk?  Afraid?  Ba-Humbug!  I mean, No Way!

Wizard Posters 2 (2002)

Wizard Posters 2

Yes, the best thing about Bruce Jones Hulk run was the covers.  They were like real works of art that blew you away every month.  The left is a cover from Bruce’s run – and although not his best still a great drawing of the Jade Giant having a little lunch with the good Doctor Sampson.  The right side is the cover to a mini-series called Banner.  A very… different mini series.  I liked the art much more than the story – and I really wasn’t impressed by the art at all. 

Promotional Figure (1991)

Hulk Promo fig

This little guy stands about 5″ high and was made in 1991.  It’s unfair, really, to call this guy an Action Figure since his points of articulation = 0 and he’s not even removable from the base he stands on.  But that’s fine… I like that fact that he has a rope around his waist – like Banner, at the time of the change, was wearing pants too big even for the Hulk.  Yeah – that makes sense.