Hulk Blanket (2008)

Hulk Blanket

Now I have this little fleece blanket to keep me all warm and toasty at night.  I don’t have a Hulk blanket and so – this is the first one – and that’s great!  Now I have the stuffed Pillow Pal Hulk to accent the blanket on my bed.  If you didn’t know me, and saw my room, you might mistake it for an 8-year old room.  I don’t care though… – I love it!


3 responses to “Hulk Blanket (2008)

  1. I have a 5 year old boy who LOVES the HULK.I am looking for a nice warm fleece blanket for him.That’s the only thing he really wanted for CHRISTMAS.I got him other presents but wasn’t able to find a good quality blanket for him.I saw one @ WalMart but it was a fleece throw that was very thin.My son wants it as a BLANKEE.He needs something that will resist many washings and rough handling.Your blanket seems like it is pretty thick and seems to be of GOOD quality.My question is ,”Where did you get it?”
    I know it is too late to get it for my son by Christmas but I would still like to get it for him for his upcoming birthday.Thank You for your time.

  2. I picked this up at Target. Hope that helps…

  3. my son has one and won’t go to sleep without it

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